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[FM24] Boston United FC - Non League to Champions League


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34 minutes ago, Sizeman21 said:

Woah this is excellent work Black Prince! Your graphical efforts are very immersing, plenty of details to follow. Always a fan of the 'realistic' game style. A+ so far!

Thank you! Going to try and do it all with the graphics and really enjoying not just being able to search for everything! It's the media who has been most helpful so far for loan signings rather than the scouts, who would have thought?!

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10 hours ago, Vakama2619 said:

Not exactly sure I like seeing this........

Still following regardless KUTGW

Ironically I’m sat in Scunthorpe responding to this message if that helps in any way? :lol:

10 hours ago, Punch said:

Looks like a fun save.

Good luck

I forgot how intensive it was lower down, the games just keep coming and the squad gets tired quick with a small team. Scarborough are dominating which is a real pain as the playoffs are always crazy!

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3 hours ago, TheLutterworthFox said:

Really enjoyed looking through this, a fantastic start as well.

Absolutely love the graphics. What did you use to make them?

Keep up the good work 

Not quite as good as Scarborough but a great season! It's using a website called canva, my team use it at work so I've been teaching myself a few things!

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7 hours ago, Jurds said:

Great first season!

The graphics are an excellent touch, provides a great level of immersion. Excited to see how you get on in the National League!

Thank you so much! First season was good, I do enjoy putting the graphics together so hopefully can keep improving them! Not sure how the squad will be in the National League but all I need to do is not go down!

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Season 2 - August to October Update

I really did not expect the below to happen, especially with the lack of scouting and generally not thinking the team would be this good. I have thought about starting the save again and putting more rules in (playing longer with the starting team, no/few loans) but at this point, there is still a long way to go to get to even the Premier League so it will probably just delay what will happen however we play! Onwards and upwards and see if we can stay undefeated, but I will be playing weakened teams in the League to be fresh for cup games as I want a trophy if I can!



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Dele Alli signs for Boston United

I could not resist when the scouts popped up with Dele Alli, in the National League with Boston United for £625 a week til the end of the season. Worse case I cut him, best case we have a 37 capped England international in our team and that must sell some jerseys right? 

Will he bring anything to the team, can he wow the Jakemans Community Stadium as Boston United push for promotion? I really, really want this story to play out in a good way!


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17 hours ago, warlock said:

Amazing :eek:. Hope he can do a job for you.


21 hours ago, Eric Castel said:

Wow, I'm eager to see how this narrative unfolds! Very nice!!

I really want him to do something special just for a story or two! Started with a bang, hasn't exactly continued that way but we will keep trying :)

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2024/25 National League Champions

At one point we were cruising and around 15 points clear, but we didn't secure the title until the second to last game of the season. But we did it, and got the victory at home in front of 3,718 fans. Back to back promotions and finally, Boston United would once again be back in the football league after what seems like an eternity outside of it. With the news of the promotion, the board asked if I wanted to take us Professional. What a stupid question, Yes, Yes, we will be turning professional at the end of the season!

Everyone is on a multiple year part time deal, the plan would be to try and keep most of the team together, if they do not want stupid money to go to a full time deal. Hopefully most will be sensible and we can maintain and grow the team at a more realistic pace now we are out of the gloom and doom of the conference!



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2025/26 League Two - Squad Building

It would be possible to flood the team with 18-20 year olds fresh from their release from top clubs and plonk them into the team each year. I have, as the graphics below, introduced a 40 / 40 / 20 squad building which I will do my best to achieve each season to keep some continuity in the squad whilst bringing in Veterans and new players. The pace of moving up the Leagues (I hope) will slow down but I know League Two to Championship the difference in quality of players can often be minimal in the game. 

The incomings are correct to the opening game of the season, once all targets are in and first team squad confirmed we will look at the whole team in more detail!



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