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Ideas for the Club World Cup?


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You could try to do standalone CWC qualification by taking the top n teams from each league and taking them through qualification for the final 32 spots. Here's what I would go to:

European Big 5 leagues (France, Italy, England, Spain, Germany): 5 spots each
Lesser European leagues (Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Scotland) plus Brazil and Argentina: 3 spots each
All other South American leagues + Liga MX, MLS, J-League, CSL, Qatar Stars League and Saudi Pro League: 2 spots each
Everyone else in FIFA: 1 spot each

257 teams, probably have say the Anguillan and San Marino representatives play in a playoff to decide who joins the other 255 in main qualifying.

Format 1:
Year 1 - Anguilla v San Marino preliminary playoff (2 legs), first 2/3rds of First Round (16 groups of 16, single round robin) - 12 allocated matchdays
Year 2 - Last third of First Round (Top 8 advance), first half of Second Round (16 groups of 8, double round robin) - 12 allocated matchdays
Year 3 - Second half of Second Round (Top 4 advance), Qualifying playoff (2 legs, 32 ties, winners qualify) - 9 allocated matchdays
Year 4 - Club World Cup

Format 2:
Year 1 - Anguilla v San Marino preliminary playoff (2 legs), matchdays 1-10 of main qualifying (8 groups of 32, single round robin) - 12 allocated matchdays
Year 2 - Matchdays 11-23 of main qualifying - 12 allocated matchdays
Year 3 - Matchdays 24-31 of main qualifying (Winners qualify for the Club World Cup), qualifying playoff (Similar format to 2026 World Cup intercontinental playoff, teams ranked 5th-10th in groups play in first round, winners play teams ranked 2nd-4th in groups in second round, winners of 2nd round qualify for Cup World Cup. 2 legs for first and second rounds) - 12 allocated matchdays
Year 4 - Club World Cup

CWC: 8 groups of 4, top 2 advance to knockouts, carbon copy of 32 team WC format but held year before WC

You could continue the continental competitions, you can not do them. Up to you.

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I've had an idea for this for a long time, but I'm not nearly talented enough with the Editor to make it happen. 

Yearly Club World Cup, played each August.

32 teams qualify, including:

  • Previous year's CWC champion [1]
  • Previous year's continental cup champion (UEFA Champs League, CONCACAF, Asian, CONMEBOL, Africa, Oceania) [6]
  • Previous year's domestic top league champion for top 25 nations (Prem League, La Liga, Bundesliga, MLS, etc etc) [25]

Then, seed them into 4 buckets. The top teams, like the champs of Prem League, La Liga, UCL, etc, would go into bucket 1. Bucket 4 would be the lowest leagues champs.

Then, you do a ladder tournament, where the teams of buckets 3 & 4 play each other, winner playing teams from bucket 2, and winners of that playing bucket 1. 

With 8 teams per bucket, by the time the winners of the play-down games of buckets 2,3,4 play bucket 1, there would be 16 total teams left. That would mean a max of 4 games tourney for bucket 1 teams.

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The ideal CWC for me have to have 16 teams, the qualifieds can be:

Last 4 UCL winners

Last 4 Americas Champions League winners (Conmebol & Concacaf merged)

Last 4 African champions

Last 4 Asian/Oceania champions or 3 asian and 1 oceania. Maybe need to merge continents or create qualifying competition for those

If a team win the continental competition twice, the runner up wins the spot

16 teams, 4 groups of 4 and the first 2 spots qualify for quarter finals, simple format

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