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[Suggestion] - Review the topics in the order of date posted

Robbie Hood

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This is not a suggestion for the game, but for the forums and how the suggestions are being dealt with.

Now it seems very random what topics/suggestions are being noticed and reviewed. I don`t have many exact examples of this but it seems that sometimes whatever has been posted lately gets noticed over suggestions posted a long while ago.

I have topics/suggestions as far back as february/march that has not yet been reviewed, but i know that posts made just a month ago have been reviewed. 

It think it would be much better that you review in the order of date posted. If only as a mark of respect to the posters who have made their suggestions early on in the game cycle. 

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  • SI Staff

The reality of the matter is some features/suggestions require very little thought on our side. That isn't to be negative in any way, but rather some posters are very precise in their post and so it can easily be passed along - or it might be something akin to spending managers wages, which at this time isn't a development path being considered. In many instances, the sooner we can get a clear, concise relaying of the idea for consideration the sooner its more likely to come to fruition.

Some ideas involve areas of the game that we may not be the most knowledgeable about, or need to check with developers to get a better understanding of the way it currently works in order to relay how an idea may change that. 

Others require straight up research, get google out, start checking information, making sure a feature request which ties to something out in the world already existing and well-established has been explained correctly. 

Complex ideas, you might visit that thread several times to read through and piece together what has been explained by the person making the suggestion. Time to process and understand what it is actually asking for and thinking of pertinent questions to perhaps refine it to a point it can be put forth for consideration. 

Then there's the long posts or multi-idea posts, they're more difficult to process as you have to go through all the above on a point by point basis at times. 

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Thanks for the answer. I can imagine that this is not easy to balance.

All your points are valid, but then why is my suggestion posted on january 6 about adding colorful weather symbols not yet been reviewed?

I would like to think that this precise feature request wouldn`t require much research, discussion or googling? Perhaps i`m wrong.

And to be clear: this is not about me and my feature requests! I see this in a much larger scale and how to treat people with the respect they deserve. There are more than enough people who spout rubbish about the game (and everything else) on social media. That should be considered to be just noise. But those that actually take the time to register on this forum and put forward their ideas on how to improve the game is definately not noise, even if some ideas are unrealistic and repetative. 

I just think it`s important to show gratitude to the people actually willing to help out in a polite and constructive manner, and a small gesture would be to at least review the "easy" feature requests by date posted :) And i`m sorry if you have such a system in place already and just "miss out" on some posts because of a big workload.

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