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  1. Every time I go to a new club I have to go through the same tedious boring chore of setting out my staff responsibilities.

    it would be nice if we could save them like we do formations and tactics. I like to try and manage many teams in many leagues but everytime I switch clubs I am hit with the same thing staff responsibilities. 

  2. I have a player who I really didnt want to sell he has been my leading goal scorer for 3 seasons and the captain of my team. Barcelona put in a bid under his value and I rejected it. he was annoyed I blocked the transfer. we did that thing where we set an asking price and agree to it. Barcelona come back with a bid matching my asking price and I accepted. his stupid agent come to me demanding a pay off of 850k and I refused to pay it why should I? I didnt want to sell in the first place now the player is annoyed at me for not letting him move and not his agent for being a greedy so and so. so I want to ask everyone why is this a thing and do you pay up?

  3. I have 6 strikers and he wants me to strengthen up front I couldnt sign any more players because I have a fully registered squad and have no room for more. so when the media asked if I will sign anyone else I said no which upset him so I managed to sell a striker and sign another one and Icardi is annoyed at me for doing so and yet still wants me to sign another striker I think the next person through the door is him. when I signed him we only had 2 strikers so when he asked me to promise to sign more I agreed I now have 6 and hes still demanding more and yet gets upset if I do any advice please? 








  4. One of my players who I dont want to lose wanted to talk to me about more playing time I dont want to lose him or upset him the game says YOU MUST RESPOND. but when I try to there is no options to talk on the next screen so I back out and try again and again there is no options to talk to him so the gam refuses to allow me to advance until I talk to him but also refuses to give me an option when talking to him. 





  5. I downloaded the FM Editor for FM2021 I wanted to make some league changes. One thing I love to do is take Liverpool FC to the lowest League possible remove all big name players and using just my youth players and Regens get back into the champions League but my FM Editor looks like this. see below and I dont know what to do to fix it I tried uninstall FM2021 and the editor and re install but that didnt help any please help.

    FM Editor.jpg

  6. I have played Every football manager and championship manger since 2003 and I have never run into this problem before. I have checked all transfer dealings and contract talks are down to me and not delegated but no matter who I try and sign it always fails. I go to scouting options and tick the box says interested I scout them until 100% knowledge it says interested in green I declare interest for transfer player player says he would love to sign for my club I put in a bid club accepts bid then my next inbox message says transfer failed player unwilling to enter contract talks even with no other clubs interested even though hes just told me he would love to sign for my club. I am managing Charlton Athletic. I have even tried signing transfer listed players and players unhappy at their club who are also transfer listed I have even tried players in lower divisions the end result is always the same transfer instantly fails with player refusing to enter contract talks after clubs accept bids. my record is 15 and no successful signings. 

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