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steam not contacted me yet

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hello to all . i have pre purchased fm23 on steam. however by mistake i ask for a refund and received an e-mail that my request is examined. immediately i have cancelled the request, but i have not receivend any e-mail confirmation that this new requested has been granted and the refund request has been stopped and will not be examined. i have even contacted steam but i have not taken any answer. 

so my question is this, is there any small possibility that they will refund my money back and the game will be removed or since i cancelled the request then all are good without sending me the e-mail. My biggest concern is not the refund, but something to be stuck throught the steam system and when the time comes, not to be able to play the game and ask me to pay for it again. 

i would be gratefull if someone with greater knowledge and experience on this could give me some info 

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12 minutes ago, DarJ said:

give them a few days the game is going to be out in 2 months so that's more than enough time to fix whatever the issue is

Yes of course it is not something to be in a hurry . In fact i have just seen that fm 23 remains on my latest purchases with the receipt fee etc.  I just want a responce from the guys there to be completely sure for anything 

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