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  1. This game works with the NON-UPDATED version of the game - please select ‘Football Manger 2023 Database’.

    The major problem with modern-day football is the disparity in wealth, thus ruining the game’s competitiveness.

    This game is an attempt to level that!


    The majority of clubs in Europe all stop outside takeovers by rich owners and are member-owned.

    Club finances are also adjusted, with smaller clubs and less reputable boosted, while the super club’s finances have been attempted to be limited (although this is easier said than done).

    Television money across all European League, including lower divisions are all at similar levels. So the top teams do not continually get stronger than the lower divisional teams.

    League Structures Changes

    Scotland - New system going down to 7 tiers; with bigger divisions, including the SPL which has 16 teams.

    Ireland - New 3-tiered league system. The top division has 16 teams.

    Wales - Welsh sides in the English league system (Cardiff, Wrexham, Swansea, Newport County & Merthyr Town) now compete in the Welsh league and represent Wales in Europe.

    England - The same, minus Welsh teams - but Premier League sides do not take part in the league cup due to the size of the Premier League & Regional Cup competitions (see below)

    Continental Competitions

    The game is designed to use  'Appy 'Ammers 80s European Cup Competitions (https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/574073-80s-style-european-competitions/) This sees the return of the Cup Winners Cup and UEFA Cup (including two-legged final), only league champions entering the European Cup (Champions League). I have merged his competitions with the Level Playing Field Data. This also sees the return of the away goals rule. The game would work with the in-built European Competition, however, this might see a lot of games, particularly with Regional Cup competitions (see below).

    Regional Cups

    I have also set up Regional European Competitions, which are straight knockout, but have Extra Time (with silver goal) and penalties - no away goals. These are grouped by geographical location and run every year. They include teams from the top division of every UEFA nation.

    Anglo-Celtic Cup - Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England & Northern Ireland

    Balkans Cup (old Yugoslav Cup) - Serbia, Croatia, Albania, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Slovenia & Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Central European Cup - Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland & Luxembourg

    Eastern European Cup (old Soviet Cup) - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latin, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia & Ukraine

    Nordic Cup - Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Faroe Islands & Iceland

    Southern European Cup - Italy, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Israel, Malta & San Marino

    Western European Cup - Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Andorra & Gibraltar

    International Competitions

    I have used Rusty’s 40-team World Cup file and Copa America Nations League (https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/570079-fm234-40-team-world-cup/)and added the Level Playing Field Data. I have made a couple of tweaks; Making the Olympics a tournament that does not just use youth players but full international squads, in a straight knockout tournament, where over 220 teams compete every 4 years to try to win an Olympic Gold Medal. In addition, the Confederations Cup is also brought back; held every four years and with 8 teams participating (Winners of the World Cup, Gold Cup, Copa America, Euros, African Cup of Nations, Asian Cup, OFC Cup and the Olympic winners).


    The big clubs are hard to limit. Particularly in the early years of this game. I have kept their debts with high repayments and taken away their vast other incomes each other and taken away the rich owners. However, their existing structures and personnel mean they are still very strong. I have tested the game for a 50-year save and have no issues with the game running. There have been some encouraging results…

    In Scotland; Inverness and Falkirk have won the SPL . While, Cove Rangers, Dundee Utd, Falkirk, Motherwell, Queen of the South and Aberdeen have all broken the old firm dominance and won the Scottish Cup. While St Mirren, Hibs, Ayr United, Ross County, Peterhead, Hearts, Arbroath, Aberdeen, Falkirk and Dundee Utd have also denied the old firm to win the league cup.

    In England and the Premier League; City have remained dominant, but Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea did break the dominance on occasion, and when we get into the early 2050s, Bournemouth won the Premier League two years running and Everton won it the year after.

    Bournemouth also won the FA Cup, Villa also prevailed but has been largely the ‘top 6’ that win it. However, Barnsley, Bolton and Kings Lynn town (who also made it to the Premier League) made the final.

    In France, the most competitive league on the save saw PSG dominate the early years, but have not won or come in the top three of Ligue 1 for 15 years!! Teams like Nimes, Chateuroux, Lorient, Brest and Saint Etienne have all won it.

    Bayern does dominate Germany, but Dortmund, Koln and Ingolstadt have won it with several other teams making up the top 3.

    In Italy, Empoli, Pescara and Venzeia have taken the title, while the rest is shared between Juve, Roma,  Napoli and the two Milan sides.

    Spain is similar the top 2 sides do continue to win the league, however, Osasuna and Athletic Bilbao both did three league titles in a row, Getafe won 3 titles in 5 years. While Villarreal, Cadiz, and Espanyol have also won leagues and finished regularly in the top 3.

    Other leagues have seen periods of dominance by sides but have a good mix of winners and different teams competing in both league and cup.

    In Europe the top nations continue to do well but with one team qualifying for the European Cup it has seen winners like Pescara, Athletic Bilbao and Bournemouth become champions of Europe.

    Internationally the bigger sides continue to win and go deep in tournaments, however, Scotland, Senegal, Mexico, Switzerland and Venezuela have won continental or international tournaments.

    <Link removed by moderator>

    Copy and select all files when loading a new game. There is an issue with loading the Turkish file, however, you click okay on the error and the gameplay is not impacted. 

  2. Hi, I have not really played football manager for a few years, I had like to play an edited file, but with hard-coding issues, particularly around European Competitions in recent games I have been turned off slightly. Do you know if FM 23 will have any drastic changes to the editor making it easier to change international and European club competitions?

    I have looked online to see the new features etc, but there is nothing about the editor. Which I am afraid will mean they have not changed it really.

  3. This is amazing idea. 

    Just wondered if you have or even considered a global Nations League tournament or even super cup (Winners Nations League Tournaments)?

    Also can you play this with your 40 World Cup Team file?

    In terms of non-international files, could you play the two aforementioned files with say a European Club Cup competitions also?

  4. I have created editor data with changing a European Competition. 

    I have four competitions...

    European Cup: League Champions, plus 4 winners of previous European competitions

    Cup Winners Cup: Domestic Cup Winners 

    UEFA Cup: Next best in the leagues

    Europa Cup: Losing teams from first round of the above three competitions drop into this. 

    However, I am having an issue, while the Europa cup works perfectly, with losing teams from the first round all going into this completion, the top 3 competitions are playing the first round with no problem, but the second round only pulls through a handful of teams

    Screenshots attached - any idea why this happens and how to fix it?

    Second Round.png

    First Round.png

  5. So at the moment I have... Anyone spot what the issue is?

    FATE from Champions League 

    Set Continental Cup, First Round , Losing Team, Europa League 

    Qualify Team for Competition, First Round Losing Team, Europa League 

    Quality Team for Stage, First Round, Losing Team, Europa League, 0, First Round 

    Then within Europa League (Teams - Qualified Teams)

    Get Qualified Teams from Stage, Champions League, 0, Europa Cup, First Round 

    Then within Europa League First Stage (TEAMS)

    Get Qualified Teams from Stage, Champions League, 0, Europa Cup, First Round


  6. Hello, 

    Do not know if anyone has this issue with an edited file or even just through regular gameplay. But after the first season the league I am playing in (which I had 6 tiers of) some of these tiers would not appear when you search, or if you look them up through the repetitional list they blank, you can still click on it if you no where to find them, but there no indication to what league this is. 

    It is strange as half of the tiers seem accessible but some are not. Is anyone had this issue and could suggest a fix?

    I do not know if its a editor data issue or just a general FM 22 issue! Any help would be appreciated. 

  7. 27 minutes ago, rusty217 said:

    Since you're drawing directly, rather than using a qualifying system, and don't want teams in both just go to the Qualified Teams section in the lower competition and at the very top of the list add "Get Qualified Teams For Comp", choose the higher competition and then tick the ignore teams box. It should then ignore any teams already qualified for the higher one. Doing that though you'll also need to tick the "Use Runner-Up Team As Backup" box on any "Get Last Winner" qualifiers, otherwise you won't have a team. So eg. if a team wins the league and the cup they'll be in the Champions Cup due to winning the league, then since they're in that the Cup Winners Cup will ignore them and take the cup runners up instead.

    Not running in the first year is probably due to having the wrong number of teams. Any competitions without a last winner obviously can't qualify a last winner. Get best teams from a league may also have an issue if there aren't any league stats for the last year (might not be an issue though). Plus the original qualified teams may still be an issue if you've converted the existing European competitions. Might be worth clicking the "Clear current list of qualified teams" box and also clearing the registered teams on the competitions database page too for that latter.

    You've also got the competition set up dates set to 1st June. Not sure about your leagues, but the default leagues usually update around the 20th June, if the European competitions are trying to setup before the leagues have updated their winners etc. that may be an issue as well.

    Also, I noticed you changed the teams nations. You didn't need to do that. That was only needed if you were using the standard qualifying system, you're not so that change wasn't necessary. The only difference there is cosmetic, a team will show the flag of its "Continental Cup Nation" so you can change that back if you want them to show their own national flags.

    Changing the "Based Nation" wasn't required at all though and will just make them generate newgens for the super league nations rather than their own nations. You should change that back if you want them to have proper newgen creation.

    Really appreciate the help, I will go through this and apply some changes and will let you know how I get on. Thanks so much :)

  8. Hello, 

    I have created a set of European Competitions, I have converted to advanced rules but seem to be struggling with ranking the competitions in order of preference. For example, in one of my tests Chelsea won the double but as a result qualified for both the Champions League and Europa League. Is there anyway in the ADVANCED RULES to set a hierarchy of competitions. So for example if you qualified for the Champions League you would not enter the Europa League even if you're eligible?

  9. Hey, 

    So took all the advice thanks for that and went into the advanced rules. Sort of half fixed the issues. 

    The issues still presenting themselves are as follows

    - 3 out of 5 the major European Competitions are not running and not qualifying teams

    - Competitions that are running (Champions League and Cup Winners Cup) don't run in 2021 and only start in 2022

    - If a team does the double (League and Cup) they seem to qualify for both tournaments.

    - In the editor I have changed the name of the competitions such as UEFA Champions League to European Champions Cup but the old names still show. 

    I have attached the files, but I am really new to the advanced rules so not sure where to start with fixing these issues so some advice would be very much appreciated. 

    Super League - European Competitions.fmf

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