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  1. I need to practice my French and I decided playing FM in French was good way to do it since it has a lot of text. (also being a convenient excuse to play FM in the first place). However, for FM07 I don't have the French language file and I was hoping someone else still playing this version might have it. The file I need is probably called french.ltc (it has an ltc extension in any case) and can be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2007\data\languages

    I've added a picture of my game CD below.






  2. On 25/10/2020 at 16:37, anagain said:

    Whilst I don't think your wants are unreasonable, and I don't really understand enough about it to offer an opinion on patches etc, I do believe that being demanding and aggressive about this is probably not the best way to be.

    I honestly believe that the best way in life to get someone to listen to you, and be graceful enough to look in to a matter, is to be polite.

    If it was such a simple task then I am sure they would have done it already. I am sure there is legitimate reasons that mean this has not been done. Sadly, as technology changes software can suffer incompatibility.

    Try reading the following thread and see if anything helps. I did a simple google search.

    It is also the weekend.

    Hi, I made that thread you linked to and I actually agree with the sentiments of the OP here. First, as I tried to explain several times in that thread, the issue isn't because of changing technology or backward compatibility. Windows isn't iOS, it's capable of running (very) old software flawlessly. The issue is that the DRM FM07 uses caused security problems, which led MS to remove the support for it from all versions of Windows. You could have a 15-year old computer with Vista and FM07 still wouldn't run (if the OS is fully updated).


    And no it would not be difficult to create a patch that disables the DRM in these old titles. And no, it would not cause other issues. I emphasize, again, that the DRM in question was unsafe, there's no longer any support for it in Windows, and that therefore the DRM in question is no longer in use, at all, anywhere. So yes, it is reasonable to feel peeved that SI/Sega aren't willing to provide a safe, practical and legal way for people who paid for the game to revisit their old saves. They caused the issue by adding unsafe DRM to the game.

  3. Bonjour, je travaille sur améliorer mon français et j'ai décidé de pratiquer par jouer FM en français.  Je joue de vieilles versions et l'un d'eux n'a pas le fichier nécessaire pour jouer en français. Afin, j'espère quelqu'un d'autre encore joue le jeu et sérait prêt à poster le fichier ici ou me l'envoyer.  Si vous ne savez pas où est le fichier, vous le trouverez dans C:\Program Files (x86)\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2007\data\languages.

    J'ai ajouté une photo de mon CD de FM 2007 ci-dessous.

    Merci d'avance.


  4. Seriously guys, this looks like a sea change. On par with the introduction of the tactics creator. Breaking it down in different phases of play makes it feel so much more lifelike, and would be a great improvement even without additional instructions. It should also become clear to everyone that counterpressing is a whole other animal than pressing high. And providing style templates should also make so much easier for beginners to jump in, while also providing something for players who just don't want to be bothered all that much with tactics.

    My only concern is that there's no slider to adjust vertical compactness (depth) as there are sliders to adjust horizontal compactness (width). Someone suggested that can be done by adjusting your roles, but that wouldn't be satisfactory at all. I'd like to be able to freely determine who stays back, who links up play and who acts as point man, while separately instructing how close the lines stay to each other. I'd rather not be forced to tell my striker to drop deep instead of being available to make runs, just so that I can have the team play more compact. It would be like doing away with the width sliders and having to rely solely on sit narrower/stay wider PIs.

  5. Here's me again with questions. Two things that aren't wholly clear to me, first:

    First, we will consider the two basic styles of defending: pressing and containment. A pressing style involves having the team rapidly restrict space around the ball in an attempt to prompt poor decision-making from the first attacker. Normally, this style is associated with teams that defend in a higher block while using either a full pitch press or a three-quarter press. A team that wants to open up more space to attack for a fast transition style may also drop back and defend aggressively around the halfway line in a half pitch press.

    Is a medium block with balanced pressure intensity (as with the standard mentality) by definition a half pitch press, or does it require higher closing down? I'm unsure whether the recommended attributes of a containment style or those of a pressing style suit a regular medium block best.

    And second:

    Patterns based on playing more direct balls into the box are usually associated with a fast transition style, but this is not always the case. A team can build up gradually and attempt to instill panic in an undermanned defence by launching crosses into an overloaded area. This is difficult to pull off, not to mention very risky, and it can require a lot of patience against defenders who are good in the air.

    Isn't that a bit of a contradiction, calling a gradual build-up (that I assume would involve short passing) to cross a direct style? A bit more pertinently, why would you call that very risky and difficult? Maybe I'm misunderstanding things.

    BTW, the styles of play chapter of the guide is definitely my favourite.

  6. THOG, thanks for the great writing.

    Im using 4231 Formation with Control/Very Fluid with the hope of playing possession football. What u gonna say about the roles and duties of the 2 CM. Would CM(D) and B2B is a good choice? Or should i stick with DLP(D) and CM(D)?

    And is ist neccessary to have one playmaker (the DLP) when u play possesion football? ?

    You know, the whole point of the guide is that you'd be able to answer such questions for yourself.

  7. I would say it's a bit of both. There's no clear line where one type of style becomes another, though generally, I would say an intermediate approach would have more in common with containment/complex build-up than pressing/fast transitions given that the latter are more of an all-or-nothing proposition given that if they're not employed quickly enough, they're not going to be effective.

    That makes perfect sense. When a team is struggling to find its rhythm, you also see it tend to drop deeply and build up slowly.

    The role fullbacks will play depends on your style. If you're looking to transition quickly, then it's less likely that the fullback will get forward in time to do much more than offer a late overloading run. If you're holding onto the ball deeper, an attacking fullback or wingback will make runs to offer a link to the attack. With that said, the more isolated your attackers, the more likely that your attacking wide defenders will be called upon to act as linking players. And if you're looking to depend on your fullbacks to play this role, you should use a team shape that gets them forward as quickly as possible (so Flexible or Very Fluid).

    This creates some interesting dilemmas. For instance, when you want to transition quickly you may want give your wingers attack duties as to have create as many outlets for attacking moves as possible. However, doing so reduces link-up play, increasing the chance the attack breaks down in progress. This is dilemma is exacerbated by the fact that structured and very structured shapes are more conductive to fast transitions. An attack duty fullback could still be useful when the initial wave of attack fails though.

    PS: have sent you PM (possibly 2) or at least tried to, did it got through?

  8. THOG, in your discussion of playing styles (pressing vs containment and fast transitions vs complex) you're saying little about intermediate styles. Is that because you believe all styles basically fall under either category, or were you merely presenting the far ends of the spectrum?

    When it comes to linking holding players and attackers does an attack duty DLR also serve the purpose?

    I also think you should consider writing a piece about real-life examples of managers using the various principles, systems and styles you've been discussing.

  9. Fascinating reading. It just doesn't change the way you look at FM, but at football in general.

    One thing confuses me though: I always believed more closing down and closing down higher up the pitch are the same thing, but I'm gathering that's not the case. Does defensive line then determine whether where your players will start pressing, and closing down strictly how aggressive your players will be pressing?

  10. I hope I'm not breaking any rules bringing back such old thread back to live, but there's some people that play FM2010 (meaning that I still play FM2010) and I'm wondering whether there's ever been any definite word on sfraser's theory? Also curious about whether what was said in this post was true and whether it applies to FM2010, as asked by several other posters, but never answered.

    The thing is that I've been doing some testing with the holiday mode, making sure all training categories had as many stars, creating a identical young players with equalized attributes, putting them on different schedules designed to have all attributes increase equally. I created a balanced schedule based on sfrazer's theory (3-5-0-5-4-3-2-3-5), creating position schedules based on attribute weighting and creating position schedules combining sfrazer's theory with attribute weighting. Again, the goal with each of those being equal attribute increase across the board. I've been finding that there was very little to separate all the various schedules with eachother and the default schedule. I even got to wonder whether players weren't secretly taken off their schedules during holiday mode and CA points were just allocated to attributes randomly, but another round of tests indicated that wasn't the case. It seems custom schedules are almost pointless unless perhaps you focus on a specific category for many years.

    I suppose it's possible I've been doing my tests the wrong way, which is why I'm wondering whether there ever was has been a consensus on sfraser's theory.

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