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Last year I took on the challenge of a South American Glory Hunter (LINK) albeit not 100% finishing it, this year I've decided to try something I've never done and that's manage in Asia.

The aim to win the League and Top ranked cup in the top 5 playable leagues in the Asian region as well as the Asian Champions League and Internationally the Asian Cup & World Cup (I will strive to do this with an Asian Team).

The following leagues are the top 5

  1. Chinese Super League
  2. Korean K 1 League
  3. Australian A League
  4. Indian National League
  5. Indonesian League One

I'm going to start in Australia as it's the current 3rd ranked in the list of it makes sense.

There was only one team I could start with given it's a Glory Hunter Save...


The Journey so far

  • Perth Glory- August 2022-Feb 2033 -No Honours (Resigned)
  • Kerala FC - June 2023-June 2024- Indian National League 2024, Indian Federation Cup 2024, Indian Duran Cup 23/24 (Resigned)
  • Bali United - November 2024 -
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The thing I loved the most about the South America save was the different rules in each country Asia is no different as stated above I start in Australia which has some fun rules including a Salary cap and a Guest player which is a bit odd.



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Perth Glory FC logo.png


We start with Perth Glory, in terms of Odds we start at 14-1, which isn't too bad



The Australian league system is broken into two sections, a 1st league phase and then the final series which from the way it's shown in the rules section the top 6 teams qualify for with the top 2 going to the Semi Finals, qualification for the cup appears to go by the league table too, with the top 8 judging from wikipedia qualifying for the next seasons cup. Given that Perth finished 12th last season I will not compete this year.

In terms of the squad (Squad planner coming in very handy here)



The first thing which I really noticed (even before the injury to Brad Jones) is that my two main keepers are 40 and 41 a replacement will probably be needed soon. Back to Brad Jones as you can see he is injured and unfortunately it's a bad one ACL and he's out for another 7-8 months, so 41 year old Liam Reddy will have to start. As mentioned this will be an area I'll be looking at given the age profiles.

Centre back  


Lachman the stand out, two 32 years old though who may need replacing in the next year or so though.

Left back


A bit weak but in terms of ability but I'll make do, Clisby the more experienced will be the starter.

Right back


Only really one viable option here as I plan to use Lachman at centre back, Burke-Gilroy will start.

Defensive Mid


Amini the star man of the team will most likely fit in here though I'll probably use him further forward in the middle with Koutroumbis filling in here.



Well rounded here Amini, duncan and McEneff will be the main contenders here

Left Wing


Some nice cover on the wings and majority as seen next in right wing can play both sides

Right Wing


With Amini playing in the middle it will be Khelifi who will most likely be the starter here.

Centre Forward


My two main strikers are veterans so this will be another area I'll be looking to improve upon

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So despite losing this game, I didn't get the sack but decided to cut my losses and resign before I did.

I'm now on the market for another job.

I resign with the following record



So it will be interesting to see what level of job I can attract

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Good luck! I'm doing essentially the same challenge in FM22 which is ongoing still. I have won the league and the major cups in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, India and Hong Kong. Currently in South Korea where I have won the league but not yet won the FA Cup. Once I do that it will be off to China and Australia to round this off but to give an idea of how tough it has been for me I am currently in the year 2063! 



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And we are back in the game

Official Gokulam Kerala FC Logo.png

I join Kerala FC from the Indian National League, I join just after the Indian League has finished where Kerala finished 5th, 10 points behind the winners


They also got knocked out in the Quarter Final stage of the Indian Federation Cup (the top ranked cup competition). In terms of the Season Preview for next season it hasn't been updated yet but Kerala FC were expected to finish 2nd this season so they failed that by 9 points.

It seems a pretty straight forward league each team plays each other twice home and away, the 2023 league doesn't appear to start until December though  there appears to be cup competition  that starts in September (Durand Cup) so we shall see.

In terms of the squad Sorted in 4-2-3-1 formation:



Quite clear who the number 1 is

Centre Backs


Two obvious Starters but lack of depth here.

Left Back


Again only the one so lack of depth here

Right Back


Tanmoy Ghosh appears on both sides maybe he'll be decent cover, but fullbacks may be on the menu too.

Centre mid


Not sure if it's a good thing or bad thing that my best midfielder is a 16 year old but again lack of depth here, starting to perhaps realise why they didn't finish 2nd


Left Wing


Two decent options here Kordic looks to be the star man so far

Centre Attack Mid


Some OK options but again work needed

Right Wing


Again given a 15 year old is my 3rd best option should I be worried



OK at least we have some decent strikers (I'll see if I can bring back Osumanu to lead the line


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Despite having two men sent off in the final I've won my first trophy (albeit one not on the list) The Durand Cup

Some fun facts about the Durand Cup

  • The tournament is the oldest existing club football tournament in Asia and the fifth oldest national football competition in the world.
  • Unlike any other competition around the world winning team is presented with three trophies
  1. Durand Cup (Nicknamed The Masterpiece): the original tournament trophy which became a rolling trophy since 1965.
  2. Shimla Trophy (Nicknamed The Artistry): donated by the residents of Shimla in 1904 to show their passion and support for the tournament, the trophy began to be awarded in rolling since 1965.
  3. President's Cup (Nicknamed The Pride): a rolling trophy that replaced the Viceroy's Trophy post-independence by the President of India Dr. Rajendra Prasad.

Either way it's a trophy on the resume in terms of my path to glory.

I finished top in Group D beating Dempo and Tiddim Road FC 3-0 and 3-1 respectively and then got truly Fm'ed against MHDN FC losing 1-0


Then onto to knockouts, a comfortable 3-0 win in the QF's was followed by two 2-1 wins in Semi and Final to lift the above 3 cups.


After a busy transfer window bring in 9 players (Chin,Ross and Jack are all Singh's I've just gave them nicknames)



In terms of outs only one left which was 31 year Aminou Bouba who was a foreign player.

This is how I line up


After the transfer window in terms of  league odds, we're now 3-1 2nd favourites so I'd like to think I'll stand a good chance of winning this season


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And I can tick off one of leagues off the list, after I have completed my fixture list.


I believe I've qualified for the Federation Cup (Last season was the top 8 teams), the draw will take place on the 15th April after the rest of the teams play their last games.

So until then ( A whole month away) I'll enjoy the celebrations and probably throw a friendly or two in there

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And it's a treble, Federation Cup in the bag and so ends my adventure in India


It was, like the league relatively straight forward


Big wins in the First legs meant I could relax and rest a few players and complete the Durand, Federation and League Treble.

The league win did qualify me to Asian Confederations Cup (I think it's kind of like the Europa League equivalent in Asia ) but this isn't a trophy on my list so I'll resign and bring my hunt to one of the other countries left Korea, Indonesia, China maybe even back to Australia?

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After 5 months of unemployed I'm back in Management and moving to Indonesia and to Bali Utd

I join just before the halfway point of the league season, currently 4th in the league but out of the Indonesian Cup


In terms of the current squad available based on 4-4-2 formation


An Indonesian International is my number one and I have able backup so happy enough



Left Back

Another Indonesian International here in the shape of Yagolo (though I may play him CB) Mustofa is capable


Right Back

Idrus has an injury but is back in 2 weeks he'll be the starter, Lucky will play until he is fit as Mustofa will be needed on the left



Centre backs

As stated Yagolo may play cb alongside Pacheco but fellow Indonesian international Utomo will challenge him I'm happy here.



Centre Mid

A good mix here, Pellu is team captain and will most likely start with one of Saimima or Hargianto around him.



Left Wing

Two good options here Andre Agustiar is one of my standout players


Right Wing

The first really light area in terms of lack of depth though Jaya is a potential gamechanger for me, I will be looking for reinforcements here.



Centre Forward

Osman and Spasojevic will be the staters though the latter is 37 and will retire come the end of the season, Ramdani is promising youngster who can take his place though.


In terms of the odds and season preview,

We're strangely ahead of where the odds put us, I believe it may have been the 1st round cup exit which put pave to the previous regime.


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and the season has ended with Bali United, a nice respectful 3rd place


In terms of the overall season, my first game came in round 17, I did get as high as 2nd at one point but a little blip at the end of January saw me lose 3 in a row but that was to be my last loss, as I then went on 10 game unbeaten run only dropping 4 points.



I'm hopefully going into next season that I keep the momentum going and lead the team to glory

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