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Cannot win for the life of me

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Hello, anyone else struggling to win games? I've restarted so many games just because no matter I just can't win. Tried so many different formations, brought better players, and nothing. I'll win the first few games then just start not being able to beat the championship sides and getting destroyed by better prem sides. I play as Man City. 

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Without seeing your tactical set up it's very hard to advise you. One of the big breakthroughs I had a few years ago was understanding how important movement between the lines is and understanding which roles work well together and compliment each other. There are plenty of tactical guides on the forum and elsewhere online. With a team like Manchester City, preset tactics and picking players in their best position and roles should bring a decent amount of success. What is your starting reputation? Are you starting as an unknown manager? Are players unhappy about playing for you? 

My longest save in this edition saw me start with AC Milan before moving to Manchester United, plenty of league and cup wins, I honestly do find it difficult NOT to win with the big clubs. My current save I started off as an unknown unemployed Mexican, got the Havant and Waterlooville job halfway through the first season, promoted to National League, second season I'm struggling for form in mid table... it's a challenge for sure! 

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Try this tactics 4-2-3-1

Since you are ManCity here is how you become unbeatable:

You will have to have basically 2 teams. And you will need to buy 1 more world class striker. Diego Costa can be signed on free or any of your choice that is either poacher or target forward.

I am attaching pictures of teams and tactics. First 5 pictures are first team (lets call it Team A) and second 5 pictures are second team (lets call it team B).

You will see that a sabstitutes cover every possible position on team except GK if your GK gets injured then tough luck :)






The second team as you can see no striker coz you have to buy it.






Now other than this you should have few more players as a spare in case some from the 2 teams go injured. Those additional players are.

1. 3 star goalkeeper (in Ath bilbao C team there is a future world class goalkeeper)

1. defender that can play both right or left

1. central defender

1. Central midfilder


1. 3 star striker.

One game is played with Team A and the next one with Team B ALLWAYS. That way fatigue will never be a problem. 

During the game never change players unless:

1. A player is injured

2. Its a late game 75min+ and you are winning by 1 goal. Of opponents like Brentford, Watford etc do thisScreenshot_2022-09-14-22-21-14-101_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.2ed99223fd1f3af96ec37bae023ceaff.jpg




But if your opponent is Liverpool, Chelsea etc etc. Do this:





However. If you are behind in score after 65+ minute do this 


But if you still behind in 80+minute or you are loosing by 2 or more goals after first half do also this untill the result is in your favour then change back to normal tactics.


I personally always leave the set pieces to AI to do it how ever.

Thats about tactics.

Now about coaches.

You should always be youth coach coz your youth intake will be better then

Other than that you should have another youth gold coach, fitness coach, attacking coach and defensive coach all golds ofcourse

Scouts can be up to your likes i personally go for all youth scouts

Physios: 2 prevention and 1 rehabilitation


All players younger than 23 are always set on intensive training and you train their main stat untill its 15.

Defendes - tackling BUT if the strength or  is below 10 then Strength or Stamina  then those first

Midfilders - passing 

Inside forwards and shadow striker and poacher/target train shooting

The system of making young wonderkids into global superstars.

First of all ofcourse get your facilities to maximum.

The next step are feeder clubs: 

Make leagues that you have feeder clubs playable to make the most out of them. ManCity have Spanish, French, Belgium. Holand etc feeder teams.

Once you have a new youth intake or you buy 16/17/18 year old that will not be in your current plans instead of reserves that are useless do him a run in feeders like this. First year when he is 16 send him to weakest playable league (Belgium) next year when he is 17 to Holand league, when he is 18 send him to France and when he is 19 send him to Spain. Monitor if he play games there coz if he is not than his loan is useless. If he dont play return him and loan him somewhere else.

Best team to learn the beautiful use of feeder teams and how to make a superstar from youth intakes is Athletic Bilbao. First because due to Basque rule all your game you will heavily rely on youth intake but also because they have feeder clubs in all spanish lower leagues. So you can loan youths from the most bottom league to the top untill they are built as players and ready to be tutored by a superstar you have in club so that in age of 21 they are ready to be superstars themselves.

This system tactics etc can be used in any team in any league in the game and it works perfectly. Shure you will loose and draw sone games but be patient and stick to it and every team you manage will be champions every year you play. 

For me so far this system i use in Monaco, Nantes, Sunderland, Vancouver, Bilbao, Burton, Twente.... I won everything every year with all those teams.

I will write tomorrow also about personality of players coz some personalities should be avoided because they are disruptive for a team in whole.



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For me it works if both AP otherwise i use different roles in midfield. My personal favourite is 1 box to box and other either roaming playmaker or advanced playmaker.

Started as unknown and bronze youth trainer


I have now also Vancouver save where i can only do Canadian 0layers i will post now when i finish first season. 

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  • SI Staff
7 hours ago, Joker88 said:


In older posts you told not to use the same roles for the central midfielders.

Different strokes for different folks ;)

Generally I use one more defensive and one more attacking role as it means they are more likely to space themselves out and give wider coverage on the pitch and more passing options etc.

However in some cases I can see why someone might use two the same, for instance with BWM's if you're aiming to have a screen in front of the defense it encouraages both to get stuck in and hold up counter attacks etc. ... if your aim is to hit hard on a counter with fast forwards then that might be fine for you, ie. the BWM's job isn't to be involved in the attack, likely you have AM/S players who you want to do that and your central midfield is just there to gum up the work when things go wrong and there is a turnover ..

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