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  1. Can't wait for a cancellation option i have 3 affiliated clubs that are obsolete to me now and its frustrating because i use the offer my players to clubs on loan and no one comes forward for them it's tough getting the youngsters game time as Cheltenham i cant send players to. Margate and Slimbridge don't play many games.  And can only send a few to Stourbridge and Bromley because of rules on numbers.   Are there any updates when we might be able to cancel a link ?? My board refuse to add any more links i have just won the Premier league.    


    Does anyone else have a problem where you offer the player out for a loan and no one comes forward i have offered these 2 players as they won't get much game time in my 1st team yet and no one is interested 

    Screenshot_20210127-082806_FM21 Mobile.jpg

    Screenshot_20210127-083310_FM21 Mobile.jpg

    Screenshot_20210127-083322_FM21 Mobile.jpg

  2. On 11/01/2021 at 11:30, TheBallBoy said:

    Hi there, I’ve come across a bug. I’ve taken over Udinese and the club has nine affiliate teams.

    When loaning a player to an afíliate the maximum teams displayed in the widget is eight. Without the ability to see all teams (scroll bar?) or remove the affiliate relationship im unable to loan out players to that club.

    it wouldn’t be a big deal but the ninth club is the only one that don’t pay their players in spaghetti as the rest of the teams are dreadful.





    Wow how have you got 9 clubs i have asked my board every 6 months and they wont agree past 5 it sucks as only 2 of them are any use to me and 1 of them is a parent club when i was lower league i have now passed the league and there is no use to them being part of my group now.   Really can't wait for an option to cancel links. 

    4 ways that the affiliate programme can be improved 


    1.  You can cancel links.

    2 you can make a suggestion to the board who you would like to join up with.

    3. You can request they look in a certain for a link and this in return can help you at the youth programme promotion at the start of the season as you may get a youngster from this country.

    4.  You can set up a loan club that can help you get players work permits. 


  3. On 20/12/2020 at 19:24, Marc Vaughan said:

    At the moment no, although they will 'expire' sporadically over time ... I am looking to add this as a feature in an update at some point through (won't be before Christmas now though).

    Would also be amazing if we could select a county to try get youth players come through the end of year graduation i am in England and all my youth players are always english nationals would be amazing and more realistic if i could be affiliated with a club from a different country that could help influence a youth player coming to the club 

  4. On 20/12/2020 at 19:24, Marc Vaughan said:

    At the moment no, although they will 'expire' sporadically over time ... I am looking to add this as a feature in an update at some point through (won't be before Christmas now though).

    This is amazing news i have taken a national league north team to premiership and have a team in league 2 as a team i can get players for loan from really need to be able to cancel existing affiliate clubs.   Not sure if at all possible could we maybe get a chance to recommend a club to the board you would like to link with

  5. On 04/12/2020 at 16:57, James Akintayo said:

    Can you send us a save so we can take a look at the issue?



    I have sent using in game send email is garethpope2008@gmail.com hopefully you can find the issue as now just been promoted again and board have again agreed a new link up is needed but again nothing not even a message saying we can't find anyone 

  6. 6 hours ago, Marc Vaughan said:

    They may not have been able to find one - I'll check to make sure the news item for that situation is working correctly (its fairly rare unless you're a small club).

    Thank you Gloucester City where in the vanarama north at the start and i just moved into the conference but just find it strange there was not a single message back from the board to say something like they can't find anyone 

  7. 12 hours ago, Marc Vaughan said:

    If you can find an example of a club doing this in real-life then I'll consider putting it into the game.

    PS - Your English is great ... google translate is pretty solid in the main, what I generally do is translate in both directions if it still comes out legibly then you know it's fairly solid (to translate say French to English, then put the English in and translate it back to French ... if its still understandable you know the translation is most likely sound).

    Can you please help my board says they agree we should set up a new affiliated club but then nothing happens i look in finance screen and its all still the same 

    Screenshot_20201202-050249_FM21 Mobile.jpg

    Screenshot_20201203-003350_FM21 Mobile.jpg

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