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Englischer Fussball Bund - 03/04 (EFB-03/04)


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Players of the EFB 03 / 04 Clan Game: You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven these many months. The eyes of the world are upon you. The hopes and prayers of liberty-loving cm players everywhere march with you. In company with our brave cm4 online players from other clans you will bring about the destruction of the CM war machine, the elimination of idiots from the game will give us security for a fantastic CM game.

Your task will not be an easy one. Your fellow managers are well trained, well equipped and battle-hardened. They will fight savagely.

But this is the year 2003! Much has happened since the EFB triumphs of 2001-2002. The first EFB saw great matches in open battle, man-to-man. Our competitiveness seriously increased our strength in the online community. The EFB players of the world are marching together to Victory! I have full confidence in your management, devotion to duty and skill in battle. We will accept nothing less than full victory!

Good Luck! And let us all beseech the blessing of Almighty God upon this great and noble undertaking.

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Players of the EFB 03 / 04 Clan Game: You are about to embark upon the Great Crusade, toward which we have striven these many months. The eyes of the world are upon you. The hopes and prayers of liberty-loving cm players everywhere march with you. In company with our brave cm4 online players from other clans you will bring about the destruction of the CM war machine, the elimination of idiots from the game will give us security for a fantastic CM game.

Your task will not be an easy one. Your fellow managers are well trained, well equipped and battle-hardened. They will fight savagely.

But this is the year 2003! Much has happened since the EFB triumphs of 2001-2002. The first EFB saw great matches in open battle, man-to-man. Our competitiveness seriously increased our strength in the online community. The EFB players of the world are marching together to Victory! I have full confidence in your management, devotion to duty and skill in battle. We will accept nothing less than full victory!

Good Luck! And let us all beseech the blessing of Almighty God upon this great and noble undertaking.

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No your not deaf, you heard right. The game of champions is back on the shelf and ready to hit the CM online scene with another bang. Once again the toughest online game is back to battle it out among the top clans of the forum.

To remind you folks from all the corners of the globe, EFB originated from the famous UCMIG clan, once the group went its separate way it went on to even greater things and was never expected to be so competitive and contain such a dedicated and so highly skilled managers from all different countries in the world. Many people involved have all got their own memories, even Dogs won't forget his spell with this highly rated clan, he set out his plans for the clubs only for them to shatter and for him to experience his first sacking ever!!.... Hard is just an under statement for the difficulty to succeed in this clan.

So the CM Online forum now welcomes back one of its best clans since the new format of the forum, EFB is here and with a new version of the game, also a new line up of managers, ready to battle it out and make EFB once again the force it was and be known once again as the toughest game to break into.

The new reformed EFB also now has a website: EFB Website

At the website everything can be found that you need to know, rules, playing times, about the managers involved, and much, much more.

With the nitty gritty stuff out of the way its time for all managers to get off the training ground and away from the tactics screen, to give their match talk in the dressing room and go and get their arse sat down in the dugout.

So let the game commence across the great battlefields of Europe once again and let EFB run wild.

Good luck everyone, here your EFB journey begins............

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For this new installment of EFB we have brought in some new faces along with some old faces from the previous EFB. In addition there will be different playing times and days. These are as follows:

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday - 8.30pm - 11.30pm (T&T before actual start, approx 8pm each night)

Aswell as new times and days we also have a new line up of managers ready to pit their wits against each other.

Here is the new line up for EFB 03/04:

Andrew Hepburn (Andy H) - Host

Stephen Gold - (Goldy) - Orginator

Gareth Jenkinson - (gazjuk) - Webby person

Paul Rouch - (rouchie)

Steven Riddell (Steve R)

Mark Brown (mebubcat)

Edan Waldman

Welcome aboard lads and I hope you all enjoy EFB as much as the members from the first one have done.

Just to point out this thread is for clan announcements, updates and banter. We do not want people applying in this thread. If you are interested in applying contact myself or Steve by e-mail or MSN although it will be invitation only to join the clan. Nothing wrong with putting a a good word in though icon_wink.gif

Again good luck and may the force be with you. (Some of you may need it icon_wink.gif

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That's right folks, the biggest badest clan in CMO got underway again last night. Teams were picked and a long T&T session commenced for all the managers involved. Teams are as follows:

Andy H - Hull City

Stephen Gold - Stevenage Boro

Gareth Jenkinson - Accrington

Paul Rouch - West Ham

Mark Brown - QPR

Steven Riddell - WBA

Edan Waldman - (Yet to pick a team due to patch difficulties)

It was then time for T&T and as always it was slow but we still managed to get quite far and will prolly start the season tonight.

As Hull City boss I went about my business by immediately snapping up Johan Porhallsson on a free transfer despite a bid from Rouchie's West Ham icon_biggrin.gif. The second player I brought in was 20 year old Paulinho from Arsenal and what a player he could turn out to be for Hull City. The third player brought into the squad was Scott Jones a defender whom I got on a free transfer but looks solid in defence.

As usual there was lots of banter with myself and Rouchie lighting up mirc with a fantastic battle between a trout and a frying pan icon_biggrin.gif. So it's onto tonight for the next installment of EFB 03/04. icon_smile.gif

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WAHAY, EFB is underway once again icon_smile.gif

Well having installed CM03/04 with the patch seconds before EFB actually started officially I havnt even had any time to get a look of it......i must say it looks fantastic.

Anyway, in this edition my club will be Stevenage, the board want to the squad to be improved as at the moment its looking for like a scrap heap to give them a compliment.

Not a lot of players around at all for the lower league manager I must say, any decent ones are easily snapped up by bigger clubs due to being able to offer better wages, being able to offer 775 quid a week for wages does hinder our chances of getting some real talent.

However, against all odds, Olafur Julliusson signed for 10k, The zizou of the lower leagues imo, with him we got a striker from Bristol for a staggering 45k, Matthews looks like a great talent for the conference though and should bang a few in.

There were not many more signings after that, the main ones were Vance Warner to improve the defence, Chris Humphreys, former Man Utd youth striker and also Eugene Dadi from Tranmere, bags of experience from this striker in the football league, all players were signed on a free transfer.

With the boards aim to improve the squad i'll be aiming to guide the club into a safe mid table position and will hopefully build up a strong team in years to come which will one day possibly be title contenders icon_smile.gif

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Stevenage Season Update

Well we're about 5 games into the season now it wasnt the best opening game result for the club.

We travelled away to Halifax, despite dominating the game completely, it was down to the strikers who just couldnt put away the easy chances missing 3 sitters.

Result : Halifax 1 - 0 Stevenage

The second game saw us finally be infront of the home crowd, time to show off the new signings....well they certainly did that, Chester the joint favourites for the league stood no chance and were crushed with goals from Huckerby, Matthews and Carroll.

Result : Stevenage 3 - 0 Chester

Another away trip now and this time we visit Northwich Victoria, a complete walk over as we dominate the play and have it all our own way. some slick passing and counter attacking play with Northwich's very crappy defensive gifted us goals by Juliusson, Matthews, Cook, Baptise and Huckerby.

Result : Northwich 0 - 5 Stevenage

Back home again for this thrilling encounter against Leigh RMI, their keeper certainly must have had words with super man as he saved literally everything we could throw at him, unbelievable considering our domination in this game, still we got the 3 points after getting a brace from Elding.

Result : Stevenage 2 - 1 Leigh RMI

We visited Gravesend being on fantastic form since the first day of the season, 3 convincing victories in a row with dominating performances....a trend we love to continue, so we did as new boy Matthews bagged a brace followed by Huckerby, Cook and Warner also scoring. A scoring spree of 3 goals in 3 minutes sealed the game easily.

Result : Gravesend 1 - 5 Stevenage

So that takes us upto 3rd place in the table and not far behind the top 2 at all, if we can keep the current form well into the mid season and beyond, we sure could be looking at a good finish to the season.

Very happy with the performance of the team, strikers could do with scoring more to show the domination we are getting in games but as long as we get the 3pts home then i'm not too bothered icon_smile.gif

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Yes we are about 5 games into the season, which has seen Hull start well in the league. We started off with a 2-1 win over Boston Utd in a match that Hull dominated but couldn't turn their pressure into more goals. Goals from Stuart Elliot and Danny Allsop sealed the win for the tigers.

Next up was an away trip in the League Cup to Cmabridge and I wish we hadn't showed up as we were crushed 4-0 in a very one sided affair. Fellow manager Stephen Gold said,

What happened there? Your team were very poor there

And yes we were as poor as Mr Gold kindly pointed out icon_wink.gif.

After this capitulation my team then picked themselves up by the weekend for the visit of Kiddiminster who were soundly beaten 3-0 by a rampant Hull eager to make up for the disappointment of the League Cup. Ritchie Appleby opened the scoring then it became Hull's new signing Paulinho's game as he went on to score twice in a memorable day for the 20 year old.

Next up they faced Swansea who again coul dnot match Hull's pace and power throughout their team. They gave it their best shot but ended up on the wrong end of a 4-1 drubbing. An own goal from Swansea keeper Roger Freestone helped them on their way then further goals from Danny Allsop and two from Jamie Forrester gave them Hepburn's first win away from home this season.

Up next was the first of two draws in a row and Hepburn must be cursing at his defence who gave him an awful performance in the second half put paid to any hopes of a fourth successive win as Hull decided to throw away a two goal lead created through goals from Justin Whittle and Jamie Forrester. Then at home it was what the papers called "THE MOST BORING GAME OF THE CENTURY" as Hull and Doncaster fought out a boring 0-0 draw with two shots in the entire game that left Hull fans cringing with boredom.

So after a very good early start with three wins in a row Hull have just stuttered slightly as the attempt to make it to the second division at the first time of asking.

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Stanley appoint Jenkinson as manager!

The Accrington board called a press conference with news of a managerial change. They announced to the fans that the new manager would be young Gareth Jenkinson.

Jenkinson’s aim at the club was to make sure that the team stays in the Conference and builds the squad up over the season.

Jenkinson set to work to build up the squad on a small budget of 45K. After mixed fortunes in Pre-season and a few new faces in the club in the shape of 10K signing Carl Bradshaw a versatile defender who can do a job in a holding midfield position, young right back in Rocky White a free transferred from Staveley MW, Young Goal Keeper Richard Senior, striker in Paul Scott 2K from AFC Wimbledon and Chris Cox a striker previously at Barnsley.

The start of the season saw Accrington travel away to Chester City. A game were Accrington was lucky to come away with a draw from, Chester having 13 shots on target with only a late header gave Jenkinson his first point in charge the game ending 2-2.

The second game for Accrington was at home to Northwich Victoria. The game ended 1-0 to the Stanley with only a Paul Scott penalty on 75 mins splitting the two teams with them both having there fair share of chance with Accrington just edging the game to deserve the three points.

Next was an away game at Leigh RMI again only a Paul Scott goal separated the teams this tie a header on 48 mins after a Lutel James cross set him up.

The next game was a home tie Vs Gravesend. Gravesend totally dominated this game and Accrington was lucky to come out of the game only conceding 2 goals in the 2-1 defeat.

The next game Accrington upped there performance for the trip away to Exeter but were unlucky to be edged out of the game 1-0 after a very tight, evenly fought contest between the two teams.

The next game was a home tie Vs Hereford were it turned into the Justin Jackson show when he helped himself to a hat trick of goals and assisting in the other goal in the 4-1 with only clinical finishing from Accrington the difference.

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Ok, This is my first stab at this so please forgive any unnecessary detail I might provide. I am managing my beloved West Ham United and am not only determined to do better than the current incumbent Pardew and his predecessor Roeder, which isn’t much of a target, but also to scale the heights of Mr Brookings mastery, which is a big ask!

I turned my attention to staff first hiring in some coaches & scouts with pretty good stats, but unemployed so I wouldn’t have to compensate anyone and use up any of my miniscule transfer budget. In came Roger Spry, Graham Rix (youth coach hehe) Gerry Peyton and Steve Beaglehole as coaches and Dave Colley, Brian Greenhalgh & John Dungworth as scouts.

Then I looked at my playing staff. In came Mark Bosnich as my no 2 keeper and Alpay in defence (really popular with the crowd!) both free. I tied to sign Johan porhalsson but the guy was obviously soft in the head (another boogers in the making I reckon) as he signed for Hull! Now to start spending my transfer pot of £474,411, I used minimum release clauses on Trond Erik Bertelsen (£230k) and Kjell Andre Thu (£230k) Leaonardsen and Numan decided to remain unemployed rather than join me so that was my preseason transfer activity.

With my transfer kitty all but exhausted I looked at loan signings, Bringing in Richie Partridge from Liverpool, Massinmo Maccarone from ‘Boro and Stephen Caldwell from Newcastle all to the season end. I sent back Mellor (well come on!) and Kilgallon, keeping one loan opportunity for later in the season if required.

I then looked to offload some players, but no bugger wanted Rob Lee. QPR (Mark) bid for Hutchison, 100k, which I accepted as he was on £25k pw, but the bugger wouldn’t go! TNS made a 50k bid for GK Forde which I accepted adding in a future fee clause. I was now ready to face the Pre-Season.

Pre-season was a forgettable blur of defeats and draws which my obviously crap assistant took the blame for!

The season proper was upon me and I was in control. I was ready.

League Game (H) Vs Notts Forest - 9-8-03

A tough opening opponent for a team low on confidence….but I was sure they would rise to the challenge icon_wink.gif A 3-1 win to the hammers with loan signing Maccarone opening his account and Defoe grabbing a brace, the Forest response from Gareth Taylor …Happy Days! Already achieved something Pardew has yet to do, A league win on my first effort!

League Cup 1st Round (A) Vs Scunthorpe 13-8-03

Buoyed by our great start to the season, we decided to continue our proud history of this competition by crashing out to lower league opposition 1-0, Etherington missed a 82nd minute penalty, and our superior match stats in every field came to nowt We were out L Ah well it’s a mickey mouse cup any way!

League Game (A) Vs Watford 16-8-03

Next up were Watford away, you could almost hear “ do I not like that!†as we took all 3 points in a 4-2 win, coming back from 1-0 down to win 4-2 with Partridge scoring 2, Etherington atoning for his mid week penalty miss with a sweetly struck goal to put us in the lead and David Connnolly rounding off a stirring game in the 87th minute. 2 league game and 2 wins. West Ham were on the march!

League Game (H) Vs Norwich 23-8-03

Delia’s delights paid us a visit, they won’t be back! 4-1 to the cockney boys! Partridge and Maccarone get a brace each as we destroy the yokels, we were mustard! We are top of the league! Stop the season now, I want to get off.

League Game (A) Vs Coventry 30-08-03

This was a game that gave me palpitations, I thought I was gonna do a Roeder and leave in an ambulance, Joachim gives the sky blues an early lead, Maccarone equalises at the start of the second half (what a loan signing he is proving to be!) and from then a real battle developed, Coventry taking the lead again, but the mighty hammers bravely battled back (If only IRL) to win 4-2 with Connolly grabbing 2 and Defoe also chipping in. 4 wins from 4, thew Irons are invincible!

The awards for August are given and Paul Rouch picks up the manager of the month award! Kjell Andre Thu also picks up the young player of the month award, all in all a good start!

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by rouchie:

Oh and btw again, I dont believe that i mentioned that the Frying Pan (KarraaannnGG) battered the trout, sorry Andy icon_biggrin.gif<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

you two and your sex games icon_wink.gif

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Well another session is over and its been a successul spell again for Stevenage.

It was time for promotion contenders Exeter and their spoon bending Chairman to come to visit our lovely home, was an enjoyable time they had too as they couldnt defend for ****, from three corners we scored three lovely headers, the aerial advantage really paid off in this game, centre back Bunce knocked in a near post header and Matthews nodded in a brace.

Result : Stevenage 3 : 1 Exeter

Barnet were up next, another home game, completed dominated play and had more shots on goal than the rainfall last year, very disappointing and got screwed a little by the game as you do, Huckerby managed though to notch it in for us.

Result : Stevenage 1 : 1 Barnet

It was time to go to the new bucks head, Telford the relegation favourites were actually in the top six when this game happened, it didnt last long at all as Matthews once again scored and making up his transfer value, his goal was followed up with more misery for Telford as former player Huckerby bagged a brace.

Result : Telford 1 : 3 Stevenage

From Telford we moved onto one of their local rivals Hereford, a game that once again showed complete dominance was then over shadowed as we get completely screwed and concede, the shots came from every angle possible and from all distances, it was frustration as we just couldnt finish it, then the super goalie was beaten by the super sub, 19year old freebie Humphreys bagged a magnificent hattrick in the last 15mins of the game, fantastic efford in every goal.

Result : Hereford 1 : 3 Stevenage

High flying Aldershot came to visit us at our humble home, it was a top of the table clash when the two sides met and Aldershot had just come from a good result against Accrington. With a small change around and including Humphreys in the squad it certainly paid off, a sound performances rounded off with slick passing and some fantastic team play, Huckerby again on the score sheet and bagged a brace followed by another fantastic hattrick by Humphreys in just his 2nd game for the club.

Result : Stevenage 5 : 0 Aldershot

Gone onto a fantastic 9 game unbeaten run which see's the club now top of the table with a good goal difference and two points above Dag and Red the title favourites.

Current form is improving especially having now starting to play Hattrick Humphreys who's just done fantastic alongside Matthews. May the good form continue all the way till the end of the season icon_smile.gif

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> Originally posted by rouchie:

Oh and btw again, I dont believe that i mentioned that the Frying Pan (KarraaannnGG) battered the trout, sorry Andy <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>


But I have the power to kick you out of EFB mirc chat at anytime so MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! icon_biggrin.gif

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> Originally posted by Andy H

But I have the power to kick you out of EFB mirc chat at anytime so MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

a bit power crazed there? are you compensating for something?

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Looked up the word Biatch in the English dictionary, not there, did a search on Yahoo for Biatch and it said

No results were found for your search: biatch

Helpful Hints:

Check your spelling. Are all the words spelled correctly?

Try using fewer words.

Remove quotation marks or plus signs - they limit your search results.

Try different but similar words such as "football" instead of "soccer".

Twat! icon_razz.gif

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Game maybe up a little late tonight as I am playing tennis. Prolly looking at a 8.30pm start so if anyone wants T&T I could keep the game up after we finish and whoever wants to do extra stuff then feel free. icon_smile.gif

Rouchie nice from you old bitch icon_razz.gificon_biggrin.gif

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The update continues

After finishing August as Manager of the Month I feared that my initial honeymoon period would draw to a close. My first game in September was a home match against Rotherham.

League Game (H) Vs Rotherham - 03-09-03

After the stressful win at Coventry I needed a game that would settle the nerves and this was it, 3 goals in 3 minutes, 3-0 up before 10 minutes had passed and we were coasting, a brace for Connolly and another for Partridge. We just sat back after that taking it easy. Rotherhams misery was compounded on 50 minutes when Martin Butler was sent off for kicking out petulantly at Mullins. Ex Hammer Scott Minto also got booked for hacking down golden boy Defoe. Rotherham did manage a consolation effort on 60 minutes but never seriously troubled the West Ham defence again.

League Game (A) Vs Sheff Utd – 13-09-03

A 10 day wait for our next sojourn and an outing to the home of the blades, a well earned 1-1 draw was the result of our efforts with Maccarone opening the scoring for the hammers only for Jack Lester to tie it up for the blades in the last 15.

League Game (H) Vs Crystal Palace –20-09-03

West Ham throw everything but the kitchen sink at the Palace defence but the eagles hang on for an ill deserved nil nil draw, by barely venturing out of their own half.

League Game (A) Vs Wigan – 27-09-03

A very close game, 5-3 the scoreline does not do justice to the way West Ham and Wigan battled for this game. An exquisite goal from Connolly made it to number 2 in the goal of the month competition, but overall a draw would have been a fairer result as Wigan did not deserve to lose! Maccarone and Defoe grabbed a brace each for the hammers as Horsfield stayed on the pitch and got a hatrick for Wigan

No manager of the month award this month but still top with confidence building. A further signing made with Oskarsson joining us despite Hulls late interest for a modest £50k

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**Stevenage Daily Update**

September certainly was a fantastic month for us as we ended it with a superb 5-0 win over then third place Aldershot.

With 4 wins and a draw we were rewarded in the monthly awards as Manager of the Month was won by your truly followed by Cook getting player of the month for us to round it up.

Well October started well for us and ended in even better fashion that it began, i didnt think that was possible to do but it sure was.

Sat 4/10/2003 - Away vs Morecambe. (Conference Game)

Well we started the month just as good as the last month ended, some cracking goals in this game certainly kept morale at a massive high, Humphrys seems to be unstoppable, since coming on as a sub a couple of games ago, he scores yes another hattrick making it 3 hattricks in 3 games, unbelievable stuff, his top performance was followed with a magnificent display by Olafus "Zizou" Juliusson, he scored a screamer and despite missing the pen, he managed to get the rebound and score.

End Result : Stevenage 5 - 1 Morecambe

Tues 14/10/2003 : Home vs Scarborough (Conference Game)

The superb form continued into our home game, a fantastic display of slick passing and some super skill easily got us the edge in this game, the captain Juliusson bagged another brace, 4 goals in 2 games for the leading figure. With our defence on top the opponents were very restricted to the amount of attacks they could start, our midfield played through balls quite easily past their defence and Huckerby, Matthews and once again free scoring Humphreys put their names on the scoresheet.

End Result : Stevenage 5 : 0 Scarborough

Sat 25/10/2003 : Away vs Forest Green (Conference Game)

We were going to play this team again after this match so it was a good time to check out their way of playing and we may have a chance to get past them in the cup, certainly it was the one man show again as Humphreys stole the headlines by bagging a brace and continuing his scoring run onto another game, his goals were followed by a good run and very tight angled shot by Cook and a tap in by Matthews to go home with all three points and continue our winning run.

End Result : Stevenage 4 : 1 Forest Green

Wed : 22/10/2003 Home vs Forest Green (Vans Trophy 1st Round)

Having just played them in the league there was confidence that having beaten them away that we could also do this at home, although Forest Green were looking for revenge after getting thrashed, well they'll be even more frustrating as we aslo knocked them out the cup with another thrashing. Matthews and Humphreys both scored again keeping up a delightful scoring spree for both strikers, even Humphreys replacement Elding got a late goal.

End Result : Stevenage 3 : 0 Forest Green

Sat 25/10/2003 Home vs Northwich (FA Cup 4th Round Qual)

We certainly fancied our chances here as Northwich have not been performing well in the league at all. It was end to end stuff, we went from our end straight to theirs and scored and continued the trend into the second half, fantastic stuff and certainly secured our place in the next round and that one step closer to cardiff. Brennan, Huckerby, Warner, Matthews all scored aswell our new legend at Stevenage, Humphreys bagged yet another hattrick, unbelievable stuff, his 4th in just 7 games for the club.

End Result : Stevenage 7 : 0 Northwich

After a fine monthly performance this has made us progress quite easily into the next round of two cups. This also keeps us top of the conference by only 2pts as Dag & Red are keeping the pressure on. Since losing the first game of the season we've gone into superb form and scored 44 goals, the goal difference is +35.

The good form has been a good effort all round from the team and thankfully since the gamble on putting Humphreys on it has easily paid off as he cant stop bloody scoring icon_smile.gif

7 games and 16 goals for him, Matthews the 45k signing has got 11 goals so far in 15 games. With the strikers in superb form it certainly looks like its going to be a good season for us.

[This message was edited by Goldy on 02 December 2003 at 0:15.]

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TIGERS STUTTERING!!! icon_frown.gif

It has been a mixed bag of emotions for Hull as the season is really hotting up. After there boring 0-0 at home to Doncaster Hepburn went about his job well firing his players up for their trip to Lincoln. Whatever he said certainly fired them up as another rampant Hull performance saw them come away with a 2-0 victory going on 6 or 7 as it was attack after attack from Hull. Eventually they had to settle for 2 witht he goals coming from Jamie Forrester and another goal for the impressive Ritchie Appleby.

Next up were Bristol Rovers at The Circle and they should never have turned up as an impressive Hull side tore them apart with a 4-0 victory. Goals from Ritchie Appleby, Danny Allsopp and another brace from Jamie Forrester gave them the win. This was then followed by two trips away to Leyton Orient and Darlington that ended both in draws. Next up was York visiting The Circle and yet again came away with nothing as Hull sounded took them apart winning 2-0 with goals from Paulinho and Danny Allsopp sealing the win.

Hull then suffered their first league defeat of the season away at Macclesfield after starting very well and taking the lead through a superb header from Damien Delaney they then committed defensive suicide as firstly John Anderson played a terrible backpass to Fettis that never got there and allowed Matthew Tipton with a simple finish then five minutes later Macclesfield nicked the winner. Manager Hepburn was clearly unhappy with this performance judging by the state of the away dressing room at The Moss Rose Ground after his sides loss. Again Hepburn got a positive reaction from his players as they went about their business in the same manner as always at The Circle soundly thrashing Oxford 3-0 with goals from Damien Delaney an own goal from Stuart Garden and another from Appleby who is fast becoming a fans favourite.

It was then onto the Vans Trophy first round away at Port Vale. Going into this tie Hepburn was a little apprehensive as they were playing a team from a division above. He needn't have worried as Hull played them off the park and earned a throughly deserved 3-1 win with goals coming from Stuart Elliot, Paulinho and Danny Allsopp continuing his own impressive start to the season. Last game of the night was away at Bury who in the end thrashed us 4-1 with Hull playing the majority of the game with 10 men after a silly foul in the penalty cost John Anderson a sending off. Hull did well to come back from 1-0 down and did well for the first half but then Bury just took over.

The future for Hull seems bright as they lie in third place just off the top spot and with a little consistency away from home they might be celebrating come May. With the signing of Porhallsson up and coming things may pick up greatly as he comes to Hull with a great pedigree for scoring loads of goals. Hull are always on the lookout for improving their side so expect more transfer activity in the future.


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The October Update!

As we entered October with West Ham top of the table and still to lose in the league, an unfamiliar feeling started to sweep through the ranks of the faithful fans, Optimism! In October! This has usually evaporated by the end of August! Could this devilishly handsome unknown young manager lead West Ham back to the promised land of the premiership?

League Game (H) Vs Walsall 4-10-03

To say we dominated this game is such an understatement, 7 goals and they were lucky! A hatrick from Connolly, Maccarone and Carrick grabbing one a piece, and hold on to your hats hammers fans, a brace from Repka! The Irons were rampant as the boys grabbed their biggest win so far this season, 7-0, the premiership dream lives on!

League Game (A) Vs Sunderland 15-10-03

An 11 day break before one of the bigger games of the season at the stadium of light. West Ham were in confident mood after their last outing but Sunderland started better with on loan signing Sinama-Pongolle of Liverpool opening the scoring for the black cats. 2-1 at half time with Maccarone getting on the score sheet for the hammers. Shortly after the restart Macccarone got the equaliser! Surely we would build on that an dgo for the 3 pts! Our joy was short-lived as Sunderland retook the lead on 51 minutes. It looked as if Sunderland were going to be the first team to beat West Ham in the league this season as fulltime was approaching far too rapidly! Then with seconds of added time left, up popped David Connolly with a last gasp equaliser which was literally the last action of the game! A rather fortuitous 3-3 draw!

League Game (H) Vs WBA 18-10-03

3 days later and another big game, at home to one of the favourites for promotion. Maacarone was on target again but the Albion pegged us back before half time. Second half saw the Baggies Bernt Haas (shouldn’t sit on the radiator!) sent off but West Ham just couldn’t take advantage in front of our biggest home crowd of the season so far. 1-1 the final score.

League Game (A) Vs Bradford City 25-10-03

Our last game of October saw the undefeated run of 11 games grind to a shuddering halt in the 9th minute with Kjell Andre Thu sent off rather harshly for a late tackle. We bravely battled on with 10 men until a breakaway in the 40th minute lead to the deciding goal for the Bantams. 1-0 and we at last taste the sour grapes of defeat in the Nationwide. A sad way to end the month that started so brightly!

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Accrington’s 7th game of the season had them play at crown court Vs Telford. The first half showed very little action with only two poor shots that the Accrington keeper dealt with easily. The second half though was the opposite. Accrington took the lead through a Paul Scott goal after 51 mins after a superb Stanley move. Scott got his 5th goal of the season on 59 mins and sent Stanley into a 2-0 lead. The pick of the other action came when a Paul Cook 20 yard Free Kick went just wide of the Telford’s keeper’s left hand post.

It was Aldershot next for Stanley away at the recreation ground. Stanley took the lead after 15 mins for which then saw them concede 4 sloppy defensive goals and go down 4-1 with Scott getting a goal back on 75 mins giving them a slight chance of a come back.

Barnet away 0-2 Lost

A close game that came down to Barnet taking there chances and there keeper keeping out anything the Accrington strikers threw at him even carrying a slight injury.

Morecombe Home 3-1 Win

Two goals for in 4 mins just before half time put Stanley safely in the lead and a goal by Paul Cook on 62 to make it 3-0 secured the three points for Accrington. Morecombe did get a consolation goal on 78 mins but the best team won on the day.

Scarborough Away 1-4

A very poor performance by Accrington on a day that they never woke up, 8 mins is all that it took Scarborough to take the lead and it was all down hill from there. A high score line but an overall poor game with the team that wanted the points the most coming away with the victory.

Forest Green Home 2-0

A change of tactic by Jenkinson had an immediate impact. A more defensive tactic was used and the change was noticeable with the team having very few chance but unlike the previous games putting the chances away and keeping the Forest Green strikers quiet also.

Vs Margate 0-0

Not much to say about this game from a Stanley point of view. Very poor going forward, only managing 1 shot on target and worse defensively with only a Man of the match performance by the Stanley keeper Senior kept the Margate team out.

Vs Gloucester (FA cup 4th Qualifier round) 3-1

Jenkinson most important game in charge of Stanley had them traveling away to Gloucester. A win here in the FA cup qualifier would have Stanley into the FA cup first round for real. 3 goals in 30 mins for Stanley almost assured them of a place in the FA cup and a chance to show there talent against league opponents.

Vs Burton 2-1

Burton took the lead in this game with a soft goal when a corner floated in and stride leaped up ahead of the Stanley then hit back when Jackson rounded the keeper and slotted home the equalizer. Then at the death a cross by Armstrong and a superb strike by Lutel James put Stanley 2-1 up and securing the 3 points for Jenkinson men and pushed them up to 8th in the table.

Vs Woking 1-2

Two second half goals by Woking left them in a comfortable position after a poor first half by both teams. A volley from the edge of the area and a mistake by senior in the Accrington goal let Woking take the lead on 57 mins. Another soft goal from a corner put Woking firmly in control and heading to take all three points. Although bad positioning by the Woking keeper let Jackson get a late consolation goal.

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**Stevenage Borough Session Review**

Well October is now upon us, we have fought many battles already and also got many victories on the battlefields that we have crossed. Current form is looking very good and even the chairman is falling off his chair literally every game.

Sat 1.11.2003. Home vs Margate (league)

Having just come of a massive victory in the last game, the goals just kept coming, although leaving it till late in the second half our domination paid off as another cracking goal by Juliusson set the start of a rout in which Huckerby, Matthews and Humphreys all joined in to give us the victory and three vital points.

End Result : Stevenage 4 : 1 Margate

Tue 4.11.2003. Away vs Burton Albion (league)

This looked to be a very tough encounter as Burton were doing quite well of late, however, they somehow just completely lost their winning spirit as we strolled past with a solid performance and a good display of team work, the captain lead the way again, Juliusson scored another corker followed by the never ending scorer Humphreys bagging the other.

End Result : Stevenage 2 : 0 Burton Albion

Tue 8.11.2003. Home vs Wrexham (FA Cup 1st Round)

Not much to say at all about this game as it was a complete farce to put it quite frankly, a game we completely dominated and shots were raining in at the Wrexham goal, a superman goalie kept them out and Wrexham in the game for a replay.

End Result : Stevenage 0 : 0 Wrexham

Tue 12.11.2003. Away vs Farnborough (Vans Trophy)

If you get screwed, pick yourself up and get screwed again, certainly was the story of this game, once again, after complete domination and raining shots in at the Farnborough end, we finally scored from a penalty only for them to get an equaliser in the last minute of the match....how typical cm, it didnt stop there, in extra time, 5 one on ones were missed. When wanting to choose pen takers, the game just continued and nicely put 5 defenders up for taking pens, they didnt even have to take them as I already knew we are going out. Eventually we lost 3-2 on pens.....typical cm.

End Result : Stevenage 1 : 1 Farnborough (win on pens)

Tue 19.11.2003. Away vs Wrexham (FA Cup 1st Replay)

Well it would be York next at home for which ever side gets through, finally again after dominating we got a very lucky goal but who gives a **** when the game is screwing you, in the 90th minute Elding scored a cracking header to make us progress through to the 2nd round, Cook scored the first goal after making his comeback from injury.

End Result : Stevenage 2 : 1 Wrexham

Tue 22.11.2003. Home vs Woking (League game)

Having been frustrating with the cup games it was time the players let some of their anger out, they certainly did that and spanked Woking silly. A complete thrashing for the home fans to enjoy. Regular scorers were on the scoresheet again as Juliusson, Matthews and Humphreys all knocked the ball into the back of the net aswell did left back Vance Warner to score his first for the club.

End Result : Stevenage 4 : 0 Woking

Been a good performance yet again in the league and continuing our unbeaten winning streak yet more. With Matthews, Cook, Huckerby and Humphreys all playing absolutely fantastic its certainly looking good for more goals and more points. We currently have played 16 games in which we have scored 54 goals and only conceded 10 which makes me very happy as most teams have conceded a lot more than ourselfs.

Still in the FA Cup which makes me very happy although ****ed off about the Vans trophy game. Still cant have everything and we'll be looking to continue well in the FA Cup cos thats were the money is. icon_smile.gif

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With little funds in the transfer kitty most of my signings were on loan they are marinelli from middlesboro , ostember from liverpool , samba from millwall and Kyle from sunderland. After clearing the decks and making a small amount of cash this was duely spent on Kristjansson from kefvalik.

After starting the season as one of the favourites for promotion at 2-1 the season in the league is not going as well as expected. 16 games in the results are as followed played 16 won 8 drawn 5 lost 3 , currently sitting 7th just outside the playoffs and already 10 points adrift of the top two. The major plus so far though has been the form of the CM Star Cherno samba who has scored 16 goals in 20 games and is top of the scoring charts, the other being the 6-0 demolition of southampton in the league cup.

So on with tonights session and a huge game for QPR in the league cup 4th round against middlesboro and a big push needed to break into the playoff spots, i'll let you know how it went on.

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November update

No longer unbeaten in the league, I can still hang on to my unbeaten at home record!

League Game (H) Vs Ipswich – 01-11-03

Having lost the unbeaten league record the team were determined to make some one pay, Partridge (2) Oskarsson and Maccarone all combined to make Ipswich pay for the indignity of West Hams first league defeat. Complete domination is the order of the day and the fans are reassured to see West Ham still top of the table after a stroll to an easy 4-0 win

League Game (A) Vs Gillingham – 5-11-03

West Ham seemed to be letting their recent away defeat play on their minds, although an early lead is taken by the hammers through a Maccarone 17th minute goal, and west ham appear to match Gillingham blow for blow, the gills mange to steal a 2-1 victory, although the hammers still hang on to top spot with WBA getting ever closer!

League Game (A) Vs Burnley –08-11-03

Another away game after two successive away defeats ! just what we need, but as luck would have it, its only Gazjuk’s beloved Burnley this time! Victory is all but in the bag, all we need to do is turn up and field the statutory numbers surely? Yes, 3-1 at Turf Moor to the Real claret & Blue see’s the hammers back to winning ways with Partridge getting 2 and Maccarone keeping his eye in with just the one, Robbie Blake banging one in off his arse as he falls over gives the “clarets†a tad of respectability, but not much!

League Game (H) Vs Millwall – 22-11-03

A very close game, No violence off the pitch for a change! Or on it! 0-0 a bore draw which see’s West Ham’s domination fail to pay. This slip up at home allows West Bromwich Albion to slip past into the top slot of Div1. West Ham no longer top!

League Game (H) Vs Preston – 26-11-03

Ter a drab draw, the hammers seemed to be in a comatose state of mind, awaking about 5 minutes from the end to grab an ill deserved 2-0 win with Maccarone slotting in 2 in the last 3 minutes!

League Game (A) Vs Derby– 29-11-03

A dull first half exploded into life in the second with Morris putting the Rams in front on 56 mins, but Connolly and Partridge responded to keep the Irons in touch at the top for a 2-1 win away.

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*#*#* Stevenage Daily News *#*#*

** The Big Game **

It was the the first meeting of Stevenage versus Accrington, both human managers are doing well in the conference on their limited budgets and their boards wanting both teams to just stay above the relegation zone.

Anyway lets get straight to the action, what for action it was, It was end to end stuff, Stevenage went from their end, straight to their opponents end.....and repeated it lots of time icon_biggrin.gif

With Accringtons keeper in no mans land most of the game it ended up with being a complete rout for us the league leaders, Huckerby scored a fantastic hattrick and other goals came from Humphreys and Munn added by a penalty from our captain and star midfielder Juliusson.

Full Time : Stevenage 6 - 0 Accrington

The other games went quite well too and we continued a unbeaten run in the league, a incredbile and very unbelievable 0-0 draw against Tamworth in which we had a massive 25shots on goal and didnt score, where as Tamworth never even registered a shot (SI GAMES, sort it out!!!). The other game saw us take on high flying Shrewsbury, we managed to defeat the shropshire side but we did leave it late, a 3-1 win saw Warner, Huckerby and Humphreys all come on the score lead.

It was also time for the FA CUP, it was the 2nd round and we had York as our opponents infront of the home fans, the players were certainly up for this and wanted to progress into round 3 and a big money tie, well they certainly performed as on loan striker Craig Coates bagged a brace in just his second game for the club, this was followed by another one from Matthews and the high flying captain Juliusson. The 3rd round draw was made and its an away trip to Crewe next.

A very good session for us, currently in 1st place in the conference with a massive 50+ goal difference, also managed to squeeze a small gap between myself and Dagenham to around 7pts. icon_smile.gif

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Andy H:

Poor Gaz he is only a boy this may scar him for the rest of his CM playing life. icon_frown.gif

He still has lots to learn after all he is only a padawan in comparison to us Jedi's. icon_cool.gif<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Lots to learn icon_biggrin.gif

Lesson 1, **** goalkeeping, Very good lesson, he did me proud icon_biggrin.gif

Lesson 2 will be, **** defending icon_biggrin.gif I hope he does me proud icon_wink.gificon_smile.gif

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After a defeat at Mansfield Hepburn again had the job of motivating his troops for the top of the table potential "six pointer" against Cheltenham. It was a game of few chances for both teams with Hull mostly putting their chances over the bar as the strikers really had an off day is this game. It was a free kick for Brazilian sensation Paulinho that broke the deadlock for Hull and they seemed to be cruising to victory until six minutes from time when Cheltenham were awarded a dubious penalty that Laurie Wilson duly slotted home for the league leaders. The game finished a draw and saw Hull slip further down the table.

Next up was a potentially tricky trip to bottom of the table Yeovil who are fighting for their division 3 lives. Yeovil started the game like a team possessed as they tackled and fought for every ball. It worked as they took the lead through Bertie Brayley just before half time. It was a just reward for the effort put in in the first half. This lead was shortlived however as Hull came out for the second half and four minutes into the half it was 1-1 as Danny Allsopp levelled things. Yeovil however instead of caving in as usual rolled up their sleeves and went about trying to regain the lead with a few chances. Their persistency paid as off as Welsh striker Kevin Gall restored Yeovil's lead. Again this was shortlived as Danny Allsopp hit a brilliant equaliser for Hull to make it 2-2. Then eleven minutes from time that man Allsopp grabbed his hat trick with a low drive into the net. The Hull fans were ecstatic whereas the Yeovil fans looked dejected. It was a fantastic performance from Yeovil but lady luck was with Hull on this day.

Next to come to The Circle was Scunthrope Utd looking for a victory against an unconsistent Hull side. What they got was a rampant Hull side eager to build on that gutsy 3-2 win at Yeovil. Hull pasted up chance after chance and Hepburn thought it was not going to be his team's day but it was that man Allsopp who relieved Hepburn and the supporters nerves with a 58th minute winner. Should have been a lot more but a win is a win.

Next up for Hull in the league was a trip to Kiddiminster. It was a fantastic afternoon of flowing football from Hull as they ran out comfortable 3-0 winners against a poor Harriers side not able to match the power or pace of Hull. As usual Danny Allsopp opened the scoring with a great effort. Hull had to wait till the second half when Stuart Elliot scored to seal the win then Alan Tate scored his first goal for Hull after his move from Man Utd with a superb header.

Hull now find themselves in second place one point behind Cheltenham who have still to be beaten in the league this season.


Yes folks Hull City were drawn away to Manchester Utd in the FA cup third round at Old Trafford. Man Utd have won the trophy ten times and been runners up five times in this prestigous competition. Before the match bookies gave Hull absolutely no chance of scoring let alone winning at the Theatre of Dreams. Hepburn said this was a damage limitation job due to them having so much talent predicting a score of 4-0 to Manchester Utd or more. After seeing the team sheets Man Utd had fielded a weakened side without Keane, Giggs, Scholes, Van Nistelrooy or Ferdinand but was still a line up full of quality. The game kicked off and Hull had half a chance early on as Keates blasted over the bar. Hepburn was half expecting an onslaught after that but it did not come. Hull kept on creating chances early on and Danny Allsopp opened the scoring for Hull in the 19th minute to put the underdogs 1-0 up!!! icon_eek.gificon_eek.gif Hepburn was jumping about the dugout daft as Allsopp celebrated in style with a triple somersault for his efforts. This really was happening at Old trafford ladies and gentleman. Then just before half time on loan signing Courtney Pitt put Hull 2-0 up with a shot from the edge of the penalty area. The scenes at Old Trafford can only be described as amazing. What a roar from the Hull fans when their team went off at half time. Hull were playing the game of their lives here!!!!

The second half started as the first half ended as Hull took the game to their opponents and created another couple of opening. Hepburn was expecting Sir Alex to give his players the hairdryer treatment at half time and Man Utd were going to come up and take Hull apart. Did not happen though as Hull increased their lead to three with a header from Damien Delaney. icon_eek.gificon_eek.gificon_eek.gificon_eek.gif Man Utd were in shock, Hull were in shock and Hepburn was going bonkers on the touchline getting his heroes in order for the final twenty minutes or so for the onslaught. However this Man Utd onslaught went with a wimper as they did not really create any chances and fettis was solid in goals for Hull when he had to be. What aperformance, what a result!!!!!

F/T - Manchester Utd 0 - 3 Hull City icon_eek.gificon_eek.gificon_eek.gificon_eek.gif

Fergie commented after the match saying,

"I cannot quite believe what has just happened today. A third division team has beaten my beloved Man Utd??? Who is there manager? Where did he come from? How come he is so good? **** I am gonna get him executed from ma Govan Posse for this ****ing result. What right does he have, coming to Old Trafford and have his team take apart my team of superstars!! ****ing b@st@rd!!!"

Hepburn's reply was simple,

"Move over old man there is a new Scottish managing sensation"


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#*#*#* Stevenage News #*#*#

The fixture list that was coming upon is certainly the hardest yet (on paper). We face 2nd place Dag & Red, Top 6 Halifax and a tricky away game against Farnborough.

Well the tricky away clash was first, we went to Farnborough on very good form indeed. Although being completely all over their midfield and defence we just somehow couldnt score.....until Huckerby did the honours and snatched the 3points.

It was the top two in the league ready for battle, we certainly were up for it and showed it with some tremendous display of passing and set plays. We completely destroyed Dagenham with a massive scoreline of 7-2, Huckerby and Humphreys both bagged a brace which was followed with goals from Brennan, Coates and on loan defender Williamson.

Well after going 20 games unbeaten in the league, it was time for a "CM Moment", you guessed it, we got completely screwed over by CM, Halifax got 2 pens in the game wish no one got booked for!! We lost 2-1 due to their pens and CM not letting me score more than 1 goal from 20+ shots. (typical).

Well the next league game saw us take on Northwich, the team we enjoyed a very nice cup against, it was the same story again and should of been the same scoreline as before with the amount of chances we had, but the 4-0 scoreline is good enough for 3pts, Humphreys still on fire and got 2 goals along with Huckerby and club captain Juliusson also being on the scoresheet.


With a well known giant killing by Hull, Stevenage kept theirs a little more low profile, We faced Crewe away and were certainly up for some more giant killing.....so thats what we did icon_biggrin.gif Super goal king Humphreys notched another goal along with our brand new signing Jorge Campos icon_smile.gif

January Transfers

Jorge Campos - Free

Artus - Free

Both players very experienced and got some very good pace, both are quality players and i'm hoping they will give us that extra special in the creativity department.

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> Originally posted by Goldy:

Well after going 20 games unbeaten in the league, it was time for a "CM Moment", you guessed it, we got completely screwed over by CM, Halifax got 2 pens in the game wish no one got booked for!! We lost 2-1 due to their pens and CM not letting me score more than 1 goal from 20+ shots. (typical).


LOL I would beg to differ in this match report icon_wink.gificon_biggrin.gif.

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