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  1. Thanks for confirming there are issues (I always presume that I'm missing something obvious.) So far, I have only used the 2nd team as a place to put a couple of influential first team players who were complaining about wages and causing unrest among the squad. I have found that sticking them in the second team then quickly releasing them on a free, or selling very cheap, does not cause any negative feedback from the board or the fans. Also, the squad have forgotten they ever had concerns and are happy again. So that's a good use for the 2nd team at least.
  2. I'm playing as VfL Osnabruck in Germany and have achieved promotion to the Bundesliga 2. The club then asked if I wanted to set up a 2nd team (VfL Osnabruck II), which I agreed to. It is regularly recommended that I promote members of the U19 squad into the new VfL Osnabruck II squad to continue their development. However, the 2nd team can only hire part-time staff. Wouldn't it negatively affect youth development as, apart from being a part time squad, there are less staff available and they are nowhere near as good as the U19 coaches the youngsters are leaving behind? Can anyone shed light if this is how Germany's second teams are intended to work in FM24?
  3. It's all very interesting. But... ..is there any advantage to having foreign born regens? I feel that I am missing something.
  4. The one forum that is dedicated to this sigagames forum itself is read-only, so I'm posting this here (please move it somewhere more relevant if necessary). Thank you sigagames.com designer(s) for complying with UK law on website cookies. The law states that users/customers/us must be able to accept or decline cookies in just one click, and that's exactly what happens on here. Most other websites, I'm sure everyone knows, allows a one click acceptance, but a far more involved process to reject them (obviously in the hope many people will simply choose to quickly accept). So again, THANK YOU for not only respecting the law, but for treating the users of this forum with respect also.
  5. Whenever I begin a save from the lower leagues, I always make sure that I, the manager, am always paid more than anyone else at the club (à la Alex Ferguson). It makes things difficult at times, especially when looking for new players/staff after a promotion, but it also encourages me to use the youth/academy players more often which, at times, can be a revelation.
  6. Bump... Am I missing something obvious, or does no-one know what training this scouting report button refers to? If I press it does it make permanent changes to the training? Is it temporary? Can I view the changes it wants to make? etc.
  7. This has always bugged me, so I'm asking - what exactly is the 'suggested training' this button is referring to?
  8. Aside from reading the Summary, the Data Hub page is meaningless to me (e.g. 'xGA/Gm' - 'Np-xG'?). Do others find it useful at all?
  9. I'm managing the Logroñés B Team. I've uploaded the file TEAMB-DEVASTATION.fm The Board Culture/Feedback is as follows: Sign players under the age of 23 for the first team - Disappointed. I have signed Under 23 players to the B Team, but it would be up to the Manager of the first Team to promote those players into the first team surely? Give playing time to first team players - Devastated. I manage the B Team and first team players are not available to be selected.
  10. I'm not sure if it is a related issue: the board are 'Devestated' because I'm not giving playing time to the First Team players - however, I manage the B Team and first team players are not available.
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