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Help with scouting/recruitment focus

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Hey guys,

I'm fairly new to FM, i've played the mobile version in the past but never PC. Playing Touch on the Switch for the first time this year.

I'm really confused by how to scout/use the recruitment focuses. I've been doing some browsing on the forums and it seems a lot of others have trouble with it as well.

A few weeks back i thought i'd found what i was looking for, going in to the staff screen, clicking chief scout, scout assignments then being able to set it up from there (even though looks like parameters were being ignored). 

I hadn't played for a week or so, went back to it yesterday on a new save after the update the other day, and now i can't find this Scouting Assignments option in the Chief Scout screen? Has it been taken away or something? Or moved?

The Recruitment focuses i don't really get. I set them up then a few days later always comes back saying no players found or whatever.

What's the best way to just send out my scouts to go browse a region or league or whatever and have them just come back with players, or is it best to just player search and find them yourself?


Thanks guys


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scouting is bugged right now and so is wonderkid development so there isn't much point to play the game right now sadly, me and many others have been waiting for a fix for a long time now, we got ZERO patches that fix anything since the game was released a month ago




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