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Football Manager 2023 Touch Major Update 1.5 Out Now!

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We've just released our first major update for Football Manager 2023 Touch on Apple Arcade and Nintendo Switch.

This update is save-game compatible allowing you to continue your existing career. If you encounter any problems downloading and installing we recommend manually checking for updates within App Store and Nintendo eShop.

Major update 1.5

-Various stability and performance improvements.
-Fixed UI cut offs for the iPhone 14 series and Mac 14” camera housing and dynamic island.  
-Fixed a crash when entering the MLS All-Star Game.
-Fixed an issue where the calendar would send the user ‘back in time’ to a previous date whilst ‘On Holiday’.  
-Resolved an issue where substitutions and tactics were not being considered when using the ‘Instant Result’ function.
-Improvements to interface scaling on tvOS.  
-Improvements to the Pivotal Moments system within matches. 
-Resolved an issue where search results within the ‘Recruitment Focus’ Inbox items were being duplicated.
-Resolved an issue to allow players to reset their skin without resetting all of their preferences.
-Resolved an issue where a player was given a red card in-game an incorrect name was displayed.
-Fixes for several UI cut offs and inconsistencies across several pages and the Preferences pages.
-Fixes for in game animations and Trophy Lift cutscenes
-Fixes have gone in for the Player Onboarding where the user could get stuck.
-Fixed several focus issues across the game.
-Fixed two blockers early on in the game and in the Preferences menu.
-Fixed it so correct positions were shown on the Recruitment focus.
-Fixed an issue where making a substitution resulted in the substitution’s star rating to clip.
-Fixed an issue where the focus fell behind on the Recruitment Focus screen.
-Fixed an issue where the user is unable to change the offer type when offering a playing to other clubs.
-Fixed an issue where the “Skip match preview in build-up to match” option in Preferences did not work
-Adjusted the directness in some teams.
-Reduced the number of unrealistic lofted passes.
-Reduced players losing ball too cheaply when playing with back to goal.
-Reduced the frequency of defenders giving the ball away in and around the box.
-Tweaks to defender anticipation when running towards the ball to attempt an interception.
-Tweaks to defender decision-making for aerial balls.
-Fixed defenders incorrectly stepping up at times when defending in a back 3 with no fullbacks/wingbacks.
-Improved centre defender decision-making when covering for fellow CB outside the area.
-Improved corner defending, particularly defending at the near post.
-Tweaks to defender reaction times in situations where they've switched off and made a mistake.

If you’ve encountered an issue within your game and raised it via the Bug Tracker but it isn’t addressed above, we want to take this opportunity to say we’re continually working on the game with the aim of releasing further updates in the future. 

Given the nature of software development we’re unable to give an exact time of our next update but can assure you every issue raised within our Tracker is read and assigned a priority by our team.

We’re very much appreciative of everyone within our community who has taken the time to reach out to us since release. Your voice is incredibly important, and your feedback has helped us shape the game as it is today. 

If at any point you require technical support please read our FAQ's or submit a ticket with our dedicated support team.

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