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Football Manager 2023 Mobile Major Update 14.1.0 Out Now!

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We've just released a Major Update for Football Manager 2023 Mobile on Android & iOS.

This update is save-game compatible allowing you to continue your existing career. If you encounter any problems downloading and installing we recommend manually checking for updates within Google Play Store & App Store.

Major Update 14.1.0

-Addressed various crashes and stability issues
-Improved identification of tactics on manager profile
-Fixed assistant manager suggesting letting older players go on a loan to gain experience
-Fixed selecting international captain wrongly generating news item for club captain choices
-Fixed Sorting not active in Medical Centre -> Injuries and Assessment tabs
-Fixed Inconsistency with the naming of Tiredness across Medical Centre Screens.
-Fixed iOS - Making password visible is not possible as there is no button for it available
-Fixed negative % shown for matches played when playing as an MLS team with a European start date
-Fixed bookmark player profile button not functioning on the Risk Assessment page
-Fixed loan bid from a junior affiliate being immediately rejected even though the player is listed for loan
-Fixed news item attributing a loss to a misjudged half-time team talk, despite the team talk only having positive effects on the players.
-Fixed player value in Board Confidence -> Transfers different than the value displayed in Player Profile or Player Search
-Fixed the strings related to sacking on the manager profile
-Fixed captain icon positioned too far from the corresponding player name
-Fixed affiliate names cut off slightly on Board Requests page
-Fixed transfer fee in board confidence described as hefty when isn't that much
-Fixed loss being shown as a win when 2nd leg is lost but team has qualified on aggregate
-Fixed overlap between player name and shirt in pre-match screen
-Fixed take Coaching Exam button disappearing when reloading the save
-Fixed AI Club buyout fee from loan not considered in negotiations
-Tweaked Inside Forward movement
-Fixed set piece exploits
-Fixed player positions on mentoring cards too close to left-hand side
-Fixed cut-off on FMFC login text
-Fixed an issue where players out on loan at the beginning of the game have match stats but no loan grade.
-Fixed letter descenders cut off on manager and staff profile screens
-Fixed 'Sacked Twice' negative trait not appearing after the second sacking in a row
-Fixed transfer falling through if the user drops player to B Team before accepting an offer
-Fixed search results returning players with attributes lower than the minimum value
-Fixed mentoring update news item duplicated/generated twice at one time
-Fixed loan player squad status referencing parent club and not the current club.
-Fixed coach profile details not showing correctly for Player Coaches
-Fixed pre-draw news items for low- and medium-reputation hosts
-Fixed Manager Profile Tenure shows 1 year when user has been in charge for longer
-Fixed 'You've not won any major competitions' being displayed after winning the World Cup
-Fixed Pre draw news item for international qualifying competitions cannot be generated
-Fixed 'Continental Stadium Name' not displaying on post-match inbox item
-Fixed Cut-off issue in Italian with the description of "Rich Benefactor".
-Fixed issue where pre-draw news item for a team that qualified for an international competition could not be generated
-Fixed player media item appearing repeatedly in short space of time
-Fixed Negotiation string using 'his' instead of 'him'
-Fixed Apply for Job Button incorrect colour when pressed
-Fixed 'EME' In-match league tables not highlighting leaders and relegation spots
-Fixed injured Player "On Holiday And Is Unavailable For This Match"
-Fixed transfer fee exploit to get £225m for player
-Fixed added time clock obscuring corner takers in the top left corner of the pitch
-Fixed Positional aptitude missing from position training screen
-Fixed players on loan at the club not having attribute increases shown
-Fixed Captain symbol missing for the opposition team on pre-match screens
-Fixed issue with password verification dialog on Android
-Fixed New Game - Challenge/Career - LOCKED Icon Cut-Off
-Fixed Korean cut-off issue with "Display Help?" pop-up at the first boot
-Added some translations
-Fixed issue where FMFC login state on start screen sometimes didn't refresh properly post verification
-Fixed two manager profile issues relating to international experience
-Stopped incorrect transfer cancellation after moving players between squads
-Prevented an issue where staff could be stripped from inappropriate clubs
-Prevented issue where sometimes tactics popup couldn't be closed
-Fixed OME titlebar issue
-Fixed sorting issue in some cup draws
-Fixed incorrect budget displayed when no budget in first window set
-Fixed player pics download on Android
-Fixed issue where team talk style was sometimes not recognised correctly on manager profile
-Fixed hardcoded and therefore unlocalised string in half time menu
-Fixed players in the first XI Sulking at halftime after the team talk claiming they should have been on the pitch in the first half.
-Fixed first team regular being recommended for loan
-Fixed Korean issue with date variables
-Fixed issue where user resigned from clubs but Manager Profile says sacked
-Fixed Board Confidence issue where 'person#1' displayed in transfer summary
-Fixed League logo missing on 'Breaking News' and 'More Money Made Available By Board' graphical news items
-Fixed an issue where some users could not log into FMFC
-Added text for news items to reflect when a user has promoted a significant number for the intake early.
-Tweaked player development for youth candidates
-Fixed League tables not sorting correctly
-Fixed issue where tapping on injured player displayed Dev Hub feed opens Risk Assessment screen which is displaying incorrect information
-Fixed tapping on Show/Hide password button deleting the email entry
-Fixed morale indicators cut off and misaligned in 'Tactics'
-Fixed Pre-match Goalkeeper indicator is disrupted when the GK is also appointed as Captain
-Fixed - the user resigns from second club, but profile still shows them resigning from the first club
-Fixed screen unresponsive after creating FMFC account and awaiting verification
-Fixed post-match news item stating manager's "inspiring team-talk contributed to the win" despite the team losing the match
-Fixed missing club name on personal page
-Fixed media item indicating that player wants to leave to pursue Champions League football despite club reaching the last 16.

If you’ve encountered an issue within your game and raised it via the Bug Tracker but it isn’t addressed above, we want to take this opportunity to say we’re continually working on the game with the aim of releasing further updates in the future. 

Given the nature of software development we’re unable to give an exact time of our next update but can assure you every issue raised within our Tracker is read and assigned a priority by our team.

We’re very much appreciative of everyone within our community who has taken the time to reach out to us since release. Your voice is incredibly important, and your feedback has helped us shape the game as it is today. 

If at any point you require technical support please read our FAQ's or submit a ticket with our dedicated support team.

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