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Wrong UCL format

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So SI announcing their UEFA deal promised there will be changes in european cups structures. There are changes from season 24/25 but Swiss system supposed to be in UEFA competitions isn't reflected in FM 23.

So i simulated until season 25/26 and you can see Bayern schedule as of 1 September 2025. We already know all 8 opponents while in real life Bayern should learn each opponent after each match (so winners play vs winners, losers vs losers).

Is it a bug which will be fixed or it's a feature and SI can't implement new european cups structure properly?


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I thought the format was effectively four groups of nine teams playing each other once (hence the 8 games, rather than the 6 it is now), and this was drawn up beforehand, meaning you WOULD know what eight teams you would be facing? Maybe I've misunderstood though. 


EDIT - Actually, scratch that, just reading up on it just now, and you're right, there should be no way that's predetermined beforehand. 


2nd EDIT - Now another source says the teams will be drawn beforehand, unlike the traditional Swiss Chess method. Who knows what to believe? Why couldn't they have just left it as is?

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It is 100% NOT going to be a swiss system, SI have the format correct. The teams are divided into 4 pots of 9 teams based on coefficient, and you play 2 teams from each pot (8 games total). All fixtures are determined before league phase starts

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