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  1. For me we didn't react to the game. In defence we were picked off by a disjointed press. In attack we didn't play into space on the flanks or if infield not enough on the half turn. We seemed more on our heels rather than moving. I was disappointed a player or direction from the staff did not get hold of this but I am still confident as these lads have tournament experience and this was not good but not a disaster. 

  2. Hi. Great thread. On the tactic list I cannot select 4-2-3-1 as the exact formation with two of the AM strata guys wide. On the list 4-2-3-1 sets them up as narrow and if I move them it is then called 4-5-1. Same with the other two options 4231 assymetric and 4231 deep. Using the creator also calls it 451. I have renamed it 4231 (a) but I am confused as I cant seem to select a formation you are using and other teams have?

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