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Top 5 League Salary Cap

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With the impending world domination of football by one club with vastly more resources than their competitors, I put a salary cap on the top five European leagues.

The AI handles it quite well; player wages fall though there's a lot of transfer activity and a lot of loans requested as a result, with the super clubs having to flog assets, but all in all it makes for a much more level playing field with titles being won with points totals in the 80s rather than 90s

The top four in the Premier League's second season was Manchester United (human controlled), Liverpool, Leeds and Everton, with Everton and Manchester City rounding off the top six.

The cap is set at £1.9m a week, which is approximately the salary of the top spenders outside the PL's big six, though doesn't include the Champions League.

It's been a while since I put this together but I think you need to download each league's fmf file and select it when creating a new game.


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