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  1. Feel sorry for Trippier, he’s awful in that position, yet clearly a good player. Foden looking amazing, annoying Gareth took long to put him there, but better late than never!
  2. Southgate clueless as always, always gets lucky draws. Great to see a penalty shootout win!
  3. Loll yeah second, I mean he was on the decline then but had more to him, this is really bad
  4. I haven’t seen CR properly since he was at United, he’s regressed so much in that time.
  5. Kane and Bellingham are have so many runners at their clubs… of course Gareth does something different lol !
  6. Well part of the balanced midfield has been Bellingham playing too far forward in that starting line up. Hendo- in that 3 the balance was better. I really cant remember if I wanted him dropped for an upgrade - possibly for sure 😅
  7. Or play in a way that maximises their talents, which may involve making subs to do that
  8. Yeah Tbf I think 2018 Southgate was 10/10 until the Croatia game. since then he was mediocre in 2021/22, but it was better than this **** show
  9. I did find the Bellingham criticism weird, he’s clearly not being used properly
  10. Nev is spot on about TAA (in the context of this ***** served up by Gareth)
  11. Thing is when so many top class players aren’t play well..maybe it’s the system decided by the manager?
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