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getting players to club legend or icon seems scuffed

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During my 10 year save with Palermo, I found out how unlikely it is for players to receive the icon, legend or even favoured personnel trait in fm22.
While I think this applies to several of my players, 2 of them take the cake, namely: Marco Brescianni and Rodrigo Garcia.
Brescianni has been at the club for 9 seasons, approaching his 10th. in that time he played 243 games and scored 51 league goals from midfield.
Alongside that, he has also been club captain for all but 2 of those years. He is currently listed among favourite personnel.
Worse perhaps is Garcia, who scored 95 league goals (136 incl. ucl and cup) in 199 league games, becoming the all time top scorer for Palermo.
He is not in any of the lists. Using the in game editor I found out his "liked level" is only 10/100, as much as a leftback who played with us for 1 season.

I am unsure whether this is a bug of my game on it's own, or rather a gamewide problem, but I wouldn't mind seeing it reworked.
(apologies for the screenshots being in Dutch, I'm sure you can find your way around them still)

Screenshot (1772).png

Screenshot (1771).png

Screenshot (1773).png

Screenshot (1774).png

Screenshot (1775).png

Screenshot (1769).png

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