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  1. On 29/12/2019 at 22:59, FrazT said:

    The OP raised the issue and included an example to assist the developers- if you would like this issue looked at, then please all do the same.

    @tarzanofmars I have edited out your language so please lets have no more like that.

    Are we to assume that you are not considering this an issue? In the update from december 20th there was no mention of this. 

  2. 44 minutes ago, tarzanofmars said:

    I didn't think the language was an issue because it is automatically edited out as soon as you post it, didn't think anyone could see it? It instantly appears as ***** as soon as you hit post. Anyway I did not intend to cause an issue over language and I wouldn't want it to be an excuse to ignore the issues with the match engine that have remained broken since day one of the beta release. 

    It comes from frustration and disappointment. 

    In fact the issue has actually regressed to the state of FM19, I suspect out of the developers not wanting to spend anymore time trying to correct it, which I hope I'm wrong about. I am not motivated to help SI fix a game they made, when I've have already tried and nothing, I repeat, nothing I've shown them, has changed or improved.

    I have upload so many PKM's, beginning the week the beta was released, for naught. I've uploaded PKMs on the forum and in PMs to moderators, and have written specific, detailed descriptions of what is wrong. 

    Every post and PKM was specifically about attacking players behavior in the box, including squaring it. Heck, I've never even seen a ball squared from the far right or left to another player across the box. Squared means on the floor, I suspect the ME does not know how to cross low. I've never seen a low cross played despite all my tactics instructing them and all my tactic briefings demanding them. Everything goes into the air. Even when on 'whipped crosses' instructions 99.99% of them are Raheem Sterling floaters.

    I know the ME can play a whipped ball because you see them on free kicks, so what is the problem getting it to put that on the grass?

    The only improvement I've seen is that occasionally you do see players playing long balls through or over the middle, fantastic, the ME now mimics more than pig in the middle passing, but that was not one of my PKM issues, I have constantly wanted to see, for a perfect example, Salah play like Salah when he gets the ball at his feet just outside the box.

    (I've been giving advice to newer players who are getting killed by the long through ball and that advice, which is the only thing that works is, only play with your defending set to maximum narrow, ignore your assistant manager, set every formation to narrow defending and it's sorted. Is that the way it's supposed to be? 

    The unrealistic decisions of attacking players in and around the box, shooting at impossible angles, especially with the weaker foot, despite 2 or 3 better options, shooting straight at the corner post, no one scoring in a 1v1, left-footed players cutting in at the worst possible angle from the right and never shooting with their strong foot, same on the left side with right footed players, it's all been acknowledged, I've been told and have seen others told, a month ago, that 'we are aware of it and are working on it'. 

    I took a 2 week break from the game, during which FM 2020 was updated several times with 'small' 300MB patches and the end result is that all of these problems still exist.

    If you go back you will see one of my first posts very happily applauded the fact that wide players smashing the ball into the first defender that gets near them instead of, well anything else, (something we've had to deal with for years now) seemed to be a thing of the past. WB/FBs and W/IF/RMD actually played the ball short or worked to get a cross in. Now it's gone! They've gone back to doing exactly what they did in FM 19! Why? Was that the only way to stop FBs/WBs scoring too much?  I didn't have that problem btw, Trent Arnold actually got a few goals instead of none.

    I wasn't joking about not playing as my favorite team anymore, it requires too much suspension of disbelief and loss of immersion to play an entire season and never see Mohammed Salah cut in from the right hand side and shoot with his left foot once. Or I could just use the 4-3-3 where you don't have any wide players and Salah and Mane both sit in the hole behind Firmino and I make Trent and Andy sit in the midfield like Guardiola's backs do. Yay.

    I started out motivated to help SI fix their game, but no one listened and all I got was a snarky mod response in PM, 'I'm sorry this is the worst version of FM you've ever played' when I had never said that. I might now however.

    I literally applauded after reading your post!

  3. So I would be ok with my 32gb of RAM. One thing in particular that confuses me in the game is the rating of PC performance vs game speed. The difference is drastic. I started a save with 17 countries and 23 leagues and I get 2 stars for game speed but 4 for PC performance. Would you know what would be the difference between those two ratings?



  4. 1 hour ago, Welshace said:

    How long is a piece of string?


    It's impossible to tell someone what they find as acceptable in terms of speed in fm.... only you can do that... 


    As a rule of thumb, go with what is recommended by the game and add 50% more on top in leagues/players and you won't go wrong ....

    Thank you for your input. Is there an official recommendation from SI on this topic? For example what is more important in terms of PC performance: cpu or ram? intel or amd? etc.

    I have read many comments and it differs a lot from person to person.

  5. Hello,

    I am having hard time setting up an optimized save for my journeyman career. What would you recommend in terms number of loaded leagues in full detail?

    PC details:


    I would love to load as many as possible but I fear that the save might lag after 10 years or so. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  6. 7 hours ago, jden86 said:

    I can concur that the above problems are still occuring despite the patch, the patch has actually made things worse for a lot of aspects. I'm not providing PKM's, there's been thousands already, I ended up finding myself creating a tactic to deal with the following bugs. Yeah, some will say this is a bug forum not whinge forum, but its got to that point, SI shouldn't have released a game so far from being finished, I turned it off 2 days ago but am monitoring the forum's hoping to see a change.

    * Balls over the top with defenders slow to react and instructions don't seem to matter.

    * Penalties - scoring about 20-30% - way too low

    * Decision making from wide players is a disaster, shots from stupid angles into the side netting, lack of crossing, never squaring the ball, I have literally never had a wide player sprint down the side line and cross a ball in.

    * One on ones, virtually never score

    * Freak GK abilities

    * Blatant ignoring of great passing options

    * AI seems to be able to play with a different set of tactics and physics, can have a team just turn it on when they like.

    Same here. These are especially frustrating:

    * Decision making from wide players is a disaster, shots from stupid angles into the side netting, lack of crossing, never squaring the ball, I have literally never had a wide player sprint down the side line and cross a ball in.

    * One on ones, virtually never score

    * Freak GK abilities


  7. 3 hours ago, bossland said:

    I dont have the In-Game Editot, or plan on getting it, so i dont know what it adds etc. if you show me where it is supposed to show what i can most likely still fix it.

    As i wrote in the update post, a download for that will come later.

    Thanks for the reply. Here is an image of the player profile and where it would be nice to have the CA and PA in numbers (hidden attributes). It would be nice to see it right under media description. I apologize for crappy example.



  8. 1 hour ago, ParanoidBuddha said:

    Please @bossland if you add this let the possibility to choose, I don't want to see them in my saves. Nothing against you @sindjilic of course but I hope you understand :) 

    No worries. I think that if you do not have in-game editor activated, it wouldn't appear. In any case, last time I think there was a panel that you could donwload separately so that people that don't want to see it, they wouldn't. We'll have to wait and see as I am sure he has other more urgent things to work on.

  9. This skin is amazing. I absolutely love it. One question please. How do I add CA and PA to be visible in player profile? I always do an alternate save with in-game editor and it would be a great feature. :)

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