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  1. On 14/11/2018 at 11:16, Carninho said:

    I'm really keen to give this a go, and I think seeing this thread today has pushed me over the edge. 

    I've just finished the 1st season in the Conf North (using a completely different playing style. I used Create a Team and replaced Altrincham with an Isle of Man team).

    I have setup a new hoofball tactic ready to go based on all the suggestions here.

    Problem is that I cant find a TM that will come to me, literally only a couple of regen kids that have next to no aggression and physical stats, or equally poor journeymen, which would be ok as a backup I guess, but I need that main TM :(. Has anyone played at this level and found the players they need? I'm also struggling to find and strong and aggressive players full stop with any usable technical stats.

    I'll continue through the summer months to see if any more players show up after teams release them and put other up for loan. 


    Second option is for me to start a new save. Last week while trudging through Wikipedia for lower league inspiration I came across Spanish Div 3 side CF Badalona and thought it would be a great team to turn 'bad/heel' against the big city rivals Barcelona playing 'the beautiful game'. I don't really want to mange in Spain right now, but the team name and this thread seem like too much of a sign to ignore.


    Looking at the Ball Playing CBs you need to train them with PPM 'tries long range passes'. It works great for route one football, especially when the player doesn't have very good creative stats. Also don't overuse the PPM in the team, you should limit it to one or two players in my experience. 


    For that Target Man, look for Tom Denton. I’m having a lot of success with him in a 424 as the TM-S due to him being 6ft7. Physicality is massive at this level, so he’d be a gem if Chesterfield don’t renew his contract (3.5* VNR Level)

  2. Right. I am inspired. I’m having a few problems trying to get a stuttering Chesterfield rolling, so I guess I’m going to try some good old hoofball. A change from my normal Bielsaball style principles, but I’m not adverse to a long ball so why not give it a go

    as a side note, an opinion I hold of training and tactics for football: I belive that if your not spending at least 3/4 hour developing an effective long ball and even set piece tactic, you are missing out hugely. You can get such good chances from it and it can be hugely useful, especially when chasing a game in the last 5 mins or playing a gegenpressing team like liverpool

  3. 9 hours ago, Cleon said:

    Think you're missing the point though. You only get long passes/through balls if the role has those settings. None of the roles you've selected do. Roles only tend to do whatever they're set up to do. You can see who in the team is going to provide those type of balls by looking at the settings attached to the role. You can't say for example I want through balls and expect the team to do it, if no-one in the side has those type of settings.

    Thanks for that. I’ll try sticking more risky passes on. I’ve also added pass into space to try and get the whole team in general to try those low percentage passes

  4. 1 hour ago, Cleon said:

    Who exactly in the set up is providing those through balls? You haven't used any roles that do it frequently. So how exactly is the poacher going to get a supply of through balls?

    I played a downloaded tactic on last years FM which was counter attacking and from memory, our passes tended to be long to the halfway line before any one of the front four put it through to any other of the front four. I may try Maddison as an AP-A but I wanted to avoid playmakers as from experiance they tend to slow down counter attacks through consistently being fed the ball

  5. 55 minutes ago, Analog said:

    The engine triggers aggressive counters when the opposition commits too many players into your own half and you win the ball back.  Are you closing them down too quickly before that can happen?  Also, setting width affects play when you have the ball.  

    That might be something. I’ll see if we can sit back more and have a look

  6. Right so I took over at Leicester looking to attempt to create a good counter tactic based off two solid banks of four, pace and trickery on the wings, a midfielder running in from the 10 role and an out and out Poacher to latch on to through balls and generally focus on scoring goals. So using this I tried to create a tactic and I ended up with this:






    Mentality: Counter

    shape: flexible

    TI’s: More direct passing, much higher tempo, clear ball to flanks

    Ive tried to do what I think would increase the chances of us launching a counter attack, yet we don’t seem to launch forward violently like I hoped. When we’ve played opposition of our equal in pre season I’ve noticed that when we do win the ball in the defensive phase we’re not immediately thinking attack but going sideways and it’s leading to a lot of missed chances. I understand there is an algorithm that triggers a counter attack and I understand that on counter, attacking and overload that number decreases, but by how much. I’m tempted to try this tactic on attacking except with a lowered D-Line, narrower width and lower closing down to create the defensive shape. Does that increase counter attacks? Please give me some advice

    and so we can clear this up, it’s not the players. Here’s my team (from left to right):

    Schmeichal, Chilwell Maguire Soyounacu Perreria, Gray Silva Ibbora Sisto, Maddison, Iheanatcho/Vardy

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