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  1. Hi, I have a question about the "In Transition" > "When possession has been lost" Team Instruction. I understand the two options, Counter-Press and Regroup, but what happens if I don't select either. What will my players do when we lose possession? Thanks
  2. If I have another game within three or four days, I always rest my players for two days (right click on the player, go to training and select rest). Probably not ideal for their development but keeps them a bit more fresh.
  3. If I remember correctly, in previous version of FM each coach had a preferred tactical style i.e. Gegenpress, Catenaccio etc. but I can't see that anymore in FM24, I only see preferred formation. has this been removed or moved to somewhere else? Thanks
  4. I'm playing as RB Leipzig and in the three years I've been managing them, I haven't had the option to ask my board to upgrade my youth facilities (they are rated Excellent at the moment, so there is room for improvement). I don't know if this is a bug or a specific issue with RB Leipzig. Note: I have been able to upgrade my normal training facilities.
  5. How can I fix this in my current save?
  6. Just to note, the save I shared was from before the second B team was created.
  7. I'm playing as RB Leipzig and at the end of the first season my board created a new B team, RB Leipzig II. Now, after finish my second season, the board have again created a B team, also named RB Leipzig II. I uploaded a saved called "RB Leipzig B Team" They both have the same players but play in different leagues and have different staff:
  8. Just had an update to 24.2.1 - but can't see any patch notes....
  9. I downloaded the base skin, , then added panels that you can find here
  10. This is the main issue I have with the hearts and is why I always go back to the percentages (using a custom skin). There needs to be more obvious differentiation between the colours. I shouldn't have to hover over the heart to see the players status - I should be able to quickly look at it and know.
  11. Unfortunately, I don't have a save from before the final. I am using custom logos, facepacks, other graphics and a custom skin.
  12. When a goal is scored and VAR needs to check it, you can tell if the goal will be given by looking at the match stats panel (panel on left hand side with match stats and goal, assist, card info). If the goal will be given, the name of the assister appears, if the goal won't be given, the name of the assister isn't shown. This bug was introduced in FM23, I think after the winter transfer window patch. Having this takes away an suspense if the goal will be given or not.
  13. I've had this issue twice now, the first time after winning the FA cup final in season one and now again after winning the champions league final in season three. After the game finishes, I watch the beginning of the trophy presentation for 5-10 seconds then go to continue and I get stuck on this page, and there is no way to continue:
  14. I'm halfway through my third season at Arsenal and have Prestianni in my u-21 team. He isn't good enough for my first team so I want to loan him out but I also want him to gain Club - Homegrown status. At the moment it is December 2025 and he will gain Club - Homegrown status on 28/06/2026 (in 184 days). He is still only 19 and turns 20 on 31 January. My plan is to loan him out at the end of the winter transfer window for half a season so he would then re-join my team on 01/07/2026. This would leave 215 days before he turns 21, which is more than the required days to become Club - Homegrown status. Would this work or do the days to become Club - Homegrown status need to be consecutive? Thanks
  15. I can see the reason given is "Asking price is above market value" but I didn't ask players to be excluded whose asking price is too high. How can I get these players to show up in the Recommendations section?
  16. I got around the issue by adding a new manager to the offering clubs and withdrawing the offer. Not ideal but at least it means I can continue with the game.
  17. I had a player, Trossard, who I offered out and accepted an offer for (from Newcastle). A few days/weeks later I offered him out again and got two offers. I couldn't accept or reject the offers because he had already accepted the offer from Newcastle and he was awaiting his work permit. It's now a few weeks later and those two other offers need to be responded to - the contiune button has turned into a Must Respond button. The issue is I can't respond to the offers. I accept and reject them but nothing happens. I'm now stuck in the game. Is there a way I can proceed? I've uploaded the save, it is called "Arsenal - Trossard"
  18. Just won the FA Cup and I've been stuck on this page for over a minute. Any way to progress (I've tried clicking, pressing enter, pressing the back and forward arrow etc)?
  19. I'm having the same issue as well and have been having it for the last few version of FM.
  20. I've uploaded a save. In a few days/weeks (not sure of the date in the save) you should get a recruitment focus update for the UEFA Youth League and Pau Cubarsi will be in Near Matches but should be in Recommendations. I got the news item on March 17 Save is called "FC Bayern - Beta (v02)"
  21. Thanks for the file. I've put the file in the Properties folder and added the other three files but I can't see overall physical condition/match sharpness as an option when customising my views. Is there anything else I need to do to make it available? Thanks
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