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  1. Says a lot that England reached the final and they struggled so badly to find someone to put in the team, they went with Walker Even Pickford would have made more sense
  2. We beat Utd at OT ffs, that was the biggest dream you could have as a kid
  3. He was there 1 season and we won what 10 or 11 home games in a row and was sitting top of the league at one point then that crazy owner we had started interfering and the season nose dived Petrov, Elano, Ireland, Johnson, some of the best football we've ever seen
  4. I know its the easy excuse to say, he looks injured, I already see people saying that about Kane which seems silly as injury doesn't make him drop into left back, but Stones hasn't played much this season and just didn't look like he was moving at all like he would for City
  5. Stones and Rice were dire in this tournament, I'm all for Pickford bashing for going long, but those 2 offered nothing throughout in terms of getting the ball forward
  6. Bellingham isn't playing No.10 for Real, he's playing as a false 9, don't know how many times that's been said If we wanted to replicate his Real form that he's played for 1 season rather than play him alongside Rice where he's spent the majority of his career, he should have dropped Kane and played him there instead
  7. Its not as if Bellingham, Foden, Saka, Rice etc have just sprung up in the last few years, he's been working with these players for 2 or 3 tournaments now. If he can't get the best out of them, why do we keep giving him new contracts
  8. Also remember when we scored a goal from a Walker long throw near the corner, yet it was better to launch it 30 yards back towards our own goal
  9. Just before he throws it, Mainoo (it think?) stood there right outside the box in loads of space for a simple throw It summed up England's approach all tournament
  10. Yes we all clamoured for a squad with 1 left back who hadn't kicked a ball for months and wasn't looking like being fit for the tournament The only player people didn't want in the squad was Henderson, no one was kicking up a fuss if Grealish/Rashford went ahead of Wharton or Bowen.
  11. Rob really going to shamelessly say Gareth did what we all wanted
  12. Not sure Italy had any fitness level advantage considering the final was their 3rd time going into extra time compared to England's 2nd, with England also having a comfortable stroll against Ukraine in the Q/F whilst Italy had favourites Belgium
  13. Just got this message from the kids school Not sure if this is them being nice, or letting us know the teachers will be late in
  14. Spain played a final with 6 CMs, of course they were boring
  15. Yeah can only find Fifa ones in English Foden x 2, Guehi x 1 Its destiny, its coming home!
  16. Lets remember the last time we met Spain in an international final
  17. Spain tires around 60-70 minutes, if we can hang on and Gareth makes the right subs, the game is there.
  18. Is Lukaku's goal that was disallowed not the exact same thing? they even brought out the cricket meter
  19. Kane would be a good defending a lead in the last 10 minutes impact sub as he'll be playing left back no doubt
  20. Even at slow mo you can see the ball slow down for a few frames after contact with his fingers but hey, who cares, **** Koeman
  21. It stops the momentum of the ball, not sure how you can't not give it when its moments before landing at Kanes foot
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