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FC Triesenberg - The Great Liechtenstein Challenge


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The Challenge

The aim of the challenge is to try to conquer Swiss and European football. This is very similar to the San Marino challenge however Liechtenstein don't have a European spot through the league. So you have to qualify through the Liechtenstein Cup and you only get to enter the Europa Conference League.  

You need to win the Europa Conference League to enter the Europa League. Once you have won the Europa League, you then enter the Champions League.

Also to make this harder you have to do this back to back to back. Also what makes this more difficult is that the league is ranked lower than Italy. 

Here is an example of the most successful Liechtenstein Challenge that I have ever read:


The Club

No photo description available.

Fussball Club Triesenberg is a Liechtensteiner amateur football team that plays in Triesenberg, Liechtenstein. It is one of the seven official teams in the nation. They play in the Swiss Football League in 3. Liga, which is the seventh tier. The team annually competes in the Liechtensteiner Cup. The club has never won the tournament.

Here is the club's stadium, Sportanlage Leitawies

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2 minutes ago, Branst23 said:

Can't wait to follow this one. I got Balzers up to the top tier and knock out stages of ECL but never further.


Good luck!

Thanks for your support. This might be my hardest save ever and good luck with your save also. 

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Triesenberg in late August 1987


Season 1 July Preseason - 2022


Really happy with how the team is during pre season and the new singings are really starting to make a difference. Let's keep going into August!

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15 minutes ago, ryanlion28 said:

Good luck! Will be following as saves like these really intrigue me

Thanks for following. I've been Balzers myself a few times but thought I'd make it harder by going to the bottom of Swss Footall pyramid. 

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Squad End of pre season


Key Players

Tom Gallard. I think this guy is the key to my midfield and my season.


Luc Wehil. Hopefully he will be able to be consistent in front of the sticks and get us promoted.



Erduan Smajli. I don't think that he is a bad player at all and hopefully he can develop with the team.



Martin Hoffman. Another player I think is key but I don't want all of my goals to come from one player.


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August 2022

The first two league games in the OFV 3 Liga Gruppe 1. It's been a great start to the season and Hoffman is the standout player! The other Lichtsteiner teams haven't started as well. I need Ruggell to keep dropping points. 




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Visit Triesenberg: Best of Triesenberg, Liechtenstein Travel 2023 | Expedia  Tourism



September 2022



Another good start in the league and cup. I am not sure how far we can go in the cup until we play some of the bigger teams like Balzers.

Meanwhile off the pitch. I managed to make one free agent signing. 


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Triesenberg – The most beautiful Villages in Switzerland

March 2023
Finally back to the league after a 3 month break where England managed to win the World Cup in my save, Only two league games in March but I managed to win one and lost one away to 2nd place Schaan. This was a top of the table clash. This is a great narrative though.



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  • 1 month later...

Sorry I didn't get a chance to play this more and lost interest because of this.
Thanks to everyone who read it or followed my thread.
I've just started a save with Victor San Marino and I will post on the San Marino thread if anyone is interested. 

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