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Had an issue with a Star player wanting to leave at the end of his contract (12 months time) and as I'm managing a cash strapped team in the Vanarama League, I put him on the transfer list so as least I could raise some funds from the sale.  This caused uproar with him, and I now realise that I maybe should have waited another 6 months before doing this?  To make matters worse I didn't realise that he had a one year extension on his contract which I've now enforced so I will have to work hard at being really nice to him again LOL. 

So this got me thinking, what is the difference between a straight 3 year contract, and a 2 year contract with a 1 year extension clause?  They sort of seem the same to me.  I'm probably missing something obvious, but cant get my head around it.  Could it be that one is easier to negotiate than the other?

I'm pretty sure that my Bosses have stipulated new signings to be a minimum of 3 years for young players, so if I get one with a 2 year plus 1 year extension, is that the same?






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The optional extension clause is an advantage for the club/manager as you're the one in control of whether it gets extended or not.

Let's say you give a 32 year old a 2+1 contract. When that player turns 34, you have the option of extending his contract if he's playing well and still serves a purpose in your squad - or on the other hand, if he doesn't, you can refrain from extending and release the player and free up wages for someone else. 

And similarly with promising youngsters - especially if you're not a top club. If a youngster you sign turns out to become quite good within a few years, that one year extension might be the difference between him being poached on a free by a bigger club when his contract runs out, or you getting a nice transfers fee because you had the option to extend his contract.


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