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  1. The difference between 91% and 90% means it either gets reported as 'BBC has an unfair advantage' or 'BBC in terminal decline'
  2. The phrase "I'd rather **** in my hands and lap" is overused these days, but I'd rather...
  3. In the UK, the World Cup is on the protected list of sporting events so must be shown on free to air TV. Coverage is shared between the BBC and ITV (the main independent television channel). The final is shown on both channels and (famously) is a bit of a bunfight over better coverage and ratings.
  4. The England Band are Bad Grasses. The least surprising news ever.
  5. It was a war where a game of football threatened to break out. If anything, it's worth watching the footage Eddie McCreadie's, erm, attempted clearance/flying scissor kick at Billy Bremner's head.
  6. Great, now I won't be able to watch the footage of the hearse driving through London without a 'Crofty' commentary.
  7. A bit of both, but more leaning to 'I was expecting more'; especially after the talk of 1 million people, or the stories of how many went to the Queen Mother's (which most definitely got a hugely inflated estimate of numbers). I expect that a lot of people might have queued for 4 or 5 hours but, you know, have lives that don't allow them to stand outside overnight or get dumped into central london at 3:00 am to try to get home to the shires. As daft as it sounds, some kind of terraced walkway three levels high would have massively increased the number of people the site could handle at one time. There was room for it and them.
  8. Do they dare not call it a bank holiday? Or will they do the Coronation over a weekend? Either way, it sends the message that The Monarchy(TM) isn't all that special.
  9. It was a ridiculous estimate - that's a fair proportion of all the people who have access to a TV, and even if you use the most generous assessment of 'people will watch some footage on a news program' it was unlikely. Typical hyperbole, possibly mixed with someone put on the spot and pulling a number out of thin air. I'm guessing a lot of people were having respectful early pints for the TV coverage. BBC2 had a couple of million for the sign language translation.
  10. 250,000 shuffling past in 100 hours of opening. That's around 3 Wembleys. I'll be honest, it doesn't sound like many.
  11. BBC News Report: "It was at Windsor that she could indulge her passion for horses" Bloody hell, you hear rumours about the aristocracy but for them to just blurt it out on TV...
  12. About 5 people on my twitter timeline - not including you - all said pretty much the same thing. Man's popularity is waning fast.
  13. Getting processioned out here. Need to fire something up on PC whilst respectfully leaving the footage on.
  14. Everything outside BBC1 and ITV goes back to normal programming from 5:00 pm tonight. BBC1 is running the One Show and Paddington 2 after the funeral coverage, then has a one and a half hour long highlights show. Same with ITV (with no Paddington). Their programming returns to 'normal' at 6:00 am tomorrow with the breakfast shows.
  15. Now if the government had followed my plan and designated this weekend a period of mourning, they would have had access to the coaches Premier League football clubs use instead of, well, these school bus classics
  16. Someone is getting put into a care home their kids saw on Panorama in order to expedite the inheritance.
  17. I hope there's not any malice, but 'It's a memorial, it's good enough, I want to grab a coffee' is nowhere near an acceptable excuse.
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