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How to create the good of CA and PA?


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Salam n hi..

I use Editor to create the high profile player that have the incredible abilities like shown below..

1. Crossing= 20

2. Dribbling= 19

3. Finishing= 19

4. Pace= 20

5. Off the ball= 19

6. Acceleration= 20

So, after i have played new games thier abilities just appears fo range 15-17. So, how to solve this?

N, what is the perfect CA and PA for High Profile Players?

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Depends on what you mean,

If you Want The Best Youngster Ever Give Him Good Attributes + a CA=100 PA=200

If You Want The Best Player Ever Give Him The Best Attributes (20) + CA=200 PA=200.

But it Will Take The Fun Out Of The Game.(Did For Me Anyway)


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coolbananas: Tanks a lot. If i create the Best Striker at age 20-22 range, can i put their CA to 100 and PA to 200 with his abilities was created like this:

1. Finishing= 20

2. First touch= 19

3. Acceleration= 19 and so on..

Is it will be effecting their abilities to become decreasing? And in your opinion, what is suitable of CA and PA for the abilities that shown above?

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