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Lower league tactic //won the cup 1st season

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This is a simple 4-3-3 tactic. 
It is tested in Norway (2nd tier) Obos. 

I won promotion easy and the Norwegian Cup. 

you score 3 ways: 
1. underlap runs from your Mezzela (RCM)
2. Your inside forward (LW) on through runs. 
3. Pressing forward and Inside forward on counters. 


WBR: Sit Narrow (to protect 2nd balls that we lose as long balls will come to Mezzala) Cross aim far post (IF will score a lot). 
CD: Take less risk 
BPD: nothing 
WBL: Stay wider (more offesive then right side),  Close down more. 

DM: Take more risk, I wanted him as he was a good passer to get the ball faster forward. 
Mezzala: Nothing
DLP: Pass it shorter (made to many mistakes and didint have the right angles to find Mezzala, but great for moving up left side. Close down more. 
IFA: Nothing 
IWS: Nothing 
PF: nothing 

Stats and how the IF played 




OI: (have in mind in Norway RW in always right footed)

Stats from Obos (League):



Stats from finale against Norwegian champions: 

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