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Rejection of New Contract

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I am currently playing as Crystal Palace, and having completed the long-term goals a year early, the board have offered me a new 2 year contract right at the start of the season since I am in the last year of my current contract.

However, if I decide to reject this contract, will I:

a) be forced to resign/ the club will sack me?

b) be offered another contract later on?

c) be able to use the 'request new contract' and offered another contract if I decide to change my mind?

Thank you very much


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Save the game just before you save (or make a back-up), click "reject" and see what happens.

In my experience :-

- I rejected a contract

- They came back with a better offer

- I rejected, and resigned.

So it's different for everyone.

So do the "save and reject" - and come back to tell us what happened icon_smile.gif

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From my experiences-

a) no. they wouldn't have offered the extension if they didn't want to keep you.

b and c) yes, assuming you don't mess up next year. I forget when exactly you can request a new contract, but just keep checking in the boardroom.

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they will try to reach for u once more before ur contract would end -unless ur doing realy crap-

or they may wait for u to choose the right time to renegotiate which is avaialble through request new contract option,which will available agian

but no for "a" they wont sack u,but u may say a statement in the press the they may fear the threat of losing u and specualtions about ur replacement

dont give these speculations an interest just wait near the end of ur contract and ask for a new one

may be after winning couple of trophies b4 the season ends and more money added to ur club's balance ,they would offer u much better contract to keep u in track with them

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