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Hi guys,

Been a fan of FM Touch/Console for a long time and I'm looking forward to make a complete switch to this version. I find it quite annoying that you can't have the same players on the Database versus the full game, I'm not looking for the full Persons DB.

I just was messing around the FMC database and found out we don't have the same players extracted. For example I was looking forward to have a save game in South America, just to find out Venezuela and for example Paraguay teams (I know they're not licensed) don't have any players extracted, this isn't a problem with database size or any other fixes, people are just not extracted to the people_db.

I rather have a large game (a couple more MBs into the app) than to be short of players. 

Just making clear one last time:

I don't want more data available, I don't want to store more history stats or something. I want to have the same set of PLAYERS and PLAYERS only. Non player data is fine as we don't need more staff than what we have.

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