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  1. Argentina registered him as an assistant coach, so he's getting an official winners medal.
  2. They didn't trial it long enough to determine if it made it more equal or not. The reason it was dropped was primarily because it confused the players, officials, supporters and everybody involved in broadcasting them. They weren't prepared to try to get over the confusion hurdle in the first place so just binned it off as quickly as they could.
  3. Rebs has been the guy in the orange shirt for the entirety of his time on the forums.
  4. How is this being treated in Brazil? The BBC claimed South Americans are all happy it's been taken back from Europe.
  5. He wants to win the Champions League with his hometown club. Sure he's being paid handsomely for it, but you listen to/read interviews about it and it's clear that that's something that is really important to him. People defend Shearer for going to/staying with Newcastle. This is no different really.
  6. They were both wearing one themselves. Am guessing it was some kind of ceremonial robe. Still ridiculous.
  7. I actually respect people who stuck to their word and boycotted it to be quite honest with you. I said at the time I would try to boycott it outside of Wales games, but couldn't guarantee that I wouldn't. As it got closer to the end, I chose to segment the two different sides of things and tried to enjoy the football without engaging in anything else. Others chose not to do that and hold dear to their principles. Those that could still choose to boycott it deserve respect, not pity.
  8. They clearly want him there. He's an integral part of their group who would have been in the World Cup squad but for his health issues. Grow up ffs.
  9. He retired recently because of a heart condition. He's an iconic player who until recently was actively involved in this squad. I have absolutely no issue at all with him celebrating like this with his friends.
  10. Can't believe people are being snarky towards somebody wanting to support their country as a supporter because they happened to have played until recently. Especially somebody who has always been such a heart on his sleeve player like Aguero.
  11. He was in amongst the supporters. He was wearing one of his friends shirts. Better than going there in a suit. He was in full supporter mode. Nothing wrong with that.
  12. Monitel deserved that. It was him that gave away the penalty. Great that he got to redeem himself.
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