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Transfer strategy: is making enquiries a good idea?

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I've only tried doing it a couple of times mostly just to see how it works.

I'm usually afraid to do it based on the logic that if I ask a club about a player and they are unwilling to sell it just gives them an opportunity to stall and maybe even offer the player a new contract while I'm waiting to hear back. Am I wrong to see making enquiries as such a risky move? If so, then when is the right time to do it?

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I find it effective when you are signing talents from smaller leagues abroad and you haven't got the full information about their value - I've seen 'reasonable' responses come back.

Go enquire about some of the big six clubs players? They just want a fortune

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For me it's also about testing the water a bit. If they ask a rediculous price but are willing to sell they usually come down to a more reasonable price when the negotiations start. If they don't, they don't want to sell

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