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  1. 20 hours ago, TheGoodRebel said:

    I managed to fix mine using the following steps;

    Library>Application Support>Steam>steamapps>Common>Football Manager 2024

    Inside there is the correct icon for FM24.

    Then I right clicked on the FM23 (FM24) shortcut on my desktop, selected 'Get Info' and dragged the icon from the folder above over the FM23 icon image in the Get Info menu and hey presto - it updated my desktop shortcut to FM24.

    Give it a try - hopefully it should work for you too.

    Awesome bud I am on the Mac and this worked for both FM24 and the Editor. Thank you

  2. 8 minutes ago, samrnpage said:

    Even though I hate Man City, they haven't  been found guilty of anything yet and we wont know the outcome for a long time

    Realistically its going to be a points deduction in a future season and a heavy fine.

    Their owners wouldnt be banned, the fine wouldnt be £100,000,000 either, that is daft. 

    To have put so much time to make that file and have that strong of an opinion about it all must mean you are a very unhappy person in life! Cheer up a bit.

    I'm not unhappy at all bud love life lol. As I stated earlier I create files for the enjoyment of others. It's My opinion that's all and hey you can use the file or don't use it. That's it.

  3. 13 hours ago, White Flag said:

    No need to be so defensive. Like I said, it's your editor, you can do what you like with it. Fantasy, unrealistic edits are always interesting.

    Not being defensive lol. Everything I said is based on real life. Every tournament or file I create I try to keep to true life. 32 team FIFA Club World Cup etc. and a 4 team UEFA Super Cup they are all coming. There's nothing fantasy about it it. It's coming to them maybe not as detailed as iv'e stated but not far off. If you check the Premier League rules book the punishments that could come their way are stripping of titles, Points deductions and expulsion from the Premier League are all there. There are 4 rules that stipulate this as I read all the facts before creating this file. Pep leaving was a guess and the fine but I won't be far off once the penalties are awarded. This file is there as for enjoyment or curse if your a Man. City fan [Which I think maybe you are]. You can take or leave it. It's got a good download percentage on Sortitoutsi so I can't be doing bad.

  4. 19 minutes ago, White Flag said:

    That's the beauty of the editor: you can do whatever you like with it, no matter how petulant, misinformed, childish and stupid it might be.

    More power to you, Mr Drew.

    Not sure if this is a compliment or a dig but I will give you some facts. 115 charges against Man. City thats a fact. As for being informed  Rangers had less and got expelled to Scottish League 2. Juventus got less and relegated and stripped of titles. They have another 15 point deduction this season. I could go on. Derby County, Wigan Athletic ring any bells?? I always produce files that are true to life and this punishment is coming I guarantee. Childish and stupid is a non starter this is what I feel what will happen it's all based on facts. I haven't just created a file I have researched what could happen.  

  5. They cheated and there is nothing worse than cheats!!! I have created a file that throws the book at Man. City from 2022. Please find below the punishments;


    • Man. City are relegated from the Premier League to the Sky Bet Championship with a 30 Point deficit. 3 points per season for the years 2009-10 to 2017-18.
    • They have been stripped of all titles and any 3rd place finish from 2009 onwards. Each team from 4th place from 2009 onwards move up one place.
    • This means extra titles for Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea.
    • As of 2021 their title has been removed and given to Liverpool. So the Charity Shield for 2022 will now be between Liverpool and Chelsea.
    • They have now been removed from Europe as of 2021 because of the above. Each team below moves up one place meaning Arsenal move into the Champions League, West Ham join Manchester United in the Europa League and Leicester City take the vacant FIFA Europa Conference League spot.
    • Pep Guardiola has vacated the Coaching role.
    • The owners have been banned and removed from ownership.
    • They have been handed a 3 year transfer embargo for all nations.
    • All finances have been stripped.
    • They have been handed a £100,000,000 fine.


    This is what they deserve TBH

    Man. City Points Deduction.fmf

  6. I have created a new format for the UEFA Super Cup. There are now 4 teams included instead of 2. The tournament now consists of the Winners and Runners-Up of the Champions League, Winners of the Europa League and Winners Of the Europa Conference League. The draw is fixed where the Winners of the Champions League play the Winners of the Europa Conference League and the Winners of the Europa League play the Runners-Up of the Champions League.


    For 2022 the teams and fixtures are fixed so:


    Real Madrid [UEFA Champions League Winners]  V  Roma [UEFA Europa Conference League Winners]

    Eintracht Frankfurt [UEFA Europa League Winners] V Liverpool [UEFA Champions League Runners-Up]


    The dates these fixtures take place are as follows;


    August 9th and 10th  -  Semi-Finals

    August 16th  -  Third-Place Play Off

    August 17th  -  Final


    A number of Host Nations from Europe are included so I have separated dates to incorporate any problems if the Host nation use the same stadium for all fixtures.


    From 2023 the same draw rules apply as 2022 above.


    Please enjoy and you have any questions please get in touch 


    New UEFA Super Cup 1.1.fmf

  7. On 03/02/2023 at 22:11, basqueliverpool said:

    these looks great. been dying for someone to make a club world cup.


    Does the fifa eurocopa clash with euros and copa america?

    No bud no clashes with any other tournaments. Ive started it in late July but some players might be unavailable due to resting from International duty etc. The Eurocopa is much smaller competition and made it that way not to clash with International competitions. If anything appears wrong I can amend to suit. The FIFA Club World Cup was a nightmare to create so many hurdles to sort out but got there in the end. It is almost impossible to re-create on it's original ID number as it is fixed and you can'y alter anything. I had to totally start from scratch with new ID number and even then the stadiums for a host nation don't work that's why I fixed the stadiums for every tournament. Even now iv'e found some small changes I need to make will update soon to a version 1.1 once I'm happy with it.

  8. I have created a realistic 32 team FIFA Club World Cup as scheduled in real life that's happening in 2025. This tournament has been a nightmare to create on the original ID number of 121092 in the game. Issues with trying to arrange host nations, fixtures, stadiums and awards etc are fixed with this trophy, which caused me to duplicate the trophy to break the cycle and create a new ID number of 2000228931.

    The tournament draw is on July 4th and starts on July 6th. Group games finish on the 17th. The last 16 Knockout Round on the 20th, Quarter-Finals on the 25th, Semi-Finals on the 29th, Third-Place Play-Off on August 1st and Final on August 3rd. I have tried to condense the final stages closer together but have tried all different permutations and it’s the best I can achieve. 

    The tournament starts in 2022 for one season with designated teams then from 2023 every two years. I still had issues with breaking the ID number with host nations and stadiums so I decided to create one host nation every tournament [United States] whose stadiums occupy the Third Place Play Off and Final. Each group has been designated a Country or nation with specific stadiums for each group. The Round Of Sixteen, Quarter-Finals & Semi-Finals has been designated stadiums from around the world. The Group stadiums and play-offs for every tournament are as follows;


    Group A:  [United Kingdom] Croke Park, Celtic Park, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Principality Stadium, London Stadium, Wembley.

    Group B:  [Brazil & Argentina]  Morumbi, El Gasometro, Arena BRB, Estadio Centenario, Mas Monumental, Maracana.

    Group C:  [Europe]  Estadio Da Luz, Stade De France, Olimpico, Santiago Bernabeu, Delli Alpi, Spotify Camp Nou.

    Group D:  [Africa]  Stade Olympique, Stade Olympique Du 5 Juliet, Borg El-Arab Stadium, Stade Leopold Sedar Senghor, Grande Stade De Casablanca, FNB Stadium.

    Group E:  [China & South Korea]  Jamsil Olympic Stadium, Daegu Stadium, National Olympic Stadium “Bird’s Nest”, Hangzhou Olympic Stadium “Lotus”, Seoul World Cup Stadium, Guangdong Olympic Sports Centre.

    Group F:  [Japan]  Ajinomoto Stadium, Edion Stadium, Japan National Stadium, ECOPA Stadium, Saitama Stadium, Nissan Stadium.

    Group G:  [North America]  Estadio Tigres De La UNAL, Olympic Stadium, Estadio Olimpico Universitario, Commonwealth Stadium, Estadio Azteca, Estadio BBVA.

    Group H:  [Asia]  National Stadium, Kai Tak Sports Park, Stadium Australia, Eden Park, Jakarta International Stadium, Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil.


    Round Of 16:  Lusail Iconic Stadium, Cairo International Stadium, Stadium Shah Alam, Olympiastadion Berlin, Gelora Bung Karno, Puskas Arena , Ataturk Olimpiyat Stadyumu, Signal Iduna Park.

    Quarter Finals:  Allianz Arena, Santiago Bernabeu, Hangzhou Olympic Stadium “Lotus”, Nissan Stadium.

    Semi-Finals:  Spotify Camp Nou, Wembley.

    Third Pace Play Off:  [Host Nation USA]  FedEx Stadium

    Final:  [Host Nation USA]  Michigan Stadium.


    The qualification of teams as follows based on previous Champions and Runners-up of World tournaments over the last 3-4 years;

    2022 Set Teams:

    Pot 1:  Europe [8 teams]  Real Madrid, Liverpool, FC Bayern, Chelsea, Frankfurt, Roma, Feyenoord, Rangers.

    Pot 2:  South America [8 teams] Flamengo, Palmeiras, River Plate, Boca Juniors, Club Athletico Paranaense, Club Atletico Independiente, Club Independiente Del Valle, Club Social Y Deportivo Defensa Y Justicia.

    Pot 3: Europe [Invitational 4 teams]  FC Porto, Borussia Dortmund, AC Milan, FC Ajax.

    Pot 3: North America [4 teams] Monterrey, Tigres, Seattle Sounders, Pumas.

    Pot 4: Asia, Africa & Oceania [8 teams]  Pohang Steelers, Al-Hilal, Urawa Red Diamonds, Ulsan Hyundai, Al-Ahly, De Tunis, Wydad Athletic Cub, Auckland City.


    2023 onwards every 2 years:

    Pot 1:  Europe [8 teams]  Previous winners or runners-up of Champions League, Europa League & Europa Conference League.

    Pot 2:  South America [8 teams] Previous winners or runners up of Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamerica, Supercopa Brazil, Argentina & Uruguay.

    Pot 3: Europe [4 teams]  Runners up Europa Conference League, Winners Of leagues England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, Netherlands.

    Pot 3: North America [4 teams] Winners or runners up of Scotiabank Champions League, Campeon De Campeones, Leagues Cup, MLS.

    Pot 4: Asia, Africa & Oceania [8 teams]  Winners or runners-up of AFC Champions League, AFC Cup, Total Energies CAF Champions League, Total Energies CAF Confederations Cup, OFC Champions League.


    The following items work as follows;

    UEFA Champions League style draw [Pots 1-4]

    Starting tournament odds

    Starting top goalscorer odds

    Correct match dates [See above]

    Player of the tournament award

    Top Goalscorer of the tournament award

    MVP of the tournament Award

    Dream Team of The Competition award

    Prize money awards


    I have also created a tournament to run in the years the FIFA Club World Cup is not played. It is called the FIFA EuroCopa Champions Cup [ID 2000228926] and is played between 16 teams from Europe & South America. There are 4 groups of 4 teams and the top 2 qualify for the Quarter-Finals. The tournament structure as regards to stadiums follows the same structure as the FIFA Club World Cup and is as devised as follows:


    2024 onwards every 2 years;

    Pot 1:  Europe [8 teams]  Previous winners or runners-up of Champions League, Europa League & Europa Conference League.

    Pot 2:  South America [8 teams] Previous winners or runners up of Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamerica, Supercopa Brazil, Argentina & Uruguay.


    The group stadiums

    Group A:  [Europe] Signal Iduna Park, Spotify Camp Nou, Ataturk Olimpiyat Stadyumu, San Siro, Principality Stadium, Wembley.

    Group B:  [Europe]  Olimpico, Stade De France, Johan Cruiyff ArenA, Allianz Arena, Estadio Da Luz, Santiago Bernabeu.

    Group C:  [Asia]  Jakarta International Stadium, Stadium Shah Alam , National Stadium, Nissan Stadium, Kai Tak Sports Park, Hangzhou Olympic Stadium “Lotus”.

    Group D:  [South America] Morumbi, Mas Monumental, Campeon Del Sglio, El Gasometro, Estadio Centenario, Maracana .


    Quarter Finals:  [Host Nation USA] FirstEnergy Stadium, Levi’s Stadium, Georgia Dome, Caesar’s Superdrome.

    Semi-Finals: [Host Nation USA] FedEx Stadium, AT&T Stadium.

    Third Pace Play Off:  [Host Nation USA]  Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

    Final:  [Host Nation USA]  Michigan Stadium.


    The following items work as follows;

    UEFA Champions League style draw [Pots 1-2]

    Starting tournament odds

    Starting top goal scorer odds

    Correct match dates 

    Player of the tournament award

    Top Goal scorer of the tournament award

    Dream Team of The Competition award

    Prize money awards


    *If you would like the graphics I have create for the FIFA Europa Champions Cup please message me. The backgrounds, logos etc I use for the FIFA Club World Cup are not mine to share.


    **Both tournaments have been tested in the Pre-Game Editor to 2041 and work fine.


    ***Some dates for competitions might differ depending on what competitions you have loaded.


    ****Some stadiums I have used in the Pre-Game editor might have changed their name in the game.


    Please enjoy and if you have any ideas to improve the tournaments drop me a line and I will try to incorporate these into the games.

    New FIFA Club World Cup - 32 Teams.fmf FIFA Eurocopa Cup.fmf

  9. These files are brilliant please keep up the good work. I am using file 51 with the new Champions League format. I am pretty good with the editor but I cant change the fixtures days. Instead of having 18 games on a Wednesday is there anyway to have 9 fixtures on the Tuesday and 9 fixtures on the Wednesday?? Any help would be most appreciated.

  10. On 19/02/2021 at 15:49, erikeagles said:



    NEW TOURNAMENT: Club World Cup

    Participating teams:

    -Winner from AFC Champions League
    -Winner from CAF Champions League
    -Winner from UEFA Champions League
    -Winner from OFC Champions League
    -Winner from CONCACAF Champions League
    -Winner from Europa League
    -Winner from Copa Libertadoras
    -Winner from MLS (USA)

    -Two groups of four
    -The winners of both groups play the final
    -Played in USA

    Hi Erik any chance you can make this as the new format thats happening in real life?? 24 teams in three groups. The winner of each group goes through to the quarter finals, semi finals, third place play off and final

  11. 10 hours ago, Carlito85 said:

    I had similar problems with the competition last year. Try adding individual rules for each competition (Get Last Winner/Runner-Up). Alternatively try spacing out your season update and setup days, as I found this worked for me on the odd occasion.

    EDIT: Ran a few tests and I think one of the problems may be that some of the competitions in your team pools aren't finishing in time for the season update day or setup day. I tried changing the dates around but the problem is still there. For example I noticed that the North American and Oceania Champions League aren't registering a winner for 2020. Something worth looking into :thup:

    Thank you so much to looking into this Carlito. I had specific teams for 2020 and competition winners etc for 2021 onwards. What I will try and do is get specific teams for 2020 and 2021 and then competition winners from 2022 onwards see if that works. I will let you know once I have tested it. Many Thanks again.

  12. Hi all,
    I have created my own FIFA Club World Cup with 24 teams to run every year instead of 4 years from 2020. Everything runs fine first season but I can't for the life of me get it to run after the first season. at 2021 it does not update. Everything else works fine on first season so I am missing not doing something in the editor. I have attached the file and if anyone can take a look and tell me what I am missing it would be most appreciated. Thanks.

    FIFA Club World Cup.fmf

  13. Hi all,
    I have created my own FIFA Club World Cup with 24 teams to run every year instead of 4 years from 2020. Everything runs fine first season but I can't for the life of me get it to run after the first season. at 2021 it does not update. Everything else works fine on first season so I am missing not doing something in the editor. I have attached the file and if anyone can take a look and tell me what I am missing it would be most appreciated. Thanks.

    FIFA Club World Cup.fmf

  14. I have created a brand new "FIFA Club World Cup" file to start from 2019 and commence every 2 years instead of 4. It will follow the same format that is going to be introduced in 2021. There are 24 teams in 8 groups of 3 with Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, Third Place Play Off and Final. I have used the teams FIFA would have used if the tournament was starting now instead of 2021. There are 8 qualifiers from Europe, 6 from South America, 3 from North America,  3 from Africa, 3 from Asia and 1 from Oceanic. For 2019 the qualifiers list below is based on previous histories and recent winners in their relevant competitions within the last 6 years as described by FIFA in their proposals. On doing research for 2019 I think I have them all correct. The list is as follows;


    Europe - UEFA [8 teams] ;     Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, FC Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, FC Bayern, Real Madrid, Sevilla.

    South America - Conmebol [6 teams] ;     Gremio, Boca Juniors, Atletico Nacional, Flamengo, San Lorenzo, River Plate.

    North America - Concacaf [3 teams] :     CF Monterrey, Club America, CD Guadalajara.  

    Africa - CAF [3 teams] ;     ES Tunis, Wydad Casablanca, Al-Ahly.

    Asia - AFC [3 teams] ;     Al-Hilal, Kashima Antlers, Urawa Reds.

    Pacific - Oceanic [1 team] ;     Hienghene Sport.


    As in real life the tournament in 2019 is held in Qatar. There are 13 stadiums in use and I have created the new 4 stadiums that are being created for the 2022 FIFA World Cup that are not in the database. They are the Ras Abu Aboud Stadium in Doha, the Al-Wakrah Stadium in Al-Wakrah, the Al-Thumama Stadium in Doha and the Al-Rayyan Stadium in Al-Rayyan. The final is held in the Lusail Iconic Stadium in Lusail. Because of the very hot weather conditions in Qatar I have moved the kick off times to 16:00, 18:00, 20:00 and 22:00.

    The 8 European teams have top seeding and are seperated into the 8 groups.

    The 6 South American and 2 of the North American teams have second seeding in the groups.

    1 North American, 3 African, 3 Asian and the 1 Oceanic teams take the 3rd seedings in the groups.

    The tournament starts on July 4th with the final taking place on July 21st.


    For 2021 the tournament is held in China as in real life with all the same various stadiums in China, groups, seedings, kick off times and dates. The host nation holds the tournament for two consecutive times. So China will hold the tournament in 2021 and 2023 as has happened in previous years. The teams that qualify have had to be changed and will follow the format listed below from 2021 onwards;


    Europe - UEFA [8 teams] ;     Champions League Winners, Champions League Runners-Up, Europa League Winners, Premier League Winners*, LaLiga Santander Winners*, Serie A Winners*, Bundesliga Winners*, Ligue 1 Winners*.

    South America - Conmebol [6 teams] ;     Copa Libertadores Winners, Copa Libertadores Runners-Up, Copa Sudamerica Winners, Brazil Serie A Winners*, Argentina Superliga Winners*, Uruguay Primera Division Winners*.

    North America - Concacaf [3 teams] :     Scotiabank Concacaf Champions League Winners, Scotiabank Concacaf Champions League Runners-Up, Mexico Liga MX Winners*.  

    Africa - CAF [3 teams] ;     CAF Champions League Winners, CAF Champions League Runners-Up, CAF Confederations Cup Winners.

    Asia - AFC [3 teams] ;     AFC Champions League Winners, AFC Champions League Runners-Up, AFC Cup Winners.

    Pacific - Oceanic [1 team] ;     Fiji Airways OFC Champions League Winners.


    * Should any Winners of the leagues listed win the various cup tournaments then the second placed or even third placed teams in the various leagues for that year will be used instead.

    * All histories and player awards are included.





    Screenshot 2020-05-06 at 16.36.27.png

    FIFA CWC 2019-21.fmf

  15. On 16/03/2020 at 21:39, Carlito85 said:

    Much appreciated, thanks a lot :thup:

    I have created the Real Club World Cup from 2019 onwards with the real 24 teams that would have qualified for 2019 if it happened this year based roughly on the new FIFA qualifying rules and the real cities to be used in China for 2019 and 2021. For 2021 onwards it would be the winners off etc. There are 8 groups of 3 teams then quarters, semi's, third place and final. Your welcome to have the file to look at if you want. It works in the game.


  16. 20 hours ago, sporadicsmiles said:

    I will pass this info on in the bug thread I have. 

    I had it in a domestic competition, but it was a super league so it was hardly standard in terms of the teams that were taking part. 

    I was using only two different files in my save. My own International Champions Cup and all of FMF's Real Results to 11/11/19 with his Guam start up date set for 11/11/19. He has completed about 30 different league files with all real results loaded. But I have tried various different customised files from FM Scout that I would not normally use. They all come up with the same scheduling errors, no TV matches, English League 1 & 2 wrong relegation spots and this affects all fixtures. They either fall on a Wednesday or a Saturday!!

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