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*OFFICIAL* FMS Challenge #1 2005 - Second Round Voting


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Challenge #2 - Bobbev

The Brian Clough Challenge

Brian Clough was undoubtedly one of the best football managers of his generation and it was a sad day for football when he passed away on September 20th 2004 aged 69. His record as a player was extraordinary - before his career was prematurely curtailed by a knee injury he made 274 appearances for Middlesbrough and Sunderland, scoring 251 goals. But it was his managerial achievements that sealed his reputation. After a short stint on the coaching staff at Sunderland he took over as manager of Hartlepool at the age of 30 and gained promotion from the 4th Division. He then moved to Derby County, taking them to the First Division and winning the league title in season 1971-72. The next season he guided Derby to the Semi Finals of the European Cup before falling out with Chairman Sam Longson and resigning. He failed to bring success to either of his next two clubs. A poor season at Brighton was followed by his infamous 44-day reign at Leeds. But after 4 months out of the game he got back on the managerial rollercoaster at Nottingham Forest in January 1975. Forest were promoted to the First Division in the 1976-77 season and then won the title in the season after. This was followed by two consecutive European Cup victories in seasons 1978-79 and 1979-80. Whilst at Forest Clough also enjoyed four League Cup successes in 1977-78, 1978-79, 1988-89 and 1989-90. His only regrets were his failure to lift the FA Cup and the fact that he was never appointed England manager.

So here is your challenge - can you surpass the achievements of the legendary Brian Clough?

Stage 1 - Hartlepool

Take over at Hartlepool and gain them promotion.

Stage 2 - Derby County

As soon as possible after that take over at Derby and win the Premiership title. Go one step better than Brian and get County into a European Final (UEFA Cup or Champions League)

Stage 3 - Brighton or Leeds

Take one of Clough's less successful clubs to FA Cup glory.

Stage 4 - Nottingham Forest

Secure the Forest job, win the Premiership with them and then go on to lift the Champions League twice and the League Cup four times.

Stage 5 - The England Job

Fulfil the great man's final ambition by gaining the England job and taking them to the final stages of a major tournament (World Cup or European Championship).


Challenge #5 - Soup

WWII Challenge

STAGE 1 - D-Day

D-Day, when the allied stormed the beaches of Normandy. You are to take over

a team that is located on one of the following places, and do as


Route 1 - Utah Beach - Liberate Cherbourg - Cherbourg, a small town

on the side of the Northern side of the Cotentin, was in the middle of Utah

Beach, and amongst one of the first towns to be liberated. AS Cherbourg are

their local side. You'll need an editor to put them in the lowest French

Division (National, most likely). Your mission is simple, enter the club,

and keep it from getting destroyed, manage them for one season and keep them

in National. Once you've succeeded, you may move on to the next stage.

Route 2 - Omaha Beach - Reach Bayeux - Bayeux is another small town,

just down the road from Omaha Beach. Omaha Beach was one of the most

difficult challenges, between the terrible rip tides, strong offshore

currents and bad escape routes in extremely rough terrain. Bayeux,

therefore, is the hardest of the first round challenges, as you move them

into the Lowest French Division (National?). Keep them up, and you can move

on. Relegate, and Omaha Beach is lost.

Route 3 - Gold, Juno and Sword beaches - Mondeville set free! -

Mondeville, a town that was in the route of all three of the invading

positions, is one of the outskirts of Caen, a major city the allies hoped to

capture. Just as above, edit Mondeville into the lowest possible playable

French League and keep them in it for at least one season to move up.


STAGE TWO - Pushing inland

To reflect your limited occupied territory, you must move directly from

your Stage 1 team to the next team, you must stay at your stage 1 team until

you can get a job with your stage 2 team.

Route 1 - Utah Beach -> Paris

After Utah beach, the Ivy (US Fourth Division) went West and beat the

Germans near Perriers, before being re-issued to Paris, to help the French

liberate their capital. Since the most of the material is still in German

hands, you can not use Paris Saint Germain. Instead, move to Racing Club de

Paris (who should be in the National League), and promote them. After you

succeed in promoting them, you will be moved to the third stage of the


Route 2 - Omaha Beach -> Caen

After taking over and keeping Bayeux, you find yourself on your way to Caen,

the major city of Normandy, and it is imperative that this city is taken in

order to liberate this part of France. Take over Stade Malherbe de Caen, and

finish fourth or higher to secure your place. From here on, you may move on

to stage three.

Route 3 - Gold, Juno and Sword beaches -> Brest

The Normandic coast is secure, so it is time to move onwards. You have been

assigned to capture the harbour of Brest, an important place from where

fresh troups can be brought into the European mainland. Secure the city, and

expand your operation there, so that you can move on. Take control of Stade

Brestois 29 (who *should* be in National), and bring them to the second

division. (If Brest are already in second division in your version of the

game, fulfill the board's expectations). When you've completed this

objective, move on to stage Three.


STAGE THREE - Moving on

Here, you may manage any French teams you so desire in Routes 1 and 2

until you can get a job at the specified teams in this stage. In route 3,

you may only manage the team you managed in stage 2 until you can find a job

in a 2nd division team other then Brest

Route 1 - Utah Beach -> Paris -> Belgium

After liberating Paris, the Ivy (Again, US 4th Div) went north to Belgium,

fighting their way towards Germany. You find yourself stranded in Virton,

where you shall manage R Excelsior SC Virton and fulfill your board's

expectations for the season before moving on.

Route 2 - Omaha Beach -> Caen -> Southern Netherlands Your troops advance North, and set out to liberate the Netherlands. However,

their advance was hindered at the rivers, causing the north of the

Netherlands to remain under German occupation. You will be in the South,

liberating and trying to make your way north during the hungerwinter of '44 Take control of a team under the rivers of Holland in the Second Division

(Eerste Divisie). Teams that are under the rivers are: Dordrecht, Eindhoven,

Exelsior, Helmond, MVV, RBC, TOP Oss, Den Bosch, Feyenoord, Fortuna Sittard,

NAC, PSV, RKC, Roda, Sparta and Willem II. Find one of those in the "Eerste

Divisie" and take over. To complete this stage, promote them to the First

Division (Eredivisie), in order to build your strength (reputation). When

you succeed, move on to the next stage.

Route 3 - Gold, Juno and Sword beaches -> Brest -> Onwards in France Time to officially liberate France, and drive the Germans across the


Take over a second division team (not Brest), and promote them to the First

division, the highest division in the french league. Upon succeeding, move

to stage four.


STAGE FOUR - Preparing to topple Germany

Route 1 - Utah Beach -> Paris -> Belgium -> Luxembourg The Germans then planted a winter-offensive, and your company is assigned to

stop them on the border of Luxembourg and Germany. You find yourself in

Saarland, taking control of Saarbrucken. You'll have to build your strength.

In order to do this, bring them to the German First Division, and staying up

for one season.

You may manage any Belgian team you want until you can get a job at


Route 2 - Omaha Beach -> Caen -> Southern Netherlands -> Northern


The winter of hunger in the Northern Netherlands are over, and it's time to

advance to the North, liberating them, and building a strong base from which

to invade Germany.

Pick a team above the rivers (e.g. Any team not mentioned in stage three)

and guide them to a national title, before you move on to the final stage.

Route 3 - Gold, Juno and Sword beaches -> Brest -> Onwards in France ->

Prepare to attack

France is free, and now is the time to prepare for the final assault. You will take over a strong team in France (Div 1), and bring them the

national title. As soon as you've done this, you are ready to topple


You may also attempt to stay at your current team and take them to the

title, if you so desire.


STAGE FIVE - The fall of the Third Reich

All routes

You've finally made it to Berlin. Take over Herta BSC Berlin, and win the

German First Division. If you complete this objective, you've defeated the

Third Reich, and World War II is over.

Well done.

Once you've picked a Route in stage 1, you may not change routes. Route

Three is the easiest, and was specifically devised for people with

lower-performance computers, who can not run too many leagues at a high


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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Peacemaker7:

Should also just point out that even if you voted in the first round, you have to still vote again in this for it to count. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Dunno if that should be pointed out. What's the average IQ of those who voted in R1? icon_wink.gif

Edited, btw.

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Well, Challenge #2 is a given - any version of CM should be able to run it. icon_smile.gif

I checked the CM 01-02 database for Challenge #5 - All three challenges can be done but there's going to have to be some editing done - and the clubs don't really have many players. icon_wink.gif

So yeah. They should both be doable with any CM/FM version.

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Brian of Nazareth:

I've no doubt tempted fate but I'm already halfway through the first season of the challenge I voted for - it'd better fecking win icon_mad.gif <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Surely there's nothing that says you can't do a challenge even if it did not win? icon_wink.gif

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