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[suggestion] conversation options after promise to strengthen team failure


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This idea has come about because I recently had a non-negotiable promise when signing a player to improve our defence.

Since signing the player I’ve brought in a centre back permanently and two loanees.

The player still feels I’ve broken the promise. I get that there’s likely legit reasons for this, for instance maybe he doesn’t count the loanees, or maybe the perm guy isn’t good enough in his eyes.

My feature suggestion is that when you have the conversation with the player over the broken promise that we have the option to refer to those signings.


i.e. “I have strengthened the squad with XYZ signings”

The player can come back and disagree, allowing us to do the usual compromise, disagree etc.

This would then give us chance to convince them that we have strengthened.

At the moment (unless I’ve never seen it) there’s no option to do this which takes away realism.


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  • SI Staff

Thank you for your suggestion. This is an idea that has come up before and has been passed on to the design team. However, it may yet be rejected or with further development make it into a future iteration of FM. :) 

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