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TV Dates for Domestic League


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[FM21] I have created a Swiss league structure wherein I am trying to put EVERY match on TV. I have used following settings.





I tried with setting TV Dates under the schedule as well, putting in enough slots for all the matches to be played on TV.

However, teams in EL and UECL will have their game scheduled on a Sunday when match days are on Thursday. Due to this, their Sunday games are never on TV and miss a significant amount of matches as a result. I can see them missing a few matches as not every game can be televised but it happens after every matchday in EL/UECL. As shown below


This problem doesn't exist with a club competing in UCL. I assume it's due to Thursday-Saturday proximity but I have tried TV dates to move matches specific for Europa League Teams under match type to Sunday and still this persists. Further, I have also experimented with a rolling 14 day TV Schedule loop where it will move matches for TV dates for the next 14 days. but still the game cannot capture those clubs matches on TV.


Is there something obvious I am missing? or am I completely wrong in interpreting TV and Matchday dates.

Any help is appreciated. Many thanks!

Editor file attached.

Swiss Experiment v6.fmf

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I Found the solution to this.
You have to set the following options.

Under League-> General - Set Days to check for TV Dates Clashes to whatever value you want to check, I've set it to 2.

and then select and tick the Should Fixture still be televised option. 


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