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How to create a massive league subdivided into groups

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Hey! I was thinking of creating a massive league of 64 teams subdivided in 4 groups of 16 teams each. Teams would only play teams in their group. However, I'd like to have an overall table of the 64 teams. Is this possible? I have some editor experience but I could use a few pointers in the right direction. Thanks in advance!


PS: If someone has any files with such a system that I can reverse-engineer that'd also work, thanks!

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Take a look at original Brasil DB there is this kind of stuff.

Brasilian Serie C I think and in the Championship States (the one with São Paulo, there is 4 groups of 4 teams with a stage for the overall table.)

Edit: Look at this file, this is an old one but it works. Look at Campeonato Paulista and Serie C.


Bresil SI FM21.fmf

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Well I did manage to make most of it by myself, but now there is something going on with the dates that is not letting me finish the database. All stages seem to finish sucessfully but after verifying I get an error message that says the league hasn't finished in time for the season update day (which is set correctly I might add). Also, after testing the competition the league haas 90 matches instead of 45 but I can't find any of these ghost matches on the teams' test records. I'll attach what I've got so far, any help is appreciated. It's a fantasy database with no attempt at being realistic so please disregard that.


@Samuel77 Thanks for the tip! I was missing that small tick, didn't notice the option! I ended up using the MLS for guidance, but thanks for your suggestion!


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Actually nevermind, that file was correct except for the fact I skipped stage 2. So all I needed to do was add a hidden stage and it worked perfectly. All good, thanks for your assistance! If anyone needs help doing something similar, feel free to use the file.

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