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Offside goal - no complaints from players, no media questions

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90th minute goal - pkm screenshot

A bit like holland vs. italy 'off-side situation', but not really icon_smile.gif

So, my fullback gets injured and the ref orders him off the field, and on the next attack, while my injured player is being fixed up behind the goalline, the opposition scores an off-side goal.

Since I have experienced off-side goals couple of times before, I thought the ref had just made a mistake, bad luck.

But what I find strange is that the commentary didn't say anything about it, none of my players were complaining and there was no post-match media complaining options - except asking me about a controverial goal my team scored earlier in that match.

it's frustrating, I want to blame the ref.

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Originally posted by rahakunn:

i don't mind that much about it not being off-side(even though it is), but i do mind my players not complaining about it (they do every other time) and not being able to blame the ref through media.

Presumably the reason your players or commentators didn't complain is because he wasn't offside, despite how it looks in that screenshot. You have to bear in mind that the 2d pitch is displaying round blobs that are not proportionally representative of the actual players, so although things look like players being offside, the ball not crossing the line, etc, invariably they are not offside or the ball did cross the line.

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He doesn't look offside at all. But agree that the defender should have been claiming like mad regardless.

On another note, were you chasing the game? Otherwise you might want to question why almost your entire team was in their half in the 94th minute.

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