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[FM 23] Gunners via Italy & Germany


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Been a while since I had posted anything here.

Decided to start of my first FM save (excluding the beta) at the bottom of German league (at the team predicted to prop up the 3. Liga.

No rules/challenges. Would be trying to adhere to LLM rules for transfers.

The set up:


The Club:






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Game had progressed till October before I decided to post my career. So some of the starting details was missed.

Squad was pretty bare (hardly any reserve or youth players). Moved few of my first teamers on for a decent 300k and brought in 5 freebies/ loaners for no outlay.

The Squad




Key Player


27 yo Spanish striker who I managed to snag on a free. Best finisher my staff/scouts managed to unearth before the window slammed shut

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Fixtures till Oct


Manager thoughts

No wonder the team is slated to finish dead last. There is no hiding the fact that we are in for a struggle. The preseason went quite well and I was quietly optimistic (especially after landing a decent goal threat to lead the line), but the match performance was way beyond par. My striker has struggled and only the GK is keeping the scoreboard decent. Both wins happened when we had numerical advantage on pitch. Would need to tweak my tactics to survive


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Oct 2022


The tweak seemed to have paid dividends. We have shored up our defence, but my strikers are still drawing blanks. I am very tempted to bring in reinforcements, but my scouts are only calling out  defensive options.

The unbeaten month helped us pull away from the relegation spots for now, but have some tough fixtures before the winter break.


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Nov 2022

Fantastic work by the team as we navigated some tricky fixtures and put some distance from the drop zone. The Duisburg result result was a clear outlier as my attackers briefly found their scoring touch. But they were back to form for the rest of the month :D .




We got almost 2 months off for the world cup + winter break. My first youth intake preview hit the inbox.


This might points to a general lack of quality in team rather than the quality of the input I think

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And this is a worrying scenario. We are bleeding money and I am not sure what more can be done. I have trimmed the squad and cashed in on high earners who had teams interested in them. Not sure if this is a bug or not.



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Jan 2023

Good win at the end of the month made this a good one for us after the winter break. The loss at Dortmund reserves hurt as we controlled the game and got sucker punched when pushing for a win.




Failed in bringing in a striker but got a decent loanee in to provide us cover across the left flank



Hopefully the failure to address our most obvious shortcoming wont come back to bite us in our ar*e

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Had a 17 yo striker, I had picked up on the recommendation of my new scout, in my u19 squad. Saw a message of his development and seeing as how our main striker was struggling to find the back of the net, decided to chuck him into the mix. May be there is a way out of the scoring conundrum


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Feb and Mar '23

Awful home form, but decent away run inched us closer to the 40 point safety zone. March results would have been much better if we hadn't conceded a 93rd min erqualiser at Dresden


We are looking comfortable in Mid table, but the league is a pretty congested one. We are just 5 points off a relegation spot with 9 rounds to go and surprisingly only 10 points off a play off spot too.


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Apr 2023

What a month. Started of by getting my 4th and 5th consecutive draws and had to deal with suspension to my starting right winger. Moved my Spanish ST to the right wing and the young Frenchman upfront and things clicked from the get go. We absolutely thrashed the league leaders who were on a 8 game winning streak. Team looks good for a top half finish. Only downside is that I have about a dozen teams interested in the Spaniard now, including some big Eredivisie sides



And this is really unsustainable


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May 2023

Started the month with a draw that made safety mathematically sure and ended the month and season with a bang. We preformed way above expectation and finished at a very creditable 7th.



And it looks like we have gained half a dozen corporate fans :D

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End of Season



And the player of season, who I picked up on a free to address a weakness at Fullback, but went on to lock down a starting CB spot. Need to find him a dependable partner going into next season


We need some reinforcements urgently as none of my youth prospects are ready for the step up


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There seems to be a bug in the transfer module. There was a bidding war where the bids gradually rose from 200k to about 800k (mostly spread over 3 years). Most of the teams had put in a fee after 50 game clause. I changed it to  500k to 1 million after 1 game and most of the teams accepted. I rejected the smaller bids and finally have a big payday lined up in the near future. Seems a crazy workaround for lower leagues.

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Pre Season 23/24

Plenty of money-spinning friendlies and I am happy with the overall performance, considering the large turnover in the squad






The Squad

The squad is in decent shape with key additions across the spine of the team





Attacking Players


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Key In-comings


Youngster who was released by RBL. He will provide me good option across the left flank


Picked up on a free from Accrington. Would be slotting in at CB and be a back up option at RB


Replacement for the outgoing Spaniard. Delighted to pick him up on a free from Dortmund reserves. Helps with u23 requirement for match squad


Free transfer from French Second Division who will slot into the CM starting role.


Another free transfer who used to be at Dortmund reserves. Would provide quality across the Midfield/Inside Forward positions and again helps with u23 requirements


A potential star who was recommended by a new scout. The signing was agreed during last winter transfer window, but he has developed nicely while awaiting the transfer. Slots right into the first team to provide a route B (6' 4", easily the tallest option up front for us)

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The Season kicks off



Not the start I expected, considering we were favorites and at home. Team needs more time to gel (and there is added expectation from the media)


Thankfully the board is more realistic


And the bonus kicked in :D


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Aug 23

Really solid month saw us briefly topping the table. If we can fix the issue of fading at the last quarter, we might be in with a chance for top 3 finish. We surrendered 2 goal leads in both the scoring drawn matches .



Finances show no sign of improving 7e77deeb6e0b215fd7ce003b6b703557.png

The projection is scary e1be1d317e31cce5a9673b7d10aee235.png


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Sep 2023

A win on the last match while playing 60+ mins with a man down made this another good month



And Bayern Reserves have this little monster ripping up the league. He has 5 goals from 6 starts already (we were lucky to restrict him to one goal against us)


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Need a new GK

My First-Choice GK was attracting interest and became unhappy when I rejected a bid from a mid table Eredivisie club. Offered him out and wrangled out an acceptable amount of monies from the Portuguese Giants. He will in all probability warm the benches and move on at Portugal. Need to find an acceptable alternative and it is not looking good as I only have around 35k transfer chest :rolleyes:


Financially this would be a big help considering this : a83c0a6cd1353d0d1be0240565103602.png

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Oct 2023

It had to happen and we finally lost a game and I am grateful that it was at end of October. My main striker is shooting blanks, but the inside forwards are chipping in nicely. We occupy the play off spot currently:D



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Nov 2023

Still hanging on to the play off spaces. Team is hit with a raft of back up players wanting to go out on loan and contract requests. 5 players have handed in the transfer requests and have been offered out and shipped to 2nd team.



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And we got our GK

We got the replacement from the Portuguese league itself. Looks absolutely brilliant for our level and was surprised to pick him up at the price we did (he was on transfer list), but I had to pay him almost 2.5x the wages my previous GK was on



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Jan transfer update




Did not want to lose Alexander as he was the club captain and absolute rock in the Anchor role, but he wanted an impossible contract and the money was pretty good.


Other two were back up players who had handed in transfer request



Kaito (AMRCL) and Matteo(DC) are back up options picked up to provide some emergency cover. Kaito was on the books of Mainz before he was released earlier in the season.

Tom is the Alexander replacement coming in on loan. His contract is expiring at end of the season, but he is on a 3k per week deal, so the chances of picking him up permanently is pretty slim


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Jan 2024

Back from the break with a bang. The new GK has been immense



Had moved on couple more of my reserve players


The bottom line still make grim reading 1e959da4987b7ec19463191728d42c63.png.

I am not sure what further I can do though 78a682a5684ca807dead50dcc0f8b222.png


And on a more happier note, first competition award for us





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Feb & Mar 2024

Team was on a fantastic run in Feb and I forgot to capture the league table :)

Team was outstanding, going on a 8 game winning streak and a 11 game unbeaten streak till we were surprised by a relegation threatened Duisburg who completely outplayed us. Promotion is very much in our grasp with a 7 poin



April fixtures are going to be crucial


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Financial worries would be eased if he accepts the offer. Dortmund and Hertha came in with a 3mil+ offers and I negotiated hard. Never thought they will be willing to put up 5.5mil upfront. Funny part is that his performance for us was extremely inconsistent. His PA might be off the charts



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