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Suggestions for FM2024. Please read and incorporate them into FM24.

Choi seung won

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Suggestions for FM2024. 

1. Suggestions for the match engine

Until now, dribbling in the match engine has been difficult to see except for players with fast running to outrun opposing defenders. Especially, players such as Neymar, Mbappe, Ronaldo, Saint-Maximin, and others who have spectacular dribbling in real soccer are just ordinary players in FM's match engine. I think dribbling should be developed and implemented intensively in FM24. 

2. Suggestions for the transfer market and AI managers

There are a lot of unrealistic things about the current AI managers getting fired and taking over as the manager of a new club. For example, Simeone, who has been the manager of Atletico Madrid for a long time, suddenly gets hired by Liverpool in the middle of the season. Is it realistic for Pep Guardiola to leave Man City in the middle of the season to take over at Real Madrid?
At the very least, I think it's realistic that when a manager is sacked, the next manager is either unemployed or at a lower level club.  

Also, in the transfer market, AI managers too easily release legendary players who have been with the club for a long time. For example, Bayern Munich's one-club man Muller always goes to Barcelona. Is this realistic? 

3 Suggestions for stadiums

Please improve the quality of the stadiums in FM24. So far, the stadiums are so crappy and uncharacteristic of each other - stadiums in the 4th and 5th divisions look like stadiums in the 2nd division. Please provide a stadium editor so that users can create their own stadiums. 

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