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  1. Dear Ben,

    I am not an native english speaker so please excuse my language here :)

    Thank you for creating such an amazingly unique skin! Love all the stats presented with the skin. I have one issue though: the label of the stats are text in english, instead of a string of text that can be automatcally translated by the game. Is is possible to change the label into something that can be changed when a language different from english is selected? thank you!

  2. Friend, greetings!


    superb skin as always - love love the new dark version! thank you for creating such wonderful piece.


    It is asked before the 2.0 update - regarding adding a colored box behind the attributes to make the number - but wasnt adressed at the time. I was wondering if you are planning to add such a feature, or that, if you'd be so kind, to release a instruction on how to achive it, Thank you!


    Also, something weird - I tried the way you indicated to add an instant result button, but it only works on the graphical version, and the same steps applied to the numerical version doesnt work. this is sooo weird! can you please take a look?



  3. 1 小时前, GIMN说:

    Unfortunately this isn't something I intend to add.  I had a look into it a while back, but it was not something that I could find a way to implement easily/conveniently and would require a complete restructure of the skin as there are many panels built on top of solid backgrounds (as in the containers have the background colour defined and would appear over any background regardless)

    understood! Thanks

  4. Dear GIMN,


    I ve tried to add a background selector using this method, but it seems that you created a new structure which leads to an absense of the "Global Panel.xml" file. And I dig furture and found some relevant code in the "Client object browser.xml" Is this something that you intend to do? Or, if you would be so kind, can you point to the the direction where the usual Global Pnael equivilent would be? Thank you!

  5. in fm2021, the editor database loading mechanism has changed, which reflects in the prolonged loading time upon launching of the game and creating a new save. Before, the game will only load whats in the editor folder when creating a new game after selecting the database. Is there a way to change this?


    Loading save file time also became extremly long as well


  6. On 26/12/2020 at 16:22, adesmir said:

    @Timo61 there is something wrong with your D.R. Congo file. just loading that file (no other file acivated) it causes in the background twice a 'ping sound' (known as error w/o message > an indicator that something does not work). later the country is not available to be selected, so that means it was not loaded. if you have time, you probably can double check it. 

    by the way: loading this combination causes also the 'ping sound':

    burkina faso
    ivory coast

    I also ran into the same situation 

  7. Hello Bossland,

    thank you for this awesome skin.

    Is there a way to make the Staff's age and contact length editable on their page?

    Also, on the player information, I have selected the boxes on the bottom to my choosing, but everytime they will change back to long term short term plan, is this inteded? Or, how can I set them to a specific box content for good?


    Thank you

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