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  1. Something I never really understood is how certain attributes take effect if the roles don't require it. Like I want to play a trequartista and my options are a player with 10 work rate and a player with 18 work rate, lets say everything else is identical. Treq is a role famous for not tracking back and doing defensive work so does that 18 work rate just goes to waste ? If I play the 10 work rate guy as a SS and the 18 one as a Treq will the SS still press more ?

  2. 22 saat önce, Fëanáro Míriel said:

    I don't really have an issue with injuries. My problem is hitting the posts too much, we have hit the top post 28 times in 8 league games and hit a post 52 times in total. thats 6-7 times a game thats too high no ? If we take 10 shots a game inside the box 4 of them comes of a post, 5 of them gets blocked and we sky the other 1. It feels like the keepers are only there to collect the high balls that defenders deflected. I like everything else so far its just the shooting thats annoying me rn.

    I take this back lol I advanced 2 months and we have 7 injured with 3 of them out for at least 3 months... and Im pretty sure none of them happened in a game.

  3. I don't really have an issue with injuries. My problem is hitting the posts too much, we have hit the top post 28 times in 8 league games and hit a post 52 times in total. thats 6-7 times a game thats too high no ? If we take 10 shots a game inside the box 4 of them comes of a post, 5 of them gets blocked and we sky the other 1. It feels like the keepers are only there to collect the high balls that defenders deflected. I like everything else so far its just the shooting thats annoying me rn.

  4. 5 dakika önce, Colorado said:

    I'm sure you're not as self-entitled as this reads, but the situation isn't complex: it's not ready but as soon as it is, it'll be released. It really is that straightforward.  

    Yes but why say that here. May as well lock the thread with a message saying it will be out when its ready then. We are literally here to speculate and throw dates around, obviously we know it will be released when its ready but if that was enough we wouldn't be here to begin with, so saying stuff like when its ready goes against what the thread is about.

  5. 1 dakika önce, Delvi said:

    The problem IMHO is that it doesn't matter how good is the team and how well organized they are at SI, however it is almost impossible to make a polished game with real innovative new functionalities in one year.

    It would make much more sense to have an iteration every 4-5 years with in between DB updates, competition rules updates and bug fix.

    1) it would make the game playable at full potential in September when we are all excited by the start of new football season IRL and when in Europe, North America a Far East (the locations with more costumers) is starting the autumn, so are starting the months when people are more keen to stay home and playing games;

    2) aficionados would still buy the update every year and paying almost full price, because it's important to have updated db and  competitions, new potential customers could be attracted by offers game+update, as it happens with DLCs for other videogames 

    3) in 4-5 years the developers would have the time to implement properly great features and to improve enormously ME and AI, it would make the game better

    Nobody would pay for a db and competitions update when you can simply download one for free.

  6. 1 dakika önce, DarJ said:

    Saying you don’t know when the latch will come is a stretch. We might not know the exact date but we know there is usually one around Christmas and another one early March. It has only been the last 3 years where they split the last update in 2 with one coming late February and the final one late march 

    We still don't know, i play a lot of games with active communities never have i saw people speculating and debating WHEN will a patch come. Usually the talk is about wheter or not certain things will be fixed or if new stuff will be added. In this game everything about patches are a mystery.

  7. A lot of people keep saying the reason developers keep things quiet is toxic community, but as far as i can tell this one of the tamest communities in gaming. Every year all people want is a better match engine, even though it can't be perfect and please everybody, they want to see it being worked on and it comes down to the way they update the game. The way thing are right now might be working fine for the developers but it annoys players because we have to wait sooo long between patches. Some minor updates here and there would go a long way to calming people down i think.

  8. 1 saat önce, ostkiz said:

    "as soon as it's ready to go", Well, in terms of communication SI games is probably the worst company in videogames I know (with special mention to miles) , the main problems with the costumers are exactly created for this communication.

    The year you did a game full of bugs , not enjoyable, Its the year to listen the community and try to fix all the mistakes you did.

    What they have right now is a game that isn't a good product , all the costumer ( cause we are costumers , we pay for this, its our right to ask for fix the bugs as soon is possible ,3 months since last update isn't acceptable  )  are waiting for a update that is more late than ever, and this is even worst cause SI doesn't affront this directly, obviously people when se tweets about papa john get angry , Its normal.

    They should start to work in crisis management and communication, the company will feel better and the community will be less toxic, the company must work with us , not against us. Specially with our community,  if there is people who  buy a game since 20 years  its us !


     I've been saying this for years, as much as i hate companies like EA and 2k for how they approach their games with greed, no other company is worse than SI when it comes to communication and how they maintain a yearly game. I love the game and i will buy it next year too but is very annoying that there are only a few patches in a year, you don't know when they will come and what will they contain until they arrive( for the day one patch you never learn whats in it). It can't be too hard to send a tweet saying this year's winter patch will not be available in february. Also I will never stop saying there should be a mid-late summer update(not transfers) when the new games come out late november, i hate how they let the games die half way into a cycle.

  9. 43 dakika önce, Sportsviking said:

    Couple things I see

    This looks like a pretty aggressive setup You’re on positive mentality with 3 players on attack duty, wingbacks on both sides, and 2 midfield roles that will get forward in attack as well. Add in “be more expressive” and your midfield is likely roaming all over the place. That probably leaves your lone D-mid and the two CBs to do all the transition defending. That’ll lead to overloads and the D mid getting pulled out of position trying to cover all the gaps. Are a lot of the goals against you counterattacks? 

    You’re also defending in a mid block, but it looks like no changes to the defensive line? If you want to play a mid block and press, you could try moving the defensive line higher to compress the space and make sure your defenders aren’t disconnected from your midfield. 

    I’d maybe try switching one of the wingbacks to a fullback on defend or support duty and maybe one of the wingers to support as well.

    I also think if you want to press, go for it with a high press, high defensive line instead of trying to do it half and half. If you want a different approach, you can dial back the press a bit and use the “regroup” when ball is lost option in the transitions section. 

    Not sure if that’ll fix everything, but maybe some things to experiment with at least! 


    This is really what i don't understand, in real life most teams that play for the top half of their league play with wingbacks and offensive midfielders, most of the 4-3-3 playing teams only really leave 2 centre backs and a dm behind, im leaving 2 centre backs 1 dm and 1 wingback behind with two hard working midfielders that track back when we lose the ball, i get that the front 3 are pretty much useless being on attack duty but it makes no sense to me that im getting countered so much while leaving 4 men back without a high line. And i started with a high line but over the top balls were killing us thats why i changed it to standard. 

    I agree with the last point, i started with a high line so i kind of forgot to adjust the pressing after i changed it.

  10. I don't care about the lack of scoring right now, we are 9th for xga and 4th for most goals conceded (we are 10th with 3 games to go but our defense in line with the bottom of the table). In our last two games, we conceded 3 goals from a 18th place Bochum in OUR home, and 2 from a 16th place Stuttgart  at away. All were from open play, 1 was a over the top ball, 2 were from the wings and 2 were from them just passing through my midfield like they don't exist. How ?


  11. 18 dakika önce, anagain said:

    Im not trying to make you look foolish with this comment, but one thing I notice is that the more I think about issues with the engine the more I notice them.

    The match engine in FM is a simulation of the beautiful game and it is never going to be perfect. For it to be absolutely perfect managers would probably need a super computer to run it.

    There are going to be imperfections and little 'kinks' that are visible in each edition of FM. I just play the game as it is each edition.

    I just think that the more people get hung up on unavoidable imperfections the more they make playing the game harder for that person.

    Accept the game will have limitations, and that SI put in huge amount of effort to make as real a simulation as possible, and enjoy the game as many do.

    I have issues with a lot of the UI and some choices but I can get past them to enjoy the wonderful game that FM is.

    I do understand your concerns but positive playing is a great thing to achieve. Just enjoy the game for what it is at the time. 

    I love this game and enjoy it a lot. I don't need, want or expect a perfect engine either.  I just don't understand why they can't release a patch in late july for example, i guess i did seem a little salty but my point was the game kind of gets stale being the same for so long, a july-august update would go a long way in keeping things fresh for another 3-4 months until the next game comes out. Right now it feels like they abandon that years game half way through it, thats what i don't like.

  12. 1 dakika önce, anagain said:

    No, but nor were you. You were giving the age old idea that the game is only playable after patch 3, weren't you.

    I'd love more patches but what a lot of you don't understand is that patching a game as complex as FM is not merely changing a line of code, or two. Understand that and then criticise patches.

    I'm not saying the first 2 is useless they still fix a lot of stuff but if there are big problems like wide players shooting from byline or a LOT of over the top balls for 1on1s or passing percentages being too high or IFs not cutting inside it does take until may. It's not unplayable before may but the significant improvments come with that third patch. If there were 2 more patches between may and the new release i would be happy tbh. And every game is complex, SI are hardly an indie company with not enough resources to keep working on the current title without delaying the next, i just find it weird that after all these years they still get away with releasing the last patch half a year before the next game comes out.

  13. 2 saat önce, Neil Brock said:

    It's the Early Access Beta. We ask people to contribute if they want and anything raised via our Bug Tracker is checked over by our team and if required, logged into our internal database and given a priority. Given the number of hours people have been putting into the game, some managers have already got some pretty hefty careers underway. 

    In terms of raised issues on our Bug Tracker, we tell you whether the issue is under review, a known issue, not a bug or requires more info. Then, when new versions or updates are released we go back to those we identify as being addressed and mark them resolved.

    The full version of FM23 comes out on the 8th November. As in previous years after launch we'll be looking to release updates throughout the cycle to potentially introduce new aspects where we can introduced to world football, database updates after the Winter transfer update and fix issues where we're able to do so, primarily based on what is flagged by our community. When we do so, we release pretty comprehensive changelists highlighting what's been addressed. And again, will go through the Tracker and update where possible. 

    This is a very complex way of saying just wait until the third patch in May, and if that doesn't work wait another 6 months for the new game.

  14. 2 dakika önce, Johnny Ace said:

    The mentality of the player, on Defend he'll be more cautious with his actions on the ball and positioning, on Attack he'll be more forward thinking and offensive, on Support he'll be somewhere in between   

    Yeah that was a stupid question... For some reason i always forget there is indiviual mentality in the game. Thanks.

  15. The game is what it is not much we can do about that but what i don't understand is how do they get away with 3 patches a year... ME again has issues which is expected, like pressing doesn't seem to work as intended and if that is the case then it is VERY likely we will have to wait until march, which is ridiculous. Back in 19(18?) we had a whole year of wingers shooting from the byline. Why not release patches more frequently ? I don't think there is any other yearly game with so few patches in a season.

  16. Which role would you use for a mc whose job is to drop back get the ball from the defense and carry it up to pitch via either passing or dribbling ? (kind of like moussa dembele back in pochettino spurs days)

    i think traits are the defining factor here but a dlp has a dribble less, mezzala doesnt look like he drops deep, so maybe a ap(su) with a comes deep to get the ball trait ? then again going with the prime eriksen-dembele-wanyama midfield eriksen was the main creator, so i dont think i want two playmakers. Could i get a mc(su) to this ?

  17. 17 dakika önce, nully29 said:

    Do you want them to be close to each other? So that striker could flick on to AM? Or do you want them to go wider? Maybe then switch to 442 with DLFs instead of AM?

    Not wider, i want the AM in the center of the field ST to be furthest one, my cms are not creative roles so the AM is supposed to be the hearth of the team but he is always too far up the field. I didint want to make him an AP bc we dont play for possession. I want the man to get the ball from the cms not just run up the field the second we win the ball thats why the wingers are there.

  18. The possession "bug" doesnt really bother me much but i think that also comes from passes being too accurate. My ONLY problem with the ME is that everything is a bit too accurate. Almost all the long shots im seeing in the highlights are on target and a lot of them hits the posts, it doesnt seem to matter if the player taking them has low attributes for that. Crosses my fullbacks attempt, half of them should either be blocked or inaccurate but most of the time they are on target, like i saw my right back with 11 crossing cross the ball with his back to goal from the corner flag to all the way back to the winger attacking the far post and it just felt stupid. Its feels the same with passes, if someone makes a good run they are getting the ball everytime, it doesnt matter who played to pass to them or how hard that pass shouldve been. I think this the real issue, because it affects both headers being OP because crosses are always accurate and passing percentages being too high for every team, even the amount of goals being scored because i think there too many goals being scored from outside the box. So the way i see it increasing the margin of error for passing, crossing and long shots would make the game feel more realistic, not that i think its an easy thing to do just what i observed in both in the beta and in the full version. 

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