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Head of youth

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My last Head of youth ran out of his contract, which i intended. He stayed however, i think for as long as i didnt have a new one. 

Well, once every two weeks ( im in between seasons) i'd look for a new one, but every time i can offer less and less wage. I can't ask the board, and sacking the old Head of youth didn't increase what i could offer. He made 13.5K, yet i can only offer 8.5. 

Now im without, and this just feels like some random ass ********. 

What did i do wrong? (besides sacking my head of youth) 

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If everything else fails, set the responsibility to hire HOYD to the chairman, sometimes they'll actually hire someone better than they give you to spend. 


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You can also get lucky sometimes in hiring HoYD who have no badges, but a fair amount of skill. They work for virtually nothing. Just keep upping their badges at every opportunity, and let their contract expire. Only offer them a new one if some other club gets interested. Had a pretty decent one for pro sides for a while that only cost something like 2.5k per year. Trick there, however, is finding one with good potential ability, as much of the staff that's presented to you is almost at their cap as it is.

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