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[FM22] Youth academy only - from English tier 10 to Premier League - Worcester Raiders


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September 2031

Two wins and two losses in league is ok, I'm happy with it. I squeezed some friendlies inbetween to see how it will affect finances. Currently it gives me 15k profit per game on average so it may be worth to continue.resultssep31.png.bce24b91aa13aac3928ed11737892936.png



At the end of august we got offer for Javaun Martin. I've decided to let him go. He's improving very slow, physicals are rising but other attributes are almost the same as on intake day. And I have enough young wingers so it won't be a big loss.





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November 2031

What a great month. We kept the spot in playoff zone, we advanced in both cups, but the EFL Trophy is not that relevant (lower income and horrible attendance)




Buyout of Javaun Martin clause appeared, it's not much but I think I'm gonna take it.


But the most interesting thing happened almost unnoticed. Check the spoiler


As I was looking through the clauses I went to Ross Ross profile to check how it's going for him and I noticed a little "Trn" icon. He became unhappy after Portsmouth got relegated and he's moving to Werder Bremen on january 1st. That means one thing - we're getting rich very soon :D

@KGregory44  you're a good prophet, thanks mate




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December 2031

A lot of games so even the ones that don't usually are in match rotation got their chance and it ended up really well. Bad thing is our only loss was to the worst team in league, but that's ok. Big win in FA Cup, next round we're facing Birmingham City at home, they're in Championship so it will be tough.




As I mentioned earlier I decided to cash out the clause.


Intake preview - I really want that striker. Russell Griffin is still performing well but looks like he has reached his peak, maybe this time we'll get next scoring machine


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January 2032

Almost perfect, just one draw in league and a loss in EFL Trophy I decided to play with reserves so my best lineup could be well rested for FA Cup battle. That paid off as we beat Birmingham 1-0 also getting record gate receipts.





Ross Ross officialy joined Werder and this is what we got. 3,6m upfront and possibly 2m more. With that kind of money there was no other option than upgrading facilities. In april I will try asking for another, we can afford it now.




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February 2032

Quick month, we start with FA Cup loss, Sheffield were just to strong and the result don't really show their advantage. Next a free weekend so to keep match sharpness I arranged a friendly game with our affiliate Coventry City and used my best lineup. We end up with win and a loss in league but there's still safe distance from playoff zone




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Youth intake 2032

Good intake, the best players are in positions I wanted more depth. I'm really happy that there's three wingers/strikers with nice potential, maybe in two years they'll be ready for first team football. Also two decent DC's - they will compete for 4th/5th place in rotation as I still don't have much quality in center defense reserves.









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April - May 2032

Despite bad run of 3 winless games we secured promotion. Last game of the season was the icing on the cake - two best teams playing for the title. resultsapr32.thumb.png.7f2bc85d92d4fff125db6eb5ad1520a8.png




To add a little bitterness - my best player won't have a nice holiday. If thing go well he should lose only first few league games


Both upgrades completed so we go for another. Youth facilities were my first choice and as expected we got approval, but we don't have enough money for training facilities.



league table apr32.png

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May 2032 - part 2

Squad overlook - nearly 20 player I use heavily in rotation. Defence is where I need more good players, now it's only 3 center defs and 3 side defs and sometimes I have to use 1*CA reserves. After promotion Michael Thornton finally agreed to discuss new full-time contract and we can keep him until 2038. Now it's only Patrick Stanley who still refuses signing new one but we have some time to handle it.


And if we talk about Patrick Stanley - he's gonna need a bigger trophy cabinet





Winning the league also brought me a Manager of the year award


Season's best 11again dominated by my players


U18 team got to play one division higher than previously, they ended up mid-table, so looks like they faced better opponents - I like that, good for developement


The board announced that we have improved youth rating. It costs a lot but on the other hand I've spent 1,6m on youth setup this season so I think it's not gonna hurt that much


A nice sack of gold from solidarity payment, some of that money went to pay our players bonuses. On top of that we also got additional FA Cup money. It adds up to a solid profit.





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July 2032

This preseason lokks a bit different. I've switched from single friendlies to a league type friendlies. In many of my saves this was the most financially efficient way to do it if you can find right opponents.


Season preview one week before first match. We're dead last but we've always been overachievers compared to those previews so I aim for a mid-table/safe from relegation place


Finances just went to the moon. Income from friendlies was a huge boost but not the biggest.


Near the end of the month we've got another caluse available to cash out. This time it was from goalie Mark Daniels transfer. I was hoping for more because of his current value but it's still huge money for us and I'm sure we'll benefit from it significantly.



Right away I asked for upgrades, but to my surprise I was declined twice and we had a little talk with board to get what I wanted.



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August 2032

Two wins to start the season is always nice, although we're struggling with scoring. Unlucky loss in EFL Cup against Brentford (currently in Premier League) - late red for my def followed by lost goal in 88th minute and we're out. It's not the most important cup but always a chance to sell more tickets.




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  • Ron_Swanson changed the title to [FM22] Youth academy only - from English tier 10 to Sky Bet League 1 - Worcester Raiders

That's the plan to avoid relegation, establish ourselves at this level and push for promotion as soon as we will have a chance. Players are on long contracts (except Patrick Stanley who still don't want to negotiate) so if they will keep improving I hope that in 2-3 years we'll go up for Championship.

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September 2032

Only four games with poor outcome but we were facing top teams in this league so I'm taking it easy. We're losing a lot of money when we don't play more often, it's good to have a healthy bank balance now so expenses won't kill our finances to quick.




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On 05/07/2023 at 06:55, mariogriffiths said:

You've done amazingly on this, seems a long way from being stuck at level 9.

Keep it going!

Thanks, that 9th level was the hardest to beat but as soon as the academy started producing quality youngsters we're on a highway to Premier League - we'll get there eventualy.


Sorry for not posting lately, but less time to play now and I wanted to do a small side career. More updates are coming, maybe not as often

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October 2032

Unbeaten in october and leading the race, we're not stoping. I think the squad is strong enough to make it and these results are the best proof. Finances are still stable and all that tranfers income is going for another upgrade - youth facilities should be completed right before the intake so I hope we'll get slightly better players already this year.





I was really surprised with that message. Patrick Stanley who refused to talk for years came to me asking for new contract. Finally, my best player and future club legend saw that he can get high level football in the club that raised him. 2k p/w until 2039 is a bargain for the quality and consistency he brings.



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November 2032

Another month of good results, we're keeping the pace not falling out from those top two promotion spots. Plus a very confident win in FA Cup.




Still some money left so I'm gonna get every upgrade I can. This time training facilities.


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December 2032

Promotion race is getting pretty even. We're at the lead with one more game to go but there's a minimum margin up to 5th Lincoln. Results were quite good, just besides the loss vs Portsmouth who cut the distance thanks to that win. Unfortunately my players were tired for that important game because we had to do a replay in FA Cup which we eventually won. In 3rd round QPR is waiting for us.




New contract, another pay raise


Some promising striker might be on his way to Worcester, we have a few with high potential but they are improving slowly and still none of them beat Russell Griffin. Not much on the left side, it would be nice to get at least decent left defender because it's pretty dry in my youth teams.


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January 2033

A ton of points lost this month (even against two worst teams), but we're still there in that tight top of the table. FA Cup going well, we defeated QPR from Championship, it's good to see that we're able to win with higher division teams in case of getting promoted.

Next round should be a lot of fun, we're going to Old Trafford. That means we probably don't stand a chance but what an experience it will be.




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May - June 2033

Season summary. First team rotation looks quite the same, we're still a little short on side defence and it's tricky when the schedule is tight. Keeping players on long contracts with 2-3 years extensions squadmay33.thumb.png.0b345ecedf109291573b35e3f84bede1.png


Russell Griffin looks like our weakest first 11 player when we talk about CA or attributes but he doesn't give a damn and keeps scoring like crazy



Patrick Stanley trophy cabinet or should it be separate room already, because it's a lot





U18's winning another title


Finances for both months (something seems off when you compare profit with overall balance, I don't know why it's like this)




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August - September 2033

Getting the promotion got me into a little playing haul yesterday evening so few quick updates on what's going on in Championship. We started really good, relegation shouldn't be an issue, let's see if we can make it into playoffs. We now fill about half a stadium, it's nice for income but all other teams have average attendance higher than our stadium capacity - we still got a lot to improve





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October 2033

It won't be as easy as previous years, competition is to strong, our young squad is not quite ready yet. We were so close to make a huge sensation in EFL Cup but we couldn't hold a 3-1 lead against Liverpool and eventually lost in penalty shootout




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4 hours ago, mariogriffiths said:

Bit of a hit not getting anything from Barnsley game. Decent buffer to the relegation zone still.

No huge teams dropped into the championship in 10 years, always funny to see.

Everton is I think the biggest team that got relegated, twice, but they immediately went back to Prem, so yeah, no big surprises so far

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