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  1. Thanks !

    Three small questions (take all your time to respond) :

    - I think that your advice regarding pressing is what you call "split block". Why not asking to all my players to close down more ? For balance ?

    - Not all my midfielders seem to me really really fit for carillero ? Box to box would be really too dangerous ? What about central midfielder with a support duty ?

    - Last but not least, against maybe weaker teams, is using  a defender as a libero could be a good idea ? Some of my players could be good for that position.

    Thanks again, I really appreciate it !

  2. Yes that's pretty much what I want. At least I'm not interested in possession and making a lot of passes, I prefer efficiency.

    I think the strikers fit to this style of play : Lukaku plays "pivot" and Zirkzee "complete forward", they almost never play together.

    I always use them in a support duty, with an advanced forward, Salcedo or Esposito, this last one being my best player.

    I'm looking forward for tweaks that you may suggest to me, thanks !

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  3. Thank you very much, i will apply your advice and see the outcome !

    " What's the idea with instructions such as: focus through the middle, play for set pieces, pass into space and higher tempo? " --> great question when I think about it... 

    Play for set pieces is because Stefano Sensi was on the fire at the beginning of the season, delivering 7 assists on free kicks, thought it may be interesting to have more set pieces, but well, is it a sufficient reason to have this instruction ?

    Pass into space and higher tempo because I don't that the opponent team can have enough time to take breath when my guys are having the ball. I want them to go straight to the target in a few number of passes, so I think that these instructions are fit for this purpose, maybe I'm wrong.

    With this style I don't want a possession style with 70-30 in my favor or a huge number of passes... I don't bother if the opponent team has the ball, but when I get i back I want my players to come very quickly in the other half, and then to hit the target... My lack of english vocabulary does not allow me to put a word on this style, but I would call it, Idk, "lightning offences" or something like that...

    Thanks again, I really appreciate your help and the time you take for advising !

  4. Hi everyone,

    Since the last ME update, my tactic doesn't work anymore. I've got a lot of difficulties to score, a lot of goals are caused by set pieces... This really impacts my save, and takes out a lot of fun that I used to have. I think it's a shame that things can change so quickly, but well that's another debate.

    My tactic is a kind of 3-5-2 when attack, and 5-3-2 for defence.

    Maybe some translation is needed : team instructions are pass into spaces, play out of defence and play on higher tempo

    counter attack and couter pressing, defense is told to move the ball to defenders and wingbacks, goal is told to move the ball quickly

    defensive line is higher.

    Mentality is sometimes "balanced", sometimes "positive".

    Unfortunately I don't know all the translations for positions : my left striker is a "pivot" one, the right one is advanced forward.

    Advanced midfielders : box to box and mezzala.

    Defensive midfielder : playmaker.

    Offensive wingback on the right with defensive duty, to cover the mezzala. Offensive wingback on the left with "supportive" duty.

    Central defender is a "covert" one, the two others are classic central backs.

    Since the update and the appearance of such difficulties, I delete the instruction for "more pressing", as I thought it could be too dangerous in defence. However i ask the mezzala and both strickers for more pressing.

    Finally, when the opponent team scores, I choose an offensive mentality, and ask to make longer passes.

    On the 2nd screen, here are my results for the current season, the first match I played with the new update was against Cagliari, we can notice that opponent teams score much goals against me that before...

    Every advice is welcomed !

    Thanks !

    Capture d’écran (6).png

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  5. 22 minutes ago, iAlwaysWin said:

    Goals are more varied now for sure, strikers can now score on a regular basis which I like, just checked Ronaldo goals for the season and hes scored 40 goals, much more realistic imo, all my goals are been shared and spread among every attacking position with my striker scoring the vast majority, match engine is back to reality imo but am sure some will disagree.

    Rashford scored 48 goals in a season for me as an advanced striker position on this new patch so users saying strikers still cant score or 1on1's are still being missed is purely tactical imo, or there sample size is just far to small.

    I would be very curious to see your tactic, if that doesn't bother you :) Thanks !

  6. 11 minutes ago, Welshace said:

    Why do you think some people are seeing completely different things to you on this ME? do you think there might be a reason?

    My tactic I guess :D  Seriously I don't know, but I really enjoyed the previous official ME, even with accurate long balls and 1v1s, that I did not see too much and that people did not like.

    So I can't explain this, but I do know that it happens.

  7. I strongly dislike the new ME for the moment, and my preference goes to the last official one.

    I can't even check if 1vs1 are improved or not (although i think they were already pretty good), because there is no more 1vs1 ! EVERY single highlights are set pieces, almost every header goes far off the target, and it's just a lottery about "who is gonna score on a header ?"...

    Really painful and really annoying to have such ups and downs while playing this game... During 2 months it's enjoyable, then update and the fun disappears, one new update and it's ok, one another and the stoey goes again... Can't it be more stable ?

  8. 2 hours ago, bleventozturk said:

    I have to say that even with the completely unrealistic amount of successful long balls over the defense and the missed 1on1's, the 20.2.3 is at least fun to play, with a great variety of play and goals possible, whereas the beta version is a step towards the awful FM 19. Chances created and goals are the most important part of a fun ME. If you really want to improve something though, take care of the defenders' inability to clear the ball. Like the poster above says, a highlight only ends when the attacking team's shot after shot finally goes out or caught by the keeper. That's the main reason as far as I can see that most matches end with 40+ shots.

    I totally suscribe to it. I did not play to FM 2019, but currently I came back to official ME and I enjoy it a lot more than Beta ME.

    Yes there are these really accurate long balls which zombie defenders, but I see central plays, good runs, there is fun, while matches under Beta ME were boring to watch.

    Don't know in which direction will go the future update, but in my opinion, the official ME, with few tweaks (long balls, sometimes 1 versus 1, players who strangely keep the ball withing the field's limits whereas it is dangerous...) might be great !

  9. 8 minutes ago, craigcwwe said:

    tbf, one game isn't a big enough sample size to really be drawing any proper conclusions from.

    Sorry but that's a thing I don't understand.

    I may be stupid, but why does one match can change in so many ways if it is only some aspects of the ME that the beta has changed ? I mean, the Beta ME is not a new one, it is the official with just some tweaks...

    Maybe I don't get who this whole thing works, and in this case I would be glad to have some intels on it.

    And sorry but English is not my native language, what does "tbf" means ? Thanks.

  10. I've just reloaded a match that ended by a draw, 1-1, under the BETA ME with my team struggling to score against the 18th squad, while I'm being 2nd of the league. This match was simulated with the "official" ME, and I've won 5-0. Exact same players and tactic (collective and individual instructions).

    That's the kind of things I cant understand, how can it be so different ?

  11. 3 hours ago, craigcwwe said:

    Noticed that too. It seems that when you have the ball in the centre of the pitch, as soon as your players come under any pressure they just revert to spraying the ball out wide. I'm not sure obviously what's causing this but it was an issue in FM19 and it's still an issue now. I've literally had games on this public beta for FM20 where I've asked my team to play through the middle and after the game I've checked the analysis and found that just 5% of our play was through the middle. Even as low as 4% for one game. 

    Yeah that's another issue in the ME, was the same last year as well. The crossing. As you mention there, the ball is out on the wings far too much that it is very unbalanced and to try and keep that in check there are far too many blocked crosses and players who receive the ball and have several yards on their marker and an easy cross to put in simply hold the ball up and wait to be closed down. 

    Pretty much back to FM19 ME yeah. I think at this point it's clear the issues in the current ME they have can't be fixed. Hopefully they are working on or have plans to build a completely new ME. Maybe that'll help?

    Glad to see I'm not the only one feeling that way. The problem is this caused me too much frustration, and right now I think I'm going to do a little break with FM. I did not play since FM 2014, and really I don't enjoy it right now. These all things seem to me so random.

    I was happy to see the beta, but from my games I just have seen problems replacing others problems, taking out one frustration for bringing in another one.

    And I don't think that everything is linked to tactic, there is a point where players lack discernment I'd say, even if they are top players. That would explain their decisions of attempting a cross or a shot everytime they are closed down by a defender, and the solution of passing by wings everytime too.

    For the huge amount of header going in the sky, well it's a mystery for me.

  12. Well, for me it's worse since I've downloaded the beta, and I'm considering getting back to the "official" game.

    There is less long balls and 1 vs 1 that's true, but I've got a HUGE amounts of actions which are always the same. Action is taking place on wings, crosses, headers, and the ball goes to the sky. Lukaku is missing every headers, really. Am i the only one who've got this feeling that it's almost impossible to score on a header ? It made me crazy, because I asked them to play through midfield, but they keep playing onto the wings.

    I've also noticed players who are in good situation for attempting a cross, but they wait, go to the extreme limit of the field, and then a defender get stuck to them and block their shot.

    That's the last game during which I went mad (come on, 23 shots and only 3 on target).


  13. 17 minutes ago, Toshevbgg said:

    I mean bro play atleast 10/15 games before uploading pkm and giving feedback. This is kida pointless? 

    I did not say that "woww the ME is broken", but the 32 shots and 9 on target versus the 4 and 1 for Genoa seem a bit exagerated for me, with also (that was my impression during the game) a lot of "easy" headers far off the goal.

    I'm honest, I outlined that it's my first game with the beta, I just wanted to give an impression, and moderators, SI staff and so on can use pkm if it can help. If it does not, well it does not.

    @FrazT I agree, and I did not want to make a general conclusion about the ME. As english is not my first language, maybe my comment was a bit clumsy.

  14. 14 minutes ago, dOrrrr said:

    Just wondered if this is something people are having issues with. For throw-ins near the corner flag. Player takes throw in, player knocks ball back to thrower, thrower is offside. This happens so many times. Main version and beta.

    I've never noticed it before, and some days ago I've got a lot of these situations in the same match. I have not installed the beta yet, I'll see if it changes something and post PKM if needed.

  15. 9 minutes ago, 99 said:

    I'd argue against that. You should make a decision by your own experience. I may hate it and you like it or vice versa.

    Yeah but for doing so, I'll need testing it... If I keep a save before testing, will it be possible to return to my previous save and the previous ME ? I understand how to access to the public beta, but I'm not sure about this one.

    In fact I think my greatest fear is to test the new ME, and beginning to lose all the games.

  16. 2 hours ago, andu1 said:

    With no update in sight on the short term, i made an extended visit to the tactics forum to see if I can improve my 4-4-2 without thinking too much at the flaws of the ME. Not surprisingly, there are many useful threads which helped me make a more balanced tactic and somewhat enjoy the game once again.

    I discovered that using "counter press" is a magnet of inviting the opposition to make through balls over your defence. If in FM 19 counter-press was a must have, in FM 20 I genuinely will not touch that instruction unless i manage the best team in game.

    I agree, without asking my own questions, I've read some useful advices, and seeing some of it worked reduces my frustration against the ME.

    Also, I tend to watch matches for a longer time (the setting was "key moments", now I use "extended" or "comprehensive"), which helped me to have a better understanding of some sights of the ME.

    Not perfect but enjoyable, I even have a decrease number of 1 vs 1 and long balls yesterday. Of course it's maybe a coincidence, but I almost believed that a patch has been downloaded without I noticed.

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