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Latte Quarterly Magazine is a magazine all about FM - forums users may like it.  I co-edit with a few other Bloggers, and we invite guest contributions...whether that's a tactical piece, book review, thoughts towards a certain way of playing FM or simply a humorous piece.  Our sixteen issues (spanning the previous four editions of FM) can be read here: https://coffeehousefm.com/lattequarterly

If you want to write something about the game, or have ideas/suggestions for the future, then we'd love to hear from you.  You can reach me here: tony@coffeehousefm.com



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These are amazing!  If you're thinking of clicking away without going to the site, you're making a mistake!!  Every magazine is a great read - a mixture of insights, stories and occasional silliness.

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One of my favourite things out there. I love contributing to each issue and I'd strongly recommend that anyone who wants to get involved should do so too! 

I also know for certain that there's a couple of printed copies of LQ sitting in pride of place in a key meeting room at SI Towers :)

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