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[FM23] Euro Journeyman - National C License / Sunday League Footballer


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FM22 for me ended quite abruptly, but thanks to the Game Pass I'm back on board and I want to get further than I managed last year (2 relegations, 2 sackings, 1 league win)

I always start my journeyman with the lowest possible experience and qualifications, but do give myself a couple of additional languages to increase my chances of getting past the interview stage (I pre-tested with just English language and I couldn't get a job outside of Vanarama North/South)

I've loaded the following leagues:


The plan is to holiday until mid-December, then return and start firing out applications in all directions and then take the first one that comes along. 

We begin!

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Only a week after returning from holiday, I am offered an interview and role at the superbly named Super Nova from Latvia.


This actually presents a fantastic opportunity straight off the bat as Latvia is a summer league, so I have 3 months before the season starts to rebuild. In addition, it's a 10 team league and incredibly 4 of the 10 teams actually qualify for European football. 

Sk Super Nova finished 9th out of 10 teams last season, but came through the playoffs and now I have 3 months to rebuild. The outlook is as basic as basic gets:


No history, no money, basic everything. The 'stadium' only holds 648 people, so not entirely sure that even counts as a stadium.

The squad view is even worse, with no striker and seemingly half my team about to depart for Ventspils (am I a reserve team or feeder club?! One to check)



My brief is to utilise the youth team and grow the club reputation, without overspending:


Potentially the only saving grace is that there is actually room in the finance to replace the departing players:


The supporter profile is certainly something I'll look to improve:


This is a new occurrence for me. The aim of skipping to mid-December is so that I can take control of a team that is in the mire who I could possibly save. I've been gifted a full pre-season from the off. Let;s go. 


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