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  1. On 02/04/2023 at 02:12, afanatic07 said:

    Hi, I created a thread recently on a variant of this issue. Did the player ever play for Arsenal Youth or Reserve teams as Non-Competitive Matches? I had a player that was purchased by AI team, played in zero senior matches and then loaned to me, where they played had all season. Now after recent updates it says they are ineligible.



    Hi sorry I took a long break

    If you reference back to my screenshot what happened was he played some games before i bought him, I then loaned him to sunderland. I jan i recalled him not realising he had already played for 2 teams. So I went to send him back to sunderland. The 2nd team of the season and was having the loan cancelled on me.

  2. 21 hours ago, DANNY1000000 said:


    Should I be able to sign this player for his minimum fee?  Red Star are in the conference league.

    Since they’re in Europe the clause isn’t active.

    if bvb are in the champions league too then the champions league signing on release clause isn’t active as well

    You guys will need to wait for them to drop out of the relevant competition in order to activate the release clause

  3. On 08/12/2022 at 10:21, Zachary Whyte said:

    Hello, thank you for the update. In the two screenshots one is Champions League registration and the other is Premier League registration which have different rules. 

    For a clearer view, you can go to the players profile under Overview->Information->Eligibility.

    I had a feeling you were gonna say this but look its changed in the Champions league registration too.

    This was deffo a glitch or a bug


  4. 93 min viera runs into saliba whilst saliba has the ball, both players then stand still kissing whilst the the opposition  picks up the loose ball and goes on to score a last minute equaliser.

    Whats more annoying is that 10 seconds before the keeper takes a long goal kick when distribute to the full backs is the tactic being used.



    Blackburn v Arsenal Where's your script.pkm



  5. Arsenal v Leeds Defensive nonsense.pkm

    31 min Teirney just walks the ball to the opposition no body counterpresses ones he loses the ball. A long ball is then played down their left. 2of my players are there under no pressure, yet for some reason the ball just hits the RB White and bounces to their player. obviously the go on to score.

    45 min long ball is played to their SS gabriel starts running to the bal they slows down to let the SS run in on goal. Why????
    Saliba comes over to cover then decides to go back leaving a lovely gap to play their striker in. Another goal

    65 min Patino doesn't bother close down the winger. The defense retreat back to the six yard box leaving 3 players to run into the box unchallenged literally zonal marking in open play 

  6. On 24/11/2022 at 00:38, Michael Sant said:

    I can't see the pkm's myself but its worth mentioning that interfering with play does count in the offside rules. Our QA team will investigate the pkm's you've provided further. 

    I know that rule if it looked like he was interfering I wouldn’t have wasted my time uploading.

    The ball is played towards the offside player but missed them by quite a distance and goes to an onside player, in real life that is never offside. 

  7. 52 minutes ago, Zewlson said:


    I don't understand how SI can release a game in this state. I do not have enough time to upload all the bugs that are in this match engine, it is absolutely disgusting that after selling 1 million copies of the previous game you guys come up with an unfinished product again. I hope you will release a patch soon that will fix the match engine as it is the core of the game. I personally don't care about ui bugs, not that they should exist but are less important and I guess most of us can live with it.


    Sepsi OSK v Universitatea Craiova.pkm

    They do it every year there's no point complaining anymore might as well just upload bugs or wait till march, where they have a semi finished game.

    the game is only bought for the transfer window and new player stats and they know this.


    But yeah the ball perception issues whilst defending is so prevalent its probably known

  8. On 01/11/2022 at 13:47, Dan Ormsby said:

    Hi there, we don't believe this is correct.  Saliba qualifies as U21 in game, so does not have to be registered for either the Premier League or Europa League in the first season.  He should gain homegrown status if he stays at Arsenal until next season, both in game and real life.

    Saliba isn’t indicated to turn home grown in either the player overview information eligibility 


    squad homegrown status


    This is obviously something that needs rectifying

  9. only the June before I made the loan and the following jan after it became permanent


    25 - 26 end straight 2.0 season Done       is the JUNE save

    26 - 27 beginning (v10)        is the JANUARY save


    14. Sabatino Guariniello is the player

    20 hours ago, Kyle Brown said:

    Do you have a save file we could investigate from that will show the issue? :)




  10. On 12/03/2022 at 20:07, jere_d said:

    I think they intentionally made contracts in this game warped and nonsensical 

    Look at this here I offered oblack 250K 4 years and important player perfectly in line with wages at my club he would be the 2nd highest player.

    A madrid offer 215K on a 1 year deal and you get some cock and bull story about how he was impressed that they paid sooooooooo much compared to what they could afford and how my offer disappointed because he knows I can pay more!

    dunno how he could know that when only the STAR player earns more than he would have

    not many footballers take less to stay at a smaller club on a shorter contract it all doesnt make sense  but FM init




    Six months later he refuses to talk about signing on a free transfer stating how he's gonna wait till the summer

    Then signs a contract extension for even less money!!!!

    It's actually amazing how tilted contracts are to the AI

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