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  1. 8 horas atrás, rusty217 disse:

    Not sure why exactly, I'm not familiar with doing it that way, but FYI I'd highly recommend not using the Qualifying System and Cups. That will override the settings for UEFA coefficients and probably leave all involved nations permanently on 0 coefficient points for UEFA competitions.

    Instead set it up under Other Cups (and leave the Nations/Teams pages completely blank). Then it can run alongside the existing European competitions without interfering.

    Thanks friend , now works perfect

  2. I always do the royal league, but on fm 24 there is a bug happening in Sweden that instead of selecting the best in the country, she always sends these clubs in the photo, and they are clubs from lower divisions




    Does anyone know what can it be? I left the file to see if anyone can help me


  3. 1 hora atrás, RenatoDonarinho disse:

    How do you manage regen names with your nation DB? I’ve created a new nation using Andorra but when I run a few seasons in all the players name are Spanish sounding

    Hi friend, I changed language of the country and regen name following the default country language

  4.  spacer.png

    -Greenlandic Football Championship(18 teams)
    -Greenlandic 2 Football Championship(11 teams)
    -Greenlandic 3 Football Championship(10 teams)
    -Greenlandic Cup
    -Greenlandic Super Cup
    -Moved Kazakhstan to Asia, Greenland is ok to play WC, Euro, and Nations(To work download complement file)
    -RB Nuuk( Greenlandic team on 3.Divison of Denmark)
    -All Logos download on this link

    -Nations League base file credits to Rainbowz


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